28 Backyard Pond Ideas: Transform Your Space into a Water Oasis

What makes the backyard an oasis? It is not just plants and flowers but also extra features that give the garden a more nature-like look.

Adding a pond to the backyard is a way to improve the quality of the time spent outdoors and also to spruce up the look of your home.

Transform your backyard into a serene water oasis with our collection of 28 enchanting pond ideas. Explore creative designs and landscaping inspirations to create a captivating aquatic retreat right in your own outdoor space.

Look at our collection of 28 Backyard Pond Ideas: Transform Your Space into a Water Oasis.

You can find inspiration for different pond styles- more organic ponds, contemporary ponds, small ponds, large ponds, etc.

1. Pond With Flagstones

backyard pond ideas 1


One of the best linings of a pond in the backyard are those made of stones. You can go for natural stones or build the walls from flagstones, as shown in the idea above.

The flagstones provide a leveled coast where you can walk on and sit for a while to enjoy the relaxing water feature.

2. Round Pond And A Gazebo

backyard pond ideas 2


Round ponds are preferred for small yards. The circular shape gives the pond an elegant and modern look.

The round shape of the pond doesn’t prevent the smooth circulation of water. Furthermore, it is a great backdrop to decorate with ornamental rocks, water lilies, fish and a fountain.

3. A Pond With Natural Stone Walls

backyard pond ideas 3


If you are looking for a way to make the pond’s design more natural, line its sides and its bottom with natural stones. Add aquatic plants that will create a beautiful environment and clean up the water.

4. A Curved Pond

backyard pond ideas 4


The shape of the pond depends on the size of your backyard. Smaller ones are perfect for limited spaces.

However, if you have plenty of free space, you can add a curved pond to your backyard that mimics the natural way of a mountain river.

5. Japanese Style Pond

backyard pond ideas 5


This Zen-inspired backyard features a cascading waterfall with layered stones that lead the water down a pond with an irregular shape.

At the back of the waterfall, decorative trees and shrubs add the traditional Japanese garden touch.

6. A Waterfall With A Pond

backyard pond ideas 6

@TYDAN Landscape Design Inc.

Large ponds are almost always combined with waterfalls or fountains. This combination is excellent for terraced terrain—stack stones to make the cascade for the waterfall falling down the pond.

You can add stepping stones to the pond to cross it and reach the opposite side of the backyard.

7. A Fountain In A Pond

backyard pond ideas 7


Adding a fountain to a pond is a possible extra for both small and large ponds. If you haven’t planned it before building the pond, you can still add one floating on the water surface.

The sprinkling water from the fountain can diversify the still water of the pond.


backyard pond ideas 8


The crystal water of this pond reveals different types of natural stones. They can be gathered from a river coast and even from the seaside. The more the rocks have been in contact with water, the smoother and rounder they are.

If you are lucky, you can also find various rock types that will fascinate with their texture.

9. A Pond In The Lawn

backyard pond ideas 9


The lawn is also a great area for the backyard pond.

The well-maintained green carpet contrasts with the natural stones that outline the pond’s shape.

10. A Pond From Pond Basin

backyard pond ideas 10


You can make a small pond with a pond basin or liner. Basins are much easier to install. Just prepare a hole in the ground where the basin will sit.

Cover the bottoms and rims with stones and pebbles to hide the plastic parts of the basin.

You can opt for a more complicated design with concrete grout and pieces from stones to create a mosaic rim around the basin.

11. A Pond Next To A Firