33 Amazingly Creative Ways To Transform Old Tires Into Garden Décor

Many homeowners wonder what to do with old tires when they no longer need them.

Rather than taking them to the dump, it’s time to get creative with these fun uses for old tires.

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It’s easy to recycle old tires into fun garden décor with a little time and effort, resulting in DIY options that will look great.

Moreover, when it comes to transforming tires into garden décor, the options are virtually endless – from flower planters to mini ponds.

1. Wall Flower Planters

Wall Flower Planter From Old Tires #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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However, the most common one is turning tires into planters. Whether hanging, attached to a wall, or positioned on the ground, tires serving as planters are an easy, affordable, and eco-friendly way to add charm and personality to your outdoors.

2. White Swans

White Swans Old Tires Garden Decor #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Look at this beauty and think twice before throwing your old tires away.

White swans against the green grass background… So elegant and sophisticated, don’t you think?

This arrangement of swans will definitely make your neighbors envious. Plus, recycling tires can help protect the environment. Are you ready to unleash your creativity?

3. Smiling Rabbit

Smiling Rabbit Old Tires Garden Decor #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Want to make your outdoors unique? This smiling rabbit is a surefire way to add interest and personality to your garden!

Check your garage for old tires, you most certainly have some, get creative, and start transforming trash into statement garden décor!  You can try to make your kids’ favorite animals and create a whole animal corner.

4. Make a Bright Green Frog

Green Frog Old Tire Garden Decoration #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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A cute green frog crawling up a rock in the garden is fun, bright, and unexpected. It’s sure to grab attention and make anyone smile when they see it.

5. Add a Flock of Chickens

Chicken Pair of Planters From Old Tires #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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A lot of families have chickens, and these fun tire chickens are a great addition to any flock. They are gorgeous colored and perfectly sized for holding flowers.

6. Create a Colorful Parrot

Parrot Garden Decor From Old Tire #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Recycled old tires get new life as this fun and bright toucan. Hanging it in the trees adds a lot of whimsy and enjoyment to the garden.

7. Make Flower Planters

Old Tires Flower Planters #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Every garden needs flowers, and these fun tire planters are painted to add even more color to the space. Stacking them allows for the addition of healthy dirt.

8. Build a Frog

Smiling Frog Garden Decor #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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A big green frog is eye catching. This is a great way to repurpose old tires and leftover paint for a one-of-a-kind piece.

9. Enjoy a Pink Flamingo

Flamingo From Old Tire Garden Decor #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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A bright pink flamingo is a wonderful way to catch anyone’s attention and make them smile. The graceful curves and hot pink color help it to stand out.

10. Craft Happy Snails

Snails From Old Tires #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Snails aren’t always welcome in the garden, but these will be. The gentle curve of their shells and their fun faces make them a fun décor option.

11. Add an Alligator

Crocodile From Old Tire Garden Decor #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Green alligators roaming through the garden may seem scary, but not when they’re made from old tires.

This alligator blends in with grass and adds texture.

12. Brighten up with a Sun

Sun Garden Decor From Old Tire #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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A happy sun rising out of the garden is sure to complete any garden. Using bottles painted white helps give the sun its rays.

13. Enjoy a Garden Wall

Wall Decor From Old Tires #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Garden walls are a fun way to grow plants along the wall and not just in the ground.

Cutting tires in half provides the space needed for lettuce and herbs.

14. Build a Wishing Well

Garden Well Decor From Old Tires #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

Every garden needs a wishing well, and it’s never been easier to have one than it is now. It’s easy to craft this wishing well from retired tires.

15. Add Rope for a Unique Planter

DIY Flower Planter From Old Tire #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Upgrade a tire to an elegant planter with some sisal rope and wooden legs. The neutral color of this planter is refreshing.

via addicted2diy.com

16. Keep it Festive and Colorful

Colorful Garden Planter From Old Tires #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Planters don’t have to be boring, as these colorful options proof. They are great when filled with bright blooms for more impact.

