30 Most Creative Solar Light Ideas For Your Garden

In summer we spent most of our time outdoors – having a morning coffee, play with our kids, have dinner with friends. In short, we take advantage of the nice weather on each occasion.

This is why we need to pay attention to our backyards and make them more comfortable and at the same time appealing.

Solar Light Garden Ideas. Add more light to your garden or backyard with these creative DIY solar light ideas that are easy and cheap to do. #diy #solar #light #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Lighting is an important part of every decor. It is the final touch that enhances the ambiance. We will focus on solar-powered lights as they are the easiest way to install lights outdoors. In addition to that, they add magic and elegance to the atmosphere and they are eco-friendly.

The best of all is that simple solar lights can be incorporated into DIY projects and be transformed into unique solar-light features that will make your garden more aesthetic and original.

Check out the best 30 DIY ideas to make yourself a different solar light for your garden.

1. Create an Enchanting Solar Garden Decoration

Adorable DIY Glass Mushroom Garden #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

This is an idea for an interesting solar light feature for the garden. Get glass vases and bowls from the dollar store and glue a solar-powered light on each bowl bottom.

Fill the vase in with small pebbles, shells or other decorative material. Once the light is attached, glue the bowl upside down to the vase. Your solar mushrooms are ready for the garden.

via Sew Can Do

2. Make Stunning Solar-Powered Flowers

Bright and Sunny Floral Light #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

If you have solar-powered globes, you can easily transform them into beautiful large flowers by adding petals around the globe.

These can be cut from metal, craft foam or plastic sheets.

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3. Solar-Powered Lantern for Patio Decor

Bring Old Lanterns Back to Life #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

This solar-powered lantern is a combination of an old candle lantern and a short stick solar light.

The lanterns are preliminary painted in a color that matches the patio and then the solar lights are inserted into it.

via Stow And Tell U

4. Make a Stylish Solar Pot Light for Your Patio

Cheerful Potted Plant Solar Lamp #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Making of this interesting pot solar light requires materials that we already have on hand- a terra cotta pot, a short piece of PVC pipe, a lampshade, a solar-powered light.

This light with flowers is the perfect final touch to any patio.

via The Everyday Home

5. Light up the Night with a Solar-Powered Lighthouse

Clay Pot Lighthouse Garden Light #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

This small copy of a lighthouse is amazing during the night.

The three painted terra cotta pots are stacked around a solar-powered light which creates a realistic lighthouse effect.

via Two Purple Couches

6. Bright Garden with Solar-Powered Butterfly Light Decor

Color-Changing Butterfly Pathway Light #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

This butterfly is an example of a more complex way to decorate a plain solar-powered light.

It will be great decor for the patio or the garden and will cheer up anyone that passes by.

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7. Elevate Your Outdoors with Magical Fairy Jar Decoration

Daytime and Nighttime Fairy Light #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Insert a fairy sculpture in a jar and a string of solar-powered lights. This magical decoration will give you joy throughout days and nights.

You can always hand paint the jar using stencils and suitable outdoor paint.

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8. Create a Beachy Look in Your Garden with Driftwood Light

Driftwood Pilons Featuring Solar Light #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

If you are keen on the beachy look, you can easily invite it to your garden with this easy-to-make driftwood light.

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9. Repurpose Wire Pot Baskets into Chandelier Solar Lights

Elegant Wired Basket Solar Chandelier #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Wire pot baskets can be repurposed and turned into beautiful chandelier solar lights.

If you want, you can add some hanging plastic chandelier diamonds and make the hanging lights more glamorous.

via Our Garden Path Designs

10. Enhance Backyard with Solar-Powered Fence Post Lights

Fence Post Bright White Solar Light #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

This solar-powered house-like light is made especially to match fence posts.

It will produce just the right amount of light at night as to make your backyard cozier and safer.

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11. Bring Nighttime Magic with a Solar-Powered Gazing Ball

Gorgeous Glass-Blown Solar Light #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

A crystal gaze ball can easily be turned into a night miracle only by installing a small solar-powered bulb inside.

Once the sun goes down the glass colors will start playing a gentle dance.

via Gardener’s Supply Company

12. Make a Solar Lantern Out of Upcycled Glass Bottles

Hanging Solar Bottles Turned Lanterns #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

There are many ways to upcycle glass bottles. Maybe you haven’t thought of turning them into solar lanterns.

Paint images on the glass, fill the bottles with solar garland and hang them on a large tree in your backyard or at your pergola.

via Plw & Hearth

13. Use Industrial Pipes to Make a Solar Light Chandelier 

Hard Meets Soft Industrial Chandelier #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Industrial pipes and elbows have never been more artistically arranged.

