22 Amazing Homemade Garden Decorations For The Upcoming Season

Add personality and style to your garden with these 22 Amazing Homemade Garden Decorations.

All of the ideas are easy and affordable and also fun to make. Upgrade your garden with vintage planters, abstract bottle art, cut flower containers and more.

Discover 22 creative and easy DIY garden decoration ideas to enhance your outdoor space this season. From charming handcrafted accents to rustic, upcycled treasures, find inspiration to make your garden the highlight of the upcoming season.

1. Welcome Guests With Cute Scarecrows

homemade garden decorations 1


Make a cute and personalized decoration that will welcome your guests from the front yard. The arrangement consists of a small bench on which two scarecrows from wood sit.

Each holds a terra cotta pot where you can plant seasonal flowers or use as a container for faux ones.

The personal touch is the tag attached to a solar lantern next to the bench where the names of the homeowners are spelled.

2. A Set Of Vases

homemade garden decorations 2


You can turn Maison jars or glass bottles into vases. Different techniques can transform the clear surface of the containers and turn them into a unique outdoor decoration.

Use acrylic paints and sprays, napkins for decoupage, decals and other ornaments to decorate the surface of the vases.

3. Cartooned Log

homemade garden decorations 3


Short logs can be turned into cute garden decorations with paints and imagination.

Tuck them among the flowers and enjoy the peeking faces of different cartoon characters.

4. Terrariums In Lanterns

homemade garden decorations 4


These lantern terrariums can be easily made with moss, small statues of animals, and, if you wish, LED fairy lights.

They can also be used as an indoor decoration next to a fireplace.

5. Wreath In A Heart Shape

homemade garden decorations 5


Wreaths are gorgeous outdoor decorations that can make the outdoors more stylish and homely.

This heart-shaped wreath is inspired by nature. The basis is covered with moss and the ornaments are bundles with twigs wrapped with twine.

6. Winter Outdoor Decoration

homemade garden decorations 6


Celebrate winter outdoors with a vintage nature-inspired arrangement.

The containers that hold pinecones and Pinetree twigs are old farmhouse utensils with rusty spots that reveal their age. Combine them with old wooden candleholders and candles.

7. Hanging Vases

homemade garden decorations 7


These hanging vases will make your seating corner in the garden homier and inviting.

They are also suitable for spring or summer outdoor party decor with a rustic theme.

8. Sculpture From Bottles

homemade garden decorations 8


Garden decorations with wine bottles are easy, eco-friendly, and fun. A wine bottle in bright blue is inserted into a metal dowel to mimic a tree.

Make a row of a few dowels spaced equally to make the garden sculpture more attractive.

9. Small Garden In A Container

homemade garden decorations 9


Turn an old galvanized tub into a small garden.

Use different items to create texture, such as rocks, metal ornaments, branches, and shells.

10. Spring Decoration

homemade garden decorations 10


Celebrate spring outdoors with a gorgeous vintage arrangement. Collect metal buckets, tubs and watering cans and repurpose them into flower vases.

To highlight the season, cut blooming twigs from a fruit tree or cuttings from seasonal flowers from the garden.

11. Easter Decoration

homemade garden decorations 11


Add to the outdoor spring decoration Easter ornaments to make your home festive.

Get faux eggs and rabbit statues from the Dollar Store and put them in flower containers or beside them.

12. Rustic Pop Of Color

homemade garden decorations 12


Give your garden a unique pop of color with a rustic wooden chair repurposed into a flower stand.

Paint the chair a bright contrasting color- pink, magenta, turquoise or yellow that will stand out against the garden’s greenery.

Use it to display a flower pot or a weathered vase with cut flowers.

13. Vintage Flower Pot

homemade garden decorations 13


Display seasonal flowers in old farmhouse containers that will create so much interest in the garden.

14. Bicycle Decoration

homemade garden decorations 14


Repurpose the old bicycle into an outdoor flower stand. Paint the bike a bright, fresh color, and then choose its location.

You can lean it against an old tree and use the seat and the basket for pot holders or place it next to a farmhouse arrangement.

15. Vintage Arrangement

homemade garden decorations 15


Plants are one of the most appealing ways to create visual interest in the outdoor space. The containers and the pots they are planted in, as well.

Old metal and wooden containers are perfect to set a vintage floral decor that will add a homely look to the outdoors.

16. A Small Trolley

homemade garden decorations 16


Create a spring explosion from flowers in a small trolley.

You can plant real ones in this flower pot or arrange a bouquet from faux spring flowers.

17. A Pitcher Repurposed Into Vase

homemade garden decorations 17


Do you have an old metal pitcher?

You can hide the rusty signs with paint and give it a brand-new look to make it the best container for seasonal flower cuts.

18. An Abstract Flower From Metal Dowels And Botels

homemade garden decorations 18


Another garden art with wine bottles and dowels showcases an abstract shrub inserted in the garden. The dowels are of different lengths, some curved at the ends to mimic the shrub’s branches.

The red color of the bottles contrasts with the greenery in the garden, making this artistic garden art a focal point.

19. Herb Garden

homemade garden decorations 19


The herb garden is a health source and a way to make the outdoors more interesting. You can plant the seedlings in the ground and add markers from spoons or create a pallet stand with tags.

The vertical planter is perfect for a dividing wall between outdoor areas or as a decoration for an exterior wall.

20. Pallet Display

homemade garden decorations 20


Are you looking for a display that is durable to the outdoor conditions? Any old piece of furniture can be repurposed into a stand for decorations.

However, if you don’t have any old furniture pieces or are looking for a compact stand with multiple shelves, you can create one from pallet slats and lumber.

Paint the stand a bright color to create contrast or a pastel hue to blend with the existing decor.

21. A Seating Nook

homemade garden decorations 21


Turn a small area from the garden into a seating nook where you can have a coffee or read in the fresh air.

Cover the ground with pea gravel to differentiate the space from the surroundings.

Place a sitting set and decorate it with different flower varieties in pots around it, which will also act as living partitions.

22. Flower Garden In Rattan Pots

homemade garden decorations 22


Increase the number of flowers in your outdoors with pots with seasonal blooms. Add them to places without soil to give the artificial a natural touch of beauty.

Use terra cotta pots, rattan baskets, and galvanized tubs in different sizes to create interest and to ensure enough space for the blooming flowers.

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