50 Best Thanksgiving Decor Ideas You Can Make On a Budget

Thanksgiving is a special family holiday. If you want to make sure that it is memorable and pleasant, make sure to make the atmosphere of your home friendly, cozy and welcoming.

Decoration plays an important part in this goal so to help you with it, we have collected the best Thanksgiving decor ideas that will make your interior special and the moods of everyone festive!

Best Thanksgiving Decor Ideas. Want to decorate your home on a budget? These cheap and easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations—for both indoors (think walls) and outdoors will make your space cute. #decorhomeideas

1. Welcome Autumn with Bittersweet Amber Glass Vase

1. Amber Glass Vase of Fresh Picked Bittersweet #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Your walk in the woods could be beneficial not only for your health but also for your autumn-inspired interior. Twigs, logs, grapevines, berries are all signs of fall that can be incorporated into a customized piece of decor.

This idea inspires with the bright colors of the autumn bush twigs which welcome fall inside the home and spread warmth all around. The holder of the natural gifts sets a point of interest with its amber color that enhances the cozy impact over the atmosphere.

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2. Mantel with a Rustic Fall Wreath and Wicker Backdrop

2. Amber Waves of Grain Fall Display #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

The mantel is turned into the nook celebrating fall. Two bouquets of grains frame a row of tiny creamy pumpkins that emphasize the harvest of this season.

The rustic visual interest is enhanced by a farmhouse handmade wicker tray setting the background for a vibrant wreath. It adds a pop of color with its autumn tints and gives the flat backdrop volume and texture.

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3. Elevate Your Mantel with Black an White Decor 

3. Black and White Mantel Decor with Studding Red Foliage Accent #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

The chalkboard sign on the wall shows an amazing quote by Emily Bronte revealing the beauty and magical sound of the leaves of the autumn tree.

The quote is strong enough to stand out although it is represented by a piece of decor in the black and white combo. The bouquet of sprigs with vivid red and orange leaves gives the quote a real visual representation and becomes the focal point of the fall nook.

The simple sign in the Thanksgiving spirit completes the autumn set and reminds us to be thankful for all things we have, see, hear and feel.

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4. Add Art to Your Walls with Black USA Map Wood Cutout

4. Bunting on Painted USA Wood Cutout #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

This DIY garland is an interesting idea for an added piece of decor that will give your interior a festive look for Thanksgiving day.

The free printable file is in the link below and lets the make of the garland quickly and easily. The place it stands enhances its impact and evokes patriotic feelings.

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5. Brighten Your Home with a Vibrant Thankful Bunting

5. Bunting with Red-lettered

This charming autumn nook sets a farmhouse warmth in the interior. The cheerful decor is represented by a garland of autumn leaves outlining a shelf below a repurposed window shutter.

A wooden handmade turkey provokes the giving of thanks on one of the shelf sides. On the other, there is a framed art describing the family’s values.

The personal involvement in this autumn nook could be found in every piece of it and that makes it very special and impacting.

The “Thankful” bunting across the shelf ties up the arrangement and vividly speaks out on the family’s behalf of their sincere thankfulness.

6. Add Elegance with a Butcher Block Paper Tablecloth

6. Butcher Block Paper Tablecloth Fall Table Design #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

This is an interesting idea of how to decorate the Thanksgiving table so that it is personalized, elegant and fun at the same time.

The key to this fun Thanksgiving tablescape is a piece of butcher block paper rolled along the tabletop. The name of each guest is inscribed right above the set of plates.

To keep the paper fixed, use pieces of farmhouse decor like candlesticks, a vase with autumn flowers. Once it becomes darker outside, just light the pillar candles to enjoy their warm light.

The tableware will also come in help for this purpose. Use tiny elements like pumpkins and paper flowers in autumn colors to decorate the table.

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7. Add Visual Interest with Copper and Fall Leaves Decor

7. Copper, Antlers, and Leaves Fall Themed Mantel #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Use the mantel in the living room as your point to welcome fall. The season’s colors and related activities are easily seen in this decor example.

Bright copper pumpkins add visual interest to the farmhouse arrangement represented by glass jars acting as vases and a wicker basket. These three hold twigs and sprigs with autumn leaves.

The red, orange and yellow leaves add a pop of color to the top level. On the bottom, the same combination of colors is revealed by real pumpkins in various sizes.

