Easy DIY Cinder Block Bar With Bench ( With Instructions )

Are you looking for a way to extend the sitting area in your backyard?

Why not go beyond the standards and make a fabulous bar with a bench that will keep on inviting you for a refreshing cold drink on and on!

How To DIY Cinder Block Bar With Bench. Make a beautiful cinder block bar with seating area to compliment your pergola or outdoor area. #diy #cinderblock #bar #bench #decorhomeideas

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The crafty family of Trish Taff has found an amazing way to make their entertaining experience outdoors more pleasant.

Pergola With Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 2

You would be fascinated to discover how easy and quickly they have made themselves a bar and bench out of cinder blocks and lumber.

If you want to make a beachy bar & bench yourself, get the materials listed below but in size comfortable for your area allowances and don’t forget to show us your finished project!

Material and Tool List:

  • 4 x Square wood posts for two bars 4″ x 4″
  • 1 x Wood board for the bar 1.5″ x 58″
  • Wood stain and spar urethane (both intended to protect the wood as being exposed outdoors)
  • Paint + primer spray paint (in this particular case Rust-oleum, color Poppy in satin)
  • 18 Cinder blocks for two bars 16″ w x 7.75″ d x 7.75″ L
  • Gorilla glue
  • Solar-powered step light (optional)
  • Jig saw (optional in case the lumber needs trimming to size)
  • Hand sand machine
  • Paint brush
Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 3

Square wood posts would actually be used as horizontal supports. Get 2 off for the bar and 2 off for the bench.

Pergola With Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 3

Apply 1 coat of penetrating stain and let it dry. Then apply spar urethane that will seal the wood to protect it from the outer environment.

Pergola With Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 10

Paint the cinder blocks in a bright color that will also suit the decoration of the existing sitting area.

The red color chosen by the family makes a great contrast with the wood material of the pergola and contributes to a more entertaining atmosphere.

It is also a great continuance of the pergola sitting area as the cushions of the chairs there are of the same color.

Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 2

Spray primer and paint combined in 1 product – it will do a great job covering the cinder blocks’ surface. Let it dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 5

Make sure to grind smooth the wood posts and the board. Then stain and apply wood protector.

Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 1

Start stacking the painted cinder blocks. Follow the image above as the pattern is specific as to allow inserting posts for the bar and the bench.

Do a trial assembly prior to gluing the cinder blocks in each column and trimming the posts to the desired length.

Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 4

Adjust the distance between the cinder block columns. Insert the posts in the square holes of each column.

If you are happy with the alignment, mark where you should cut the posts afterward.

Disassemble only the top blocks from each column to take out the posts or push the posts out from the cinder blocks’ holes.

Pergola With Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 9

Glue the cinder blocks using the Gorilla glue from the picture above. The couple confirms that it is perfect for that job as it dries quickly and holds tightly.

Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 6

Measure the exact distance between the cinder block ends for the bar and transfer it on the board. Cut it so that it is ready to be installed.

Pergola With Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 1

You have two options here – you can fix the board onto the posts in advance with glue or do it once the posts have already been inserted in the cinder block columns.

Pergola With Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 6

The posts can be inserted before gluing the top cinder blocks. If you have forgotten to do that, don’t worry- tilt the cinder block columns of the bar carefully and you would put them in the right place.

Diy Cinder Blocks Bar Led Lights

The creators’ idea about step lights is fantastic as that will make the handmade bar look more like a real realistic.

Pergola With Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 7

If you would like to have light accents on the bar, mark the spot for each light, placing them at equal distance.

Pergola With Diy Cinder Blocks Bar

The bar & bench extension is ready and matches flawlessly the pergola sitting area.

Pergola With Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 4

This is a close view of the bar. It looks like a real beach bar, don’t you think? The polished bar stools also match perfectly.

Pergola With Diy Cinder Blocks Bar 8

Let’s have a cool drink at the bar 🙂

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