36 Best Blue Flowers To Grow In Containers

Have you caught yourself being easily attracted to blue color? There is a reason for that. It is a primary color first, secondly, it can relax the senses.

Related to serenity and wisdom, the blue color surrounds us everywhere in the nature-the endless sky and ocean.

Having blue flowers in the garden will also add these positive feelings to the outdoor space and will create an elegant focal point because their blooms are one of the rarest you can see in the traditional landscaping decors.

Best Blue Flowers To Grow In Containers. If you are in love with blue flowers, but not sure where to start, we have selected the best blue flowers to grow in containers. #decorhomeideas

Perhaps you didn’t know that the blue flowers are actually a blend of plant pigments that reflect light in a way to create the illusion of true blue.

This interesting fact surely makes you want growing blue flowers even more. And although they are rare, there are still many options to enjoy your own serene blossoms.

And because they are gentle and require special care, they should be grown in their own containers. Let’s see which they are!

1. Aster

Aster-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Aster likes summer but not a hot one. You may have seen her in many colors but it can also bloom in blue. Usually, it grows short but you can find taller varieties.

The blossoms reveal in summer and fall.

2. Balloon Flower

Balloon Flower-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Suitable for cold climates

Platycodon grandiflorus also known as Balloon flower has unopened flower buds that remind of balloons.

When they open the shape changes into a colorful star. You can grow pink, white and blue Balloon flowers on the ground and in pots.

What is important is to make sure that the flower is well lit during the first part of the day but stays in the shade in the warmer afternoon hours.

3. Bellflower

Bellflower-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Campanula is a great flower that enjoys with its small bell-like flowers creating a tuft. You can see it in shades of pink, violet, white and blue.

It looks amazing in a rock garden, however, growing it into a small container that will create the illusion of a floral explosion is also extremely attractive.

4. Beth’s Blue

Beth's Blue-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas

The blossoms of Beth’s Blue or Isotoma axillaris look like stars in blue. Their center is yellow-colored and rests on mid-green foliage. It is usually preferred in combination with other flowers that need a background to stand out, however it stands perfectly also on its own.

If you would like to have your own star-shaped blue flower, pick up a soil mixture that ensures easy drainage and put it in a place where there is sun and partial shade.

5. Blue Daisy

Blue Daisy-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Blue daisies are charming and so cute, The yellow center makes them look like a sun spreading its blue rays out.

They can be grown from seeds and cuttings in well-drained soil and where there is plenty of sunlight.

6. Blue Fan Flower

Blue Fan Flower-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Blue fan flower and Fairy fan flower are one and the same species. It looks amazingly frown in the container because of the blooming vines it creates.

Hung on the porch or around the fence will create a green layer with small blue fan-shaped flowers.

As far as the best environment is concerned, make sure that there is enough sunlight and shade in the hottest hours.

7. Blue Phlox

Blue Phlox-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Blue phlox flower blooms from early to late spring.

It smells amazing, reminding the scent of lavender and feels good when grown into containers that are filled with well-draining soil.

8. Brunnera

Brunnera-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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The flowers of Brunnera are in pale blue and if you are not close to it you may miss them.

When you go closer to it, you will see the heart-shaped leaves and gentle petals of the blue blossoms and will fall in love with it.

9. Clematis

Clematis-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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It is possible to grow Clematis in a container if it is large enough to let the roots develop.

The variety of colors are many, so are the blue species of clematis. When you choose the best spot for it, make sure that there is plenty of sun and prepare a trellis for it to climb.

10. Columbine

Columbine-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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This is one of the most unpretentious blue flowers. It can grow in colder and warmer climate zones and develop just as well.

The blossoms are very interesting- blue petals form a star that holds yellow stamen. Columbine prefers sun spots and regular watering.

11. Cornflower (Bachelor’s Button)

Cornflower (Bachelor's Button)-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas

This is a wildflower that has been cultivated in private gardens because of its charming blue tufts. Having it in your backyard will add a farmhouse look that will bring nice memories from your childhood back.

Another advantage of the Cornflower is that it is very easy to be maintained, obviously, in the wild nature no care is taken and yet, it feels good.

12. Delphinium

Delphinium-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Delphiniums look great in combination with shorter and cascading flowers. They give the floral arrangement height and a lot of charm because of the rare blue color of its blossoms.

Although we are used to seeing it as edging flower, it can be successfully grown also in containers.

13. Dwarf Morning Glory

Dwarf Morning Glory-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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This flower prefers the warm climate where the sun shines directly on it. Also known as dwarf morning glory, the flower creates a lovable green tuft with small blue flowers alighted on it.

Because of the way the morning glory grows, it looks fantastic both in standard flower pots and in hanging baskets.

14. Flax Flower

Flax Flower-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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The flax flower originates from California and blooms all summer long. It has five petals that grow on thin stems.

An interesting fact is that this plant creates flax seeds that are a source of Lignans.

15. Forget-me-Not

Forget-me-Not-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas

This is an annual flower that prefers a cold climate.

Usually used for rock garden landscaping designs, the gentle plant looks and feels well also in a container.