The picnic bag and the buffalo plaid pillow visually describe how cozy and family-friendly autumn is. A garland made of metallic leaves rounds off the autumn nook.

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8. Enhance Seasonal Decor with a White Thankful Pillow

8. Cozy and Thankful to Be Home #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

This simple arrangement sets autumn at home in a farmhouse elegant way. It anchors the cozy and homely feeling autumn gives home with throws and a pillow accommodated in a picnic wicker basket.

The pillow acts as a sign describing the evergreen value celebrated on Thanksgiving day. A pile of pumpkins in the black and white hues enhances the seasonal decor and adds a point of interest with the variety of textures shown.

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9. Make Dinner Memorable with Copper and Cream Accent

9. Cream and Pumpkin Bounty Bouquet Centerpiece #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

This arrangement of this Thanksgiving table is so fascinating! The color combination, the accents through textures and fabric patterns create a unique atmosphere that is sure to make all guests feel cozy and festive.

The white tablecloth sets a neutral backdrop for layers of decoration. A grey runner goes down the middle of the tabletop to lay the foundation for the Thanksgiving centerpiece.

It is represented by a bouquet in overflowing colors of fall and held by a piece of vintage kitchenware.

The creamy pumpkins and the brown acorns act as other elements celebrating the beauty of the season. The copper mugs and the copper tableware create a point of interest and elevate the arrangement to an elegant setting. This setting ensures a memorable Thanksgiving dinner.

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10. Inviting Autumn Atmosphere with a Staircase Corner

10. Dress Up Your Staircase Corner this Fall #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Use the corner formed by the staircase to enhance the festive atmosphere of your home. Add a handmade sign “Gather” to inspire your family and guests.

A large glass vase holds identical sprigs that welcome a piece of nature indoors.

The big sign with the family initial stands out against the white background with its rustic appearance achieved with the twine wrapping. It adds a personal touch to this autumn nook and texture at the same time.

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11. Make a Statement with Evergreen Tree with Fall Accents

11. Elegant Evergreen Thanksgiving Holiday Tree #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Trees can be used as part of the festive decor not only on Christmas. They are a great way to give a decor nook a special touch and look.

The evergreen pine tree that you use at Christmas can become your Thanksgiving tree simply by replacing the Christmas elements with seasonal embellishments like pumpkins, colorful leaf garlands, pinecones, dangling acorns, faux fall flowers.

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12. Uplift Your Porch Table with Plaid and Pumpkin Decor

12. Elevate the Elegance Outdoors with Plaid #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

If the weather at Thanksgiving is good, you can make your holiday gathering outside at the porch. Make the outdoor table special with a plaid tablecloth as a background for seasonal decor.

A large vase or a pot with seasonal flowers can be complemented by rustic pieces like candlesticks from wood or metal. Set some hydrangea blossoms in combination with tiny creamy pumpkins to complete the Thanksgiving centerpiece.

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13. Show Gratitude with a Chic Chalkboard Mantel Decor

13. Fill Your Life with Thanks and Giving #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

The fireplace is always related to warmth and coziness and therefore it is the perfect place to set your autumn decor. With the right combination of elements, you can make a nook that enhances the homely vibe.

Two large containers at the sides of the fireplace hold bulkier pieces of decor. One of them holds real pumpkins related to the autumn harvest. The other one accommodates a heavy crocheted throw that welcomes comfortable chats at night.

The mantel is traced by a garland with leaves, berries and pinecones that set contrast for rustic wooden candlesticks and a big chalkboard sign. The sign describes a meaningful sentence spreading an inspiring personal thought in a beautiful script.

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14. Make a Table Sparkle with a White Pumpkin Tablescape

14. Gather, Thankful, & Blessed White Pumpkin Tablescape #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

The dark stain of this farmhouse Thanksgiving table lets the creation of an elegant tablescape in one color. The collection of white pumpkins of various sizes is set across the length of the table as a centerpiece inspired by nature in fall.

The green large leaves fill the gaps between the pumpkins to define each as an important part of the collection and tie it as a finished piece of the table decor.

The dining plate set is formed by neatly stacked polished plates. On top of the smallest one, there is a cut word art praising Thanksgiving values.

