32 Best DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas and Designs ( With Plans )

Are you a gardener? Then you know how important for production ground is. You may be suffering from cultivating a backyard covered with poor soil or your terrain may be too uneven.

Instead of spending hours and efforts on leveling the ground, you can create raised bed gardens. Fill them with nutritive soil and compost and watch your crops grow rank.

Best DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas. Best DIY raised garden bed ideas and designs with easy tutorials and plans. Learn how to build raised beds or vegetable and flower garden box planters with inexpensive materials! #decorhomeideas

Today we will take a closer look at the most inspiring DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas and Designs. In addition to the visual idea, you are also provided with exhaustive tutorials.

Choose from ideas with wooden planter boxes, standing on legs garden beds, no-build fabric gardens, cinder block beds and many more.

1. Raised Garden Bed Idea Using Treated Lumber

A Backyard Makeover with Raised Garden Beds #decorhomeideas

The helpful tutorial below will let you make your own raised bed gardens that will transform the backyard into a neat and appealing outdoor space.

For a tight assembly of the boards, use treated lumber which will make the overall look very even. To build raised garden beds there is one important thing to consider. Will they be for plants, for vegetables or for herbs?

The plants you are going to plant in will define the size of the beds and their position in the garden.

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2. Creative Raised Garden Inside Concrete Blocks

Concrete Block Raised Beds #decorhomeideas

Cinder concrete blocks are one of the most preferred materials for DIY outdoor projects. You can use them to make a comfortable patio bench, a flower planter, and a bench around the firepit.

They are a common supply for raised garden beds. Thanks to their compact size, you can create interesting shapes to improve the landscape and the general curb appeal. The concrete blocks can outline the garden bed but they can also be part of the bed itself. Use the existing hollow section as a planter for your seedlings or as a raised pot for a beautiful flower.

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3. Cinder Blocks Create Customized Raised Beds

DIY Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed #decorhomeideas

This cinder block raised bed garden idea creates a beautiful landscape detail. This type of garden can be adjusted to the size you desire based on the backyard specifics and the final effect you want to see.

Perfect for edging the house, framing the staircase leading to the porch or separating a flower garden from the lawn, the cement block garden is easy to make and impact.

Start by arranging the blocks in a square or rectangle frame. You may want to use a proper lining to separate the cement from the soil, especially if you are planning to turn the garden into a vegetable raised bed garden.

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4. Wood Raised Garden Box Ideas

DIY Elevated Wood Garden Boxes #decorhomeideas

The benefits of this design of a raised garden bed are many. Firstly, you do not overload your back and waist. The style is quite unique because of the leg supports added to the typical walled garden bed.

Lifting the bed like this will ensure improved curb appeal especially if you put more identical in size garden beds close to each other.

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5. Galvanized Raised Beds Built to Last

DIY Galvanized Metal Raised Bed #decorhomeideas

Corrugated metal raised beds look great in a farmhouse landscape and also have many benefits for the active gardener. Firstly, they are easy to make. Secondly, if you use the original size of the sheets you can fabricate quite a big raised bed and that lets you make a more organized and neat garden on a budget.

Always mind the edges of the metal though since metal is sharp on the edges. As a protection, you can add slats on the edges which will also enhance the farmhouse design of the raised bed.

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6. Garden Bed Template Unifies Landscape

Easy DIY Raised Garden Box Designs #decorhomeideas

The raised garden beds can upgrade the landscape look of your backyard if you follow this idea. The attractive look comes from the alignment of identical in size group of raised beds. This landscaping idea works both for vegetable beds and flower beds.

You can paint the lumber or use untreated lumber if you enjoy the natural look of the wood.

via Chris Loves Julia

7. Portable Raised Wood Garden Planter

Easy Standing Garden #decorhomeideas

This planter box or raised bed garden is very practical. Thanks to the castors on the legs, you can move the wooden box easily. This function is very helpful for plants that require specific growing conditions such as shade or full sun all day long.

The planter is made from wooden boards. The legs are metal to ensure good load capacity and also add a n interesting industrial touch to the warm wood.

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8. Waist Level Reclaimed Wood Planter

Elevated Pallet Wood Planters #decorhomeideas

With this lovely idea, you don’t need to bend over to the garden. The appealing V-shaped raised garden bed is waist-high to easily access the crops and clean the weeds.

The greatest thing about this DIY flower or vegetable bed is that it is made from pallet slats. They are affordable, you can even get them for free. This project is on a budget and makes a beautiful, wide and deep enough for the plant roots dedicated garden.

via Instructables

9. Add Trellis to Metal Garden Beds

Galvanized Metal Garden Boxes With Trellis #decorhomeideas

If you are building your planter boxes for future vegetable raised beds, you can equip them with trellis structures.

They are perfect for the growing of cucumbers and squashes. This raised bed idea is performed with corrugated metal and wooden boards which seem to be the most affordable and easy to assemble materials.

via Plant Lust

10. Space Saving Tiered Planter Boxes

How to Build a Raised Multi-Leveled Garden Planter Box #decorhomeideas

Looking for a compact raised garden bed idea? There is an inspiration for you, too. The planter features two boxes in a tiered alignment reminding a small ladder.