16. Geranium

Geranium-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Cranesbill can enjoy your eyes for a long time during the year. There are many varieties of it that bloom in blue- Geranium “Rozanne” and “Johnson’s Blue” are two of the most famous ones.

This plant doesn’t require much care, only regular watering. It can be hung in baskets or put in containers and placed on the porch deck.

17. Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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This flower blooms in spring with tall blue flowers and this is why sometimes people mistake it with lavender. It is an easy-to-grow plant that becomes quite tall.

That makes it good for a floral arrangement to achieve a cascading bouquet or it can be grown on its own when it will create a tuft with peeking lilac clusters.

It prefers sun or partial shade and moderate watering.

18. Himalayan Blue Poppy

Himalayan Blue Poppy-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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This flower is also known as the Queen of Himalayan flowers.

Planted in a container it grows tall to reveal a large blue flower with yellow stamens. It likes well-drained soil and regular watering.

19. Hydrangea

Hydrangea-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Did you know that you can make a plain white hydrangea become blue by adding plant-friendly sulfur to the soil?

The blossoms will instantly turn blue. Grown in containers is not impossible but you need to pick up the largest ones.

The hydrangea likes the morning sun but feels burnt by the afternoon warmth. Therefore you should water it well.

20. Iris

Iris-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Irises may look like a plant easy to be maintained, however, they prefer a moderate to cool climate. Their colors vary but the most impressive ones are blue.

Growing them in containers requires only providing them with space enough and sunlight.

21. Japanese Gentian

Japanese Gentian #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas

The color of these flowers is true blue. Gentian blooms from May to September and feels well planted directly in the garden and in a container.

22. Lead Plant

Lead Plant-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas

The Downy indigo bush has tiny purple to blue bells that grow over a stalk. They are quite tall which makes them a good choice for flower pot arrangements.

Their foliage is gray which makes the blue blossoms stand out in an amazing way.

23. Lily of the Nile

Lily of the Nile-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Lily of the Nile is very exotic and creates the same feeling when planted in a container. It needs moisture, fertilizer and well-draining soil to grow well.

24. Lobelia

Lobelia-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Lobelia is an annual plant that can be found in a variety of white and blue blossoms.

It is one of the preferred flowers for growing into containers because it creates a waterfall effect. It feels good in small containers, in large ones when in combination with other species and also on the ground in rock gardens.

25. Monkshood

Monkshood-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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This blue flower is rare and it deserves a special place in your flower pot plant collection. It becomes 2-4 feet tall and blooms from late summer to early fall.

Its foliage are light to dark green and the flowers purple-blue.

26. Morning Glory “Heavenly Blue”

Morning Glory

This flower provides true blue color and is one of the easiest to grow ones.

Growing it into a container requires only a good place where there will be a support for them to climb on.

27. Petunia

Petunia-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Petunia can be grown in every climate and this is not the only reason it is so liked.

It offers fragrant blooms in almost every color that can be grown in hanging baskets or in pots. T

28. Pincushion Flower

Pincushion Flower-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Pincushion flower or scabiosa is another unpretentious flower.

It needs full sun if you are living in a moderately warm climate. If you are living in a hot climate, give it a partial shade. Thus you will be enjoying the blooms for a whole season.

29. Plumbago

Plumbago-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Plumbago requires basic needs required to full sunlight and moderate watering when the soil feels dry. It can be kept for the next year’s season if it is taken indoors during winter.

This is worthy because you can grow it to the size of a shrub from which fascinating baby blue flowers peek out.

30. Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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This is an ornamental shrub that has quickly become a favorite plant for many people. The varieties that bloom in blue are Blue bird, Blue chiffon and Blue satin.

If maintained well, it can grow up to 10 feet forming a shrub. Make sure that you transplant it into a suitable container that is comfortable with its size.

31. Salvia

Salvia-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Salvia is a healing plant that also looks amazing. It likes the warm tropical weather to grow as perennial. Grown in colder areas turn it into an annual plant.

The containers that are suitable for the extent to which it develops are medium in size.

32. Sea Holly

Sea Holly-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas

Sea holly blooms in summer and grows up to 6-18 inches if the environment is suitable.

It likes sandy soil and full sun where it can develop comfortably.

33. Summer Snapdragon

Summer Snapdragon-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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Grown both as perennial and as an annual, the Angelonia behaves great in hot summer days. It can be seen blooming in white, red, purple, pink and in blue.

34. Swan River Daisy

Swan River Daisy-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas

This is the Australian daisy that has large blue-purple flowers. If it is moderately watered, it can can please you with its stunning blossoms for a long time.

35. Viola/Pansy

Viola/Pansy-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas

Viola comes in many colors and you can pick up from the variety to create a unique floral collage. They bloom in the spring and enjoy company even when grown in a container.

36. Virginia Bluebells

Virginia Bluebells-To-Grow-In-Container #blueflowers #gardencontainers #decorhomeideas
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This plant creates large clusters with bells that attract butterflies and bees.

When it is planted in a pot, it needs organic fertilizer and dappled sun to partial shade.

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