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15. Rustic Elegance with Black Mantel Thanksgiving Banner

15. Give Thanks Bold and Beautiful Fall Garland #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

This artistic banner could be an easy way to make your home more festive for Thanksgiving. Made of black stock board, every piece of the garland displays a letter forming the reminder “give thanks”.

A charming autumn leaf separates the two words of the garland and adds a pop of autumn color to the DIY Thanksgiving decoration.

You can drape this banner on the mantel, on a shelf or across a cabinet.

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16. Get Ready for Fall with a Colorful Block Art

16. Give Thanks Colorful Block Art #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

If you need a pop of color for your autumn decor, you can use this colorful letter puzzle to add festiveness for Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving phrase is formed by stacking wooden blocks in an interesting pattern. This piece of block can be placed on a flat surface like a shelf, mantel or table. Use cheerful colors to enhance the festive atmosphere.

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17. Create a Rustic Atmosphere with Fall Mantel Decor

17. Give Thanks for the Love of Family #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

The family photos play a big part in this rustic fall decor. A large image of the three kids of this family becomes a focal point of the mantel decor with its vintage print effect and the contrast the piece of weathered wood gives it.

On Thanksgiving day its value is enhanced by a pennant handmade garland. It anchors the meaning of the holiday and at the same time clearly indicates the biggest treasure and reason of this family to thank. to thank this family.

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18. Make Impression with Golden Gather Thanksgiving Sign

18. Golden Gather Thanksgiving Time Sign #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Want to give your fall decor a personal touch? Do it with an elegant rustic handmade sign. It is in the Thanksgiving topic with its shiny word art “gather” displayed in the center of a white wooden board.

Leaves and acorns cut from the paper frame the word and add some seasonal elements to the sign.

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19. Adorn Your Home with a Vibrant Colorful Fall Wreath

19. Gorgeous Wreath with Ribbon, Flowers, Leaves and Gourds #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Do you think that it is possible to represent autumn in one decor piece? Well, this wreath proves that it is possible! Colors, textures and symbols of autumn create a unique combination that praises the generosity of fall and the warmth it brings to our homes when it comes.

Wicker cornucopia is packed with grapes, Indian corn, pumpkins, apples, pears, sunflowers, mums, maple leaves. A layered ribbon stands at its top side to give the wreath an elegant accent.

A wooden black sign stands out on top of the wreath to invoke giving thanks.

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20. Get Farmhouse Charm with a Fall Clothespin Wreath

20. I Am Thankful For Clothespin Wreath #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Making a clothespin wreath is easy and fun. Plus, it could be your canvas to give your front door a personal touch. This clothespin wreath design is upgraded giving it a new function- as a fun family activity for Thanksgiving.

Every clothespin becomes the canvas where family members and guests can write the things they are thankful for. The shorter piece of the clothespin is the place to write your name on, the longer one- to write the blessing.

The wreath is painted in autumn colors – orange backdrop and red splashes here and there. In the center, there is a large heart-shaped sign starting the Thanksgiving sentence.

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21. Complete Mantel Decor with Muslin Fabric Banner

21. Mantel Banner with Crimson Fall Foliage #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

If your fall decor is bright and colorful, you may be looking for a neutral decor piece for Thanksgiving to complete it. This handmade banner aims to give the fall decor a festive touch for the special holiday with its simple rustic design.

It is made of leftover muslin fabric. A triangle shape is traced on paper and then cut out to act as a sample for the garland pieces. Once all 10 flags are ready, stencil the letters with a marker or black paint.

via The Furgal Homemaker

22. Be Creative with Burlap Bunting and White Pumpkins

22. Mantel Decor with Burlap Bunting and White Pumpkins #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Emphasize the give of thanks with a two-component fall art. It includes a banner made of burlap flags stretched on an empty wooden frame.

The phrase continues on a set of tiny white pumpkins stenciled with letters. Added frames before and behind the banner support give the art a dimension and a visual interest.

Two antique items anchor the limits of this rustic mantel nook and give it a finished design that is ready to welcome Thanksgiving in this home.

via A Diamond In The Stuff

23. Add Joy with Neutral Fall Sign with Gold Leaves Accents

23. Neutral Mantel Decor with Golden Fall Leaves and Pumpkins #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for a piece of decor to add to your mantel nook so that it marks Thanksgiving? Go to a craft store and find cardboard letters. Use a hot glue gun to keep the letters together and masking tape to place them on the wall.