They hold two solar lights and make a gorgeous industrial and yet very harmonizing chandelier.

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14. Elevate Outdoor Ambience with Solar Candlestick Topper

Lovely Solar Candlestick Topper #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Candlesticks are so good at making the atmosphere more private. If you want to use them outside, you are risking ruining the moment because of the candle going out.

Well, you can easily fix that by replacing the candle with a solar-powered light.

via Chas` Crazy Creations

15. Transform Old Candle Holders with Solar Lights

Lovely Solar-Powered Dinner Candles #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Upcycle the old dinner candle holders by painting them in a bright summer color and adding solar lights at the place for the candles.

You will enjoy their gentle light each time you are having dinner out at your patio.

via Southern Glamper

16. Imitate Electric Fence Lights Using Solar Lighting

Mounted Solar Light Posts #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

You can easily imitate electrical fence lights by inserting a solar light into a light holder.

It is as easy as a piece of cake and the best of all is that no wiring is required!

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17. Illuminate Solar-Powered Decor with Frosted Bottles

Opaque Lightning Bug Glass Bottle #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Using a bottle with a frost finish will make the solar-powered light more mystique.

If you are looking for that effect, use a bug glass bottle or a perfume bottle and place it in a short solar-powered garland.

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18. Light Up Your Garden Path with DIY Solar Lanterns

Perfect Pink Painted Solar Lighting #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

These hand-made lanterns are perfect to trace the walkway in your garden.

Paint glass bowls with suitable outdoor paint and glue on the preliminary bought solar lights.

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19. Turn Your Shop-Made Solar Light with a Blue Mason Jar

Quick and Creative Mason Jar Light Covers #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

This is probably the easiest way to transform the shop-made solar light. Place the light into a flower pot and cover it up with a blue Mason jar.

Once the leaves of your flower become thicker and bigger, the way the jar is attached to the light will not be visible. Flowers will be lit up by gentle blue light.

via Chipping With Charm

20. Make Unique Solar Light Posts with Rustic Logs

Rustic and Beachy Cedar Light Holders #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Logs are one of the best supplies for rustic decoration because of their natural and cozy,

You can use them outdoors as well by making their posts for solar lights. How? Just drill in holes to insert the solar sticks into.

via Texas Homesteader

21. Enchanting Decor with Mason Jar Solar Lanterns

Solar Light Lids and Glass Beaded Jars #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Mosaics+ Mason jars+ Solar-powered lights. This is the best outdoor decor combination ever!

These light spreaders are perfect for window sills, porch steps, tables, everywhere!

via Consumer Queen

22. Decorate with Solar-Powered Lights in a Glass Jar

String up Some Solar Fairy Lights #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

As far as you have a beautiful glass container, you can use it to store a string of solar-powered lights. You can decorate the glass with polka dots, images or random splashes.

Put the light string in the jar and the most gentle light source will be at your disposal.

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23. Illuminate Your Garden with a Solar Post Light

Sturdy and Stylish Post with Piggy #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

This is another solar light that is certainly made to stand on top of posts.

It will look perfect on your fence posts, pergola posts or even for a specially made focal piece for the nights spent at your patio.

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24. Create a Magical Glow with a Lit Ladybug Family

Super Cute Lady Bug Lights #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Would you like to have your own ladybug family? Get ladybugs from the dollar store and a set of the smallest solar lights available.

Glue on a bulb to each ladybug. Put the bugs on a tree, at your fence, at a big flower leaf… Whatever their place is, they will have all eyes on them.

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25. Decorate Your Flower Pots with Solar Lights

Tiered Planters Featuring Solar Light #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Another simple idea for decoration with solar lights is to insert them into an existing flower pot.

The deeper they are dug into the pot, the better.

via Average But Inspired

26. Transform a Jar into a Solar-Powered Accent Piece

Tiki Bar-Inspired Solar Light Toucans #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Any jar can become a great solar-powered feature as long as it is closed by a lid with incorporated solar light.

If you happen to have kept a jar with a more extraordinary shape, like the toucan above, then you know what to do.

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27. Upcycle Your Jar into an Attractive Solar Light 

Whimsical Hanging Jar Lights #diy #solar #lights #solarlight #garden #decorhomeideas

Even a small jar can be easily upcycled and turned into a lovely solar light. Smaller solar jars will decorate well trees and attract wildlife at night.

via Autumn + Ash

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