You can put the soil directly in the sections or place pots instead. The leveled design is perfect for cascading flowers which will create a colorful waterfall.

via Growing The Home Garden

11. DIY Easy Wood Garden Beds

How To Build Simple Wood Garden Boxes #decorhomeideas

This raised garden bed idea offers an easy assemble plan. Prepare 2×6 boards, 4×4 posts and 2×2 braces.

The braces are optional ensuring rigidness and protection from twisting when filled with soil inside.

It is a great idea for practicing your green thumb when the backyard does not offer good conditions for veggie gardening.

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12. Build a Triple Tier Garden Bed

Multi-Level Raised Garden Bed #decorhomeideas

This raised bed design is not only very practical and compact but also appealing with its mix-matched planter sections’ heights.

The tiers aim to make a special place for the kinds planted in them considering the depth of the plant roots. It is ideal for edging the porch and planting flowers, repelling plants and cheerful strawberries together.

13. Raised Planter Box With Shelf

Portable Raised Planter Boxes #decorhomeideas

The size of this raised garden bed, its design and the added castors to the legs make it an impressive portable garden.

It can be fabricated from cedar lumber and left untreated. If you are looking at a certain landscape effect, apply a coat of dark stain or bright and sunny paint color to enjoy a practical and customized small garden.

14. Shelf Simplifies Gardening in Raised Beds

Raised Bed Garden With Fencing And Benches. #decorhomeideas

Your spring projects start with a lovely, functional and comfortable gardening raised bed. Its size defined by the cut list in the link below allows wide and deep space to plant vegetables and flowers in one place.

The added fence makes support for building small benches on all sides. They are quite functional as you can use them to set your tools, sit or keep a bottle of water and snacks at a one-hand distance.

via Decor Home Ideas

15. DIY Garden Bed Deters Pests

Raised Bed Garden With Hoop House Attachments. #decorhomeideas

This DIY raised garden bed is perfect to grow a variety of crops this spring. It is made from rot-resistant lumber which will let you use the garden bed for years.

There is a pest control provided by a heavy cloth which is a smart idea in a case in the area you live in there is a problem with moles and gophers.

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16. Build Raised Bed With Reclaimed Cobblestones

Raised Garden Bed With Old Cobble Stones #decorhomeideas

If you have leftover cobblestones from the last summer’s backyard makeover, you can utilize them in a wall of a vegetable raised bed.

By differentiating the vegetable garden from the rest of the backyard, you will limit the weed growth and will control the pest population which can be damaging to your production.

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17. Raised Garden Using Post & Beam Construction

Simple Raised Bed With 4 X 4 Posts #decorhomeideas

This is one of the simplest raised bed construction ideas. It is made entirely of wood. For this garden container, you need 4×4 posts and 2×6 boards. To ensure the longer life of this raised garden bed, go for cedar or redwood materials that are rot resistant.

The garden bed can be customized in size in case you want a larger one. The depth ensured by the boards is just enough to grow vegetables separately.

via Fine Gardening

18. Garden Bed Cover With Cinder Blocks

Simple Raised Garden Bed With Cheap Cinder Blocks #decorhomeideas

The original shape of the cinderblocks is utilized optimally in this garden bed idea. The hollow sections of the formed fence are perfect for seedlings or planting one vegetable root in each section.

The plastic tubes inserted in the corner cement blocks act as supports of transparent PVC lining to create a safe environment for the seedings during spring.

19. Custom Corner Cement Raised Bed

Small Corner Garden Raised Bed #decorhomeideas

This DIY outdoor project is pro-level however we promise that all efforts and time are worth it once you see the impressive landscape impact it makes.

The garden construction is very robust thanks to the used building materials such as breeze blocks and cement.

Its shape follows the borders of your backyard to edge the fence with the beauty of your self-grown plants.

via Gardener’s World

20. Rising Look Timber Garden Bed

Stacked Wood Raised Garden Planter Box #decorhomeideas

This garden bed idea is visually appealing because the frames of the bed look like emerging from the ground. The incorporated look is achieved by digging trenches in the soil. This design works perfectly for even backyards and even better on terraced grounds.

The design offers three rows of timber frames which ensure sufficient depth for the good development of plant roots.

via This Old House

21. Straw Bales Are Unique Raised Garden Bed Idea

Straw Bale Above Ground Garden Beds #decorhomeideas

Believe it or not, straw bales are great for a raised garden bed. You can use them to create the border of the bed.

The bales are practically a natural compost so you can use them as a planter for the plants. Vegetables like cabbage and tomato, as well as most of the herbs, find the ambiance provided by soil nested in a bale very nutrient.

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22. DIY Fruit Crate Strawberry Planter

Strawberry Pallet Planter #decorhomeideas

If you already have some experience with growing strawberries, you know that the positioning of every separate plant is very important. It needs an individual opening to grow independently from the rest.