Easy, isn’t it? This DIY mantel decor is also budget-friendly, the perfect Thanksgiving decor for your rustic fall nook.

via The Lettered Cottage

24. Personalize Thanksgiving with a Rustic Table Runner

24. Personalized Thanksgiving Give Thanks Table Runner #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Make your Thanksgiving table festive with a personalized table runner. It comes in a neutral color of fabric decorated with imprinted pumpkins, pilgrim hats and leaves that surround the name of the family.

It is worth investing in this type of holiday decor because you will be proud to use it every year to give your party table a focal point that enhances the welcoming atmosphere.

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25. Get Festive with Unique Pottery Bowl Toppers

25. Pottery with Wooden Lid Fall Table Accents #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

You can give your pottery containers a festive look by decorating their lids with Cricut adhesive foil.

The “thankful” word and the delicate leafy ring around it give the honeycomb bowl a cute and meaningful accent that enhances the warm impact of the arranged centerpiece.

This piece can be also functional if you fill the inside with treats, candy corn, etc.

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26. Delight Kids with a Red Fox Thanksgiving Decoration

26. Red Fox Happy Thanksgiving Sign #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

If you have small kids at your home, they will be excited to have a special Thanksgiving decor for their room. This cute little fox is smiling friendly from a wreath of faux glitter autumn leaves.

At the bottom of the wooden sign, there is a saying in green that stands out to greet for the holiday. This sign can be hung on the door of the kids’ room or be placed on their rack inside to make the atmosphere special.

via Ann’s Entitiled Home

27. Unveil Autumn Style with Orange Berry Mirror Wreath

27. Red Orange Berry Wreath on a Mirror #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Placing a berry wreath on a mirror will create an amazing visual interest in the room. The layered design will be interesting if the size of the wreath is smaller than the diameter of the mirror base.

The red and orange tones of the berries set the autumn theme easily and spread warmth in the interior. This mirror decor can be used in the entryway as a welcoming means or in the living room above the mantel to complete the seasonal decor.

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28. Seasonal Statement with Wooden Lantern and Pumpkin

28. Rustic Wooden Lanterns and Plenty of Pumpkins #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

A rustic wooden buffet sets the welcoming tone for the family gathering at Thanksgiving. It is lined up with wooden lanterns and pumpkins that enhance the antique look gorgeously.

Two vases hold greenery on both sides of the buffet top to anchor nature inside this home and set the limits of the focal point.

Above this rustic set, there is a handmade sign in a neutral white color. It almost blends with the wall to let the word “grateful” stand out and become a meaningful part of the decor.

A framed chalkboard sign continues the Thanksgiving theme on the buffet invoking a hearted giving of thanks.

29. Elevate Kitchen Decor with a Thanksgiving Tiered Tray

29. Snuggle Weather Vintage Truck Tiered Tray #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Use the tiered stand of your kitchen as a place to set your Thanksgiving decor. The elevated look will have a great impact on the interior, especially if it is well arranged.

Use pumpkins to fill the trays and also to fix the signs. A cute truck is dedicated to “giving thanks” and two signs display the favorite activities of the family in autumn.

Added wooden bead necklace and greenery add personal touches to the arrangement and give the trays a finished look.

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30. Embellish Your Door with a Square Framed Door Sign

30. Square Framed

Missing a wreath for your Thanksgiving feast? Make it quickly and easily using a canvas set for painting and an old picture frame.

No need to be an artist to write a Thanksgiving thought on the canvas. Add leaves, feathers, pinecones to the canvas with glue or paint a few pumpkins. Use ribbons to attach the canvas to the frame.

This idea will give your porch a lot of festive personal touch without investing a lot in it.

31. Rustic Charm with Stenciled Burlap Clear Plate Decor

31. Stenciled Burlap Clear Plate of Thanks #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

This is another budget-friendly project for a Thanksgiving piece of decor. Using a clear plate and a frame stand, you can add to your seasonal decor nook a piece that celebrates the holiday and invokes giving of thanks.

Use a fabric that lets painting on it. If you are looking for a rustic effect, choose burlap. Cut a round piece to glue in the middle of the plate and then write your message.

via Penny Wise Blog

32. Transform Your Home with a Mini Pumpkin Trio

32. Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Mini Pumpkin Trio #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

This set of mini pumpkins is the perfect accent for your Thanksgiving decor. They display a sentimental word revealing the values this holiday celebrates.

You can use them separately but because of their size, it will be best to use them together. Place them on the mantel in front of a green garland or on top of a pile of antique books.

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33. Make Thanksgiving Special with Custom Paper Wreath

33. Thanksgiving Decoration with a Personal Touch #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Cut leaves from paper and then write the reasons you are thankful for. You don’t have to write on all leaves, some can be left empty.

Once you are ready, glue them on a cardboard ring aiming to form a wreath-like design. If you have faux flowers, you can add them at the bottom of your wreath or continue with the papercraft and make a few from colored paper.

Cut a large paper sign saying “Give thanks” or “I am grateful for” and glue in the middle of the wreath.

This DIY Thanksgiving wreath idea could be a fun family activity to do before the special holiday.

34. Add Splendour with Chalkboard and Fall Leaves Accents

34. Thanksgiving Figures on Chalkboard with Pumpkins and Fall Foliage #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

This cute Thanksgiving art proves that a good heart doesn’t have a nationality and age. We should be thankful for the past, for the present and for the future.

The chalkboard surface and the weathered effect of the frame give the sign a neutral design that will fit easily into the existing fall decor.

35. Be Bold with Textured Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece

35. Tons of Texture in Fall Pumpkin Design #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Pumpkins could be given a brand new look with paints and fabric. Experiment with colors if you want to get out of the standard autumn color palette. Use pastel hues for a muted Thanksgiving decoration or bright ones, if you are looking for a focal point.

Details like the type of holder that accommodates the pumpkins and complementing decoration will help you elevate the pumpkin decor into an effective interior piece.

via DIY With My Guy

36. Get a Timeless Look with Fall Mantel Decoration

36. Traditionally Elegant Fall Home Decor Inspiration #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

The top of the mantel is the perfect place to create a seasonal decoration. You can easily alter it as the season changes.

Arrange pumpkins and gouges on the mantel. Place twigs with leaves in between them. Use vintage elements like candlesticks, glass jars, lanterns to give the arrangement symmetry and accent.

via Maison De Cinq

37. Special Touch with Turkey Silhouette Hand Painted Sign

37. Turkey Silhouette Hand Painted Sign #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Honor the turkey of your Thanksgiving feast with a special handpainted sign. It is made on a white canvas mimicking a picket-fence laths alignment. The silhouette of the turkey is painted in a toffee color that enhances the rustic design of the sign.

Place the sign on the table leaned against a pumpkin or hang it on the wall above the mantel where your festive nook is created.

via Mom Home Guide

38. Add Color to Your Decor with Hand Painted Pumpkins

38. Whimsical Orange and White Painted Pumpkins #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Make a pumpkin decor that can be used year after year. The faux pumpkins are perfect for that- they come in various sizes, their surface allows embellishing and most of all they can be your piece of personal touch to the seasonal theme.

Acrylic paints and stencils give you an extensive opportunity to reveal your creativity. Use cute patterns like polka dots for the pumpkins that will be set as background.

The stenciled pumpkin will act as the focal point of the pumpkin decor and therefore will incorporate fewer colors.

via Simple as That

39. Upgrade Pumpkin Decor with Whimsical Painting Art

39. Whimsical Painted Wooden Pumpkin #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

This pumpkin-shaped sign is very cute and artistic. It gives an alternative to the standard pumpkin decor spreading cheer with its orange color and white polka dots.

The layered ribbon at the top acts as an artistic stem giving the wood an elegant accent. The metal wire at the back acts as a means to hang this sign vertically.

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40. Minimalism with Rustic Branch and Fall Leaves Planter

40. White Bud Vase with Branches and Fall Leaves Arrangement #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

This Fall leaves craft is a perfect way to add the tree motif to your interior and to give it a meaningful function. Each leaf has been cut from paper in a color from the autumn palette.

The leaves are used as canvases to write the reasons you are thankful for. Once they are tied to faux or real branches, you can clearly see how rich you have been in your life.

This artistic tree has a rustic look because of the combination between autumn leaves and sprigs and it deserves a holder that matches its style.

via HGTV

41. Showcase Skills with Moss Accented White Pumpkins

41. White Pumpkins with Moss Accents, White Accessories, and Candle #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

These plastic pumpkins are given a unique visual interest with split peas. The vignette follows a wide stripe shape across the middle of the white round shape.

The stem of the pumpkins is elegantly decorated with a simple silk ribbon in brown which matches the rustic style of the adjacent decor.

The brown color continues to be an accent on the porcelain plate where it is used to make the Thanksgiving inscription a bold statement.

The light element expressed by votive candles gives this Thanksgiving decoration loads of warmth.

via Beneath My Heart

42. Get Farmhouse Fall Look with a Wood and Letter Board

42. Wood and Letter Board for the Win #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

The trend in interior decor nowadays is pale neutral colors and bold accents. If that is the case with your home, then you have found the best Thanksgiving decoration this year.

It includes wooden pieces in an earthy color that spread rustic warmth. The frame of the mirror, the candlesticks, the cut-outs, the wooden stands are all natural and unique.

Cotton twigs act as a garland lining up the arrangement and enhancing the natural vibe. A framed sign in the design of a letter board adds a personal touch with its statement and gives the decor nook a fun element.

The white color in this arrangement acts as a delicate accent seen in the cotton buds, the letters and the candles.

via Janelle Trinette

43. Celebrate Autumn Leaves with Handmade Garlands

43. Wooden Blocks with Printed Papers and Paper Leave Garlands for Mantel #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

This is another idea for a word art spreading the Thanksgiving spirit inside the home. The front of wooden blocks is lined with scrapbook papers in vivid colors and of various patterns.

The alternating size of the blocks increases the interest and gives them a function as a focal point of this shelf arrangement.

A handmade garland of paper celebrates the shapes of autumn leaves and complements the word puzzle.

44. Impress Guests with Wood Pallet Printed Turkey Cut Out

44. Wooden Pallet Printed Turkey Cut Out #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

The turkey is a loved symbol of Thanksgiving and it deserves its special place in our fall home decor. This one is very easy and cute.

Done within a couple of hours, it looks very stylish and anchors the positive mood inside our home. A turkey silhouette is printed on a piece of paper with inscribed words. They describe the blessings in life in different scrips, colors and font sizes.

The cut-out is glued on a pallet-like backdrop which lets the white paper stand out. Next to the turkey, there is enough space to add a motivating saying to the art.

via Homemade Interest

45. Show Off Your Style with a Handmade Wooden Sign

45. Wooden Sign with Handwritten

This handmade sign can be hung on the front door or added standing upright to your mantel decor. It is made from a wooden board painted in a dark stain that lets the texture of the solid wood still be visible.

On top of it, a simple word is inscribed with white paint. The script and the framing leafy twigs make the word the focus of this artistic art.

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46. Make Your Door Stand Out with Rustic Wooden Tags

46. Wooden Tag Door Thanksgiving Decor #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Looking for a non-traditional DIY Thanksgiving decoration? These tags are simply unique and totally visible! They are quite large and provide a canvas for your personal thoughts. That can be the reason to thank or simply a motivating phrase.

They are cut from wood and then painted on hand. Add them to your front door instead of a wreath to give you outdoors a festive curb appeal.

via Jaime Costiglio

47. Spruce Up Home with a Worded Mason Jar Flowers

47. Worded Mason Jar Flower Arrangement #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

Do you have Mason jars? If not, visit the Dollar Store and get 6 identical ones. They will soon become your beautiful word art for Thanksgiving day.

Paint the outer surface white and glue a strip of burlap across the middle of the glass. Then the decorating phase starts. You can simply write a letter on each jar or add pearls, leaves, acorns and other fall elements on the burlap to enhance the seasonal look.

The group of jars can be used as a Thanksgiving centerpiece of the festive table or as a focal point of the mantel decor.

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48. Add Character to Your Home with Yarn Pumpkins

48. Yarn Pumpkin Filled Wooden Bowl #thanksgiving #decor #decorhomeideas

This wooden bowl reminds a rustic dough bowl. It has been functional in the past and nowadays it is functional as a piece of decor.

Once a new season comes, take out what is inside and change it with items typical for the upcoming season or holiday. For autumn, you can arrange tiny pumpkins and leaf garlands inside. The yarn pumpkins shown are alternatives to the standard ones if you are looking for an alternative decor without ruining the rustic effect.

via Heart Filled Spaces