Green Your Space Instantly: 18 Simple Hanging Garden Ideas to Try Out Today!

Visually striking, aesthetically pleasing, and yet highly practical is what can be said about hanging garden solutions—an excellent way to add character indoors and outdoors and use your vertical space.

Whether you have a modern or a traditional home, a hanging garden can help you enhance your home’s design.

Elevate your green space with our collection of 18 easy hanging garden ideas. Explore creative and practical ways to introduce hanging plants into your home or outdoor area, adding a touch of natural beauty to your surroundings.

These hanging garden ideas will help you make your dream garden a reality. 

1. Old Clothing Rods

hanging garden 1


Display your houseplants with style and repurpose your old clothing rods and racks.

DIY and mount your clothing rod to the ceiling and use S-hooks to hang your macramé holders or hanging planters. If you don’t have an old clothing rod, there are ceiling-mounted clothing racks that you can use.

A standing clothing rack can be used for the same purpose, too, especially if you are not permitted to drill holes in your walls and ceiling.

2. Pergola Style

hanging garden 2


Liven your pergola area with a mix of hanging plants. Use seasonal plants to add color or go for easy-to-look-after ones like succulents in plant holders and macramé planters.

To create an even more charming outdoor area, add some oversized woven pendant lights and enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere.

3. Plantable Light Fixtures

hanging garden 3


Pendant lights with plant containers demonstrate imagination and ingenuity and save space, function as planters, lighten, and filter the indoor air.

These fixtures’ light provides the required illumination for indoor plants to thrive, so even light-deprived spaces can enjoy some greenery.

4. Macramé

hanging garden 4


Macramé has been popular for centuries as a technique for tying different knots to produce decorative items. The true beauty comes from the fact that it is done by hand. It is an easy and affordable way to add personality and decorate your home. 

DIY your macramé plant hanger by starting with easy patterns and designs. You’ll be impressed by how good you can get!

Macramé planter can be used both inside and out. They are a great way to bring in texture and a decorative element into a room.

5. Seasonal Macramé

hanging garden 5


With the change of seasons, so does your mood. You can use a macramé plant hanger with freshly cut or dry flowers and keep changing the look and feel of your room.

All you need is a vase, flower pot, or a glass jam jar to add your preferred choice of flowers. Have a designated spot for your planter, and then change the flowers with the seasons or your mood.

6. Hanging Succulents

hanging garden 6


An oasis of succulents hanging in planters and surprisingly growing both upwards and down. You can use ordinary macramé hangers and terracotta planters with a centered drainage hole.

Hang the planters and place a succulent in the drainage whole from the outside. Then fill the planter from the top with soil and add another succulent at the top. Succulents are quick to grow roots, and the best part is that they don’t need much watering.

7. A Living Balcony Curtain

hanging garden 7


If you feel that your balcony, porch, or patio is too exposed, or you just simply want to elevate it with some beauty, here is one easy solution!

Create a living privacy screen by using plant hangers or hanging baskets and suspend them. It helps create a sense of separation without shouting “keep out”.

Relax and enjoy the view of your pretty hanging garden!

8. A Rustic Planter

hanging garden 8


The perfect rustic touch can be a reclaimed wood hanging planter. Compliment the unique wood tones with some bulging succulents.

You can DIY your own one or buy one. They vary in shape and size, and there are also tiered ones. To hang them is used either chains or thick ropes.

9. Widespread

hanging garden 9


If you don’t want a very dense display of your hanging plants so they can get their own limelight, make a widespread arrangement.

Complete your composition and hang some plant hangers widely spread on your porch. If you have lots of potted plants to display this will simply add height to your elevating display of plants.

10. A Hanging Wall

hanging garden 10


Bring the outdoors in and brighten your bare walls with some plants hanging from the wall.

Hang multiple plants at varying heights for added interest and a more organic look. Make sure that the plants are suitable for the light and temperature of the room.

11. Upside Down Hanging Garden

hanging garden 11


A boho condo can have a very modern and lavish plant hanger that will have anyone staring at the impressive garden.

This is an innovative upside-down hanging garden idea that can be made with real and faux plants. If this is too much for you, there are also the so-called sky planters for individual plants that look just as amazing.

12. Modern And Spherical

hanging garden 12


Create your urban jungle and pair simplicity and function with spherical pot planters hanging from the ceiling.

Inspired by the symmetrical and harmonious classic sphere shape, these planters help layer natural elements and foliage to enhance any space.

13. Iron Chain

hanging garden 13


Go for a modern boho chic and choose plant holders with iron chains! Hang two or more with some lush green plants.

You can find different designs and colors to suit your taste, or if you already have a suitable planter, you can just buy the chains and attach them to it. You can also try the iron pot designs with metal chains.

14. S-hooks 

hanging garden 14


S-hooks are practical and useful. Use them to hang plant holders on a towel bar or a decorative shelf.

It keeps them easily accessible when they need watering and makes it easy to shift them around or add new plants into the mix.

15. Basket Brackets

hanging garden 15


What better way to hang your flower baskets than to use basket brackets? Your flower baskets can overwhelm you with beauty, but your brackets can be an extra decorative element.

They come in different designs and can be mounted on walls, and you can even mount some on your back garden fence to dress it up with extra color.

16. Draping Garden

hanging garden 16


Spruce up the exterior of your house and create a hanging garden! This hanging garden will add color and texture to a plain exterior.

Use cascading plants and choose them according to the light they need. Over time, these plants will create more visual interest and grow draping like a curtain.

17. Jungle

hanging garden 17


Have you always wanted to create a lush, tropical jungle in your backyard garden? You can turn any outdoor space into a mini rainforest with the right plants and design ideas.

Design your garden spaces to be beautiful and functional, and make the most of the available space. Apply the landscaping design principles of interaction, physical space and integration and enjoy your jungle garden.

18. Botanical Indoor Jungle

hanging garden 18


Feel calm and relaxed being nestled among Mother Nature’s beauty and create your own indoor botanical garden. You will immediately get a sense of new life and get enriched with oxygen.

With this idea there are no restrictions, you can have as many house plants as you want. Hang them, place them on shelves, and just anywhere possible, depending on the light they need. In an all-white environment, the fresh green of the leaves pops out.

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