There is a special over-the-ground lining providing holes for the strawberries. Bending over the ground can be replaced with an easy-to-maintain raised bed garden which will limit the load on the waist and will add a fantastic farmhouse touch to the landscape of the backyard.

One pallet with spaces between the slats and a few basic tools are enough to build the planter box within a couple of hours.

via Lovely Greens

23. Fabric Planters Are an Eco Friendly Idea

Super Easy Fabric Raised Planters #decorhomeideas

This garden bed idea is also very eco-friendly and affordable. In case of building construction, you can get ready sold fabric pots varying from 1 to 30-gallon size.

Once you decide where your fabric garden bed will be installed, stretch the fabric belt and fill it with the soil. The fabric garden beds also create an interesting landscape detail when more of them are arranged next to each other.

via Smart Pots

24. Thirty Dollar Raised Garden in Thirty Minutes

Thirty Minute Thirty Dollar Raised Bed #decorhomeideas

Judging by the name, this raised garden bed is affordable and easy to make. It is perfect for regions where the soil is poor or the terrain difficult to cultivate.

All you need is untreated wood, heavy-duty screws such as deck screws and a drill to fabricate the raised bed garden structure.

via Little Homesteaders

25. Tiered Raised Bed Planters Maximize Garden Space

Tiered Raised Bed Planters For Patio And Porch #decorhomeideas

This raised garden bed can make your porch decor more appealing. Its ladder-like design ensures three tiers for gardening so that plants do not shade each other and have plenty of space to develop their roots.

When positioned close to the outdoor living area, it is a good idea to use one of the levels for insect-repelling plants such as lavender, mint, basil or rosemary. This raised garden bed can also substitute part of the ground veggie garden. Its V-shaped design can easily find a proper space next to the fence.

via Decor and The Dog

26. Reclaim Metal Trough for Raised Bed

Trough Raised Bed #decorhomeideas

An inspiring small raised bed garden idea showcases how an unused galvanized container can become a charming planter for blooming plants.

Its size makes it suitable for porch, windowsill, staircase or fence decoration. Take a look at the link below to see the fascinating backyard effect created by setting various sizes of galvanized containers.

via Cynthia Weber

27. Concrete Blocks Inspire Garden Design Ideas

U-Shaped Concrete Block Garden #decorhomeideas

Turn your vegetable garden into a charming landscape piece by framing it with cinder blocks. This idea is great for small backyards where space is limited and yet the homeowners want to utilize every inch of it without ruining the general outdoor look.

The built walls will give the production garden a decor effect.

You can experiment with the shape of the veggie garden as well as the heights of the walls. The mismatch effect of the walls will define separate sections for the plants.

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28. Build Raised Gardens Using Salvaged Materials

Use Inexpensive Or Free Materials To Build Your Raised Bed Gardens #decorhomeideas

Any reclaimed wood can be part of your DIY raised garden bed as long as it is in good condition to build the core of the bed- its frame.

Landscape fabric, logs, pallet slats, repurposed drawers, large galvanized tubs, concrete blocks, pieces of corrugated metal are all potential supplies for your planter box.

Upcycling them will not only build a customized and interesting small garden on a budget but also help with the eco goal for recycling.

via Life Scape Colorado

29. Create Unlimited Planters With Used Tires

Used Tires Upcycled Into Raised Garden Planters #decorhomeideas

This idea is probably not that surprising for you. We have seen plenty of flower planters made from upcycled tires.

But have you ever thought that you can use them as a veggie bed? Their size is just perfect for seedings and there won’t be any harm to the plant since it will stay in this ambiance for a short time.

via Lemon, Bean and Things

30. Interesting Garden Design With Old Brick Pavers

Veggie Garden With Recycled Brick Pavers #decorhomeideas

Similar to the cinder blocks brick pavers are great for DIY outdoor features that improve the curb appeal. The existing hollow sections can be utilized for additional planting space.

In case the bricks create a frame for a vegetable garden, the inside of them can be used for planting blooming flowers or herbs.

This idea is very practical for small backyards since it can create a beautiful and flawless transition between the veggie and the flower garden.

via Apartment Therapy

31. Posture Friendly Raised Garden Planter Project

Waist Height Raised Planter Ideas #decorhomeideas

In case you want a garden bed to decorate the patio or want to minimize the waist load during the gardening season, we offer you a DIY raised bed idea with a legged design. You can lift the height as much as needed.

The depth of the bed can also be adjusted in case it will be used as a vegetable bed. In case it will accommodate flowers, you can strictly follow the instructions and cut list below.

via Instructables

32. Metal Raised Bed Fortified With Frame

Wood And Metal Raised Garden Bed #decorhomeideas

This is what a safe garden bed from corrugated metal sheets looks like. Added edging beams act as a support and also as a protection against sharp edges.

The planter box stays directly on the ground. Although the tutorial doesn’t foresee a bottom, you can add one from a special fabric, a PVC layer or a wooden board to limit the weed growth and prevent pest invasion.

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