17. Add Autumn Colors

Brick Pattern Old Tire Garden Decor #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

Browns, golds, and yellows make this an autumn planter that looks great. The neutral tones and hues are really relaxing.

18. Build a Fairy House

Fairy Garden From Old Tire #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

One of the most fun things to do with old tires is to turn them into a fairy garden and add a small fairy house, which is cute and unexpected.

19. Get Bold and Bright

Colorful Flower Planters From Old Tires #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Brightly painted tires look great when stacked together to form a large planter in the corner of any garden.

20. Stack Them for Color

Two Tires Flower Planter #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Stacking tires and painting them bright colors helps them really shine as planters and adds definition to a space.

21. Make a Giant Watering Can

Tea Pot Old Tires Garden Decor #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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A few leftover tires can be combined into a giant watering can and painted with bold and fun polka dots. This is a huge piece that draws attention.

22. Create a Happy Bear

Bear Old Tires Garden Decor #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Everyone loves a friendly bear, and this bear looks great in any garden. It’s a great option for fun outdoor garden décor.

23. Let a Crab Roam Free

Crab Garden Decor From Old Tires #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Crabs aren’t just for the beach and the sand, as this fun and bright crab proves. He looks right at home in any garden and adds color and movement.

24. Spot a Ladybug

Ladybug Old Tire Garden Decor#garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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A bright red polka-dotted ladybug is a happy addition to any garden. Gardeners love ladybugs, so they’re sure to love this one, too.

25. See a Fish Swim by

Orange Fish Garden Decor#garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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A happy orange clown fish looks fun and adds whimsy to the space. This bright fish has bold stripes and a happy face.

26. Create a Beautiful Peacock

Peacock Old Tire Garden Decor #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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A mix of old CDs, chicken wire, blue paint, and tires make this a peacock that stands out. It’s a perfect example of fun and cheap garden décor.

27. Be Bold and Bright

Old Tires Garden Decoration #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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A bold and bright orange and black bear is anything but boring. This décor is a great way to welcome visitors to a garden in a fun way.

28. Let the Flowers Bloom

Garden Decoration Old Tires #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Cutting the top of a tire allows it to open up like a flower, mimicking the shape of anything that is planted in this bright planter.

29. Create a Teacup

Old Tires Cup Garden Decor #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Enjoy a spot of tea in the garden with this oversized teacup. Planting flowers in it to fill in the top makes it look like a fun cup of tea.

30. Show Off Vertical Planting

Vertical garden planters from old tires #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Tires that are stacked vertically allow for growing a lot of plants in very little space. Painting them fun colors makes this planter enjoyable.

31. Enjoy a Swinging Garden

Hanging DIY Tire Planters #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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While tire swings are popular, using one for a hanging and swinging garden is even more fun.

Not all garden décor ideas have movement, which is why this one is so special.

32. Spice up the Space with a Snake

DIY Snake Tire Planter #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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A curled snake delicately holds flowers, making this a planter that people are sure to remember when they visit a garden.

33. Add the Colors of the Rainbow

Colorful Tires Planters #garden #oldtires #decorhomeideas
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Brightly painted tires in the colors of a rainbow make any space more enjoyable and are favorites of both kids and adults.

Old Tire Garden Planter

Old Tire Garden Planter
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You can DIY a garden planter for your small flowers with an old chalk painted tire and some rope!

via Dainty Dress Diaries

Ghost Climbing Out of Well

Garden Ghost Climbing Out of Well Made of Old Tires
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Lisa Steele

Here is another creative project that could be the creepiest one in our selection.

Ghost climbing out of well which is made of old tires. Tires are painted in brown like some old bricks. The ghost is made from cement.

Rather than throwing tires away, it’s time to try out one of these creative uses for old tires. They’re all fun ways to answer the question “what can you do with old tires?” and add some great DIY garden décor to the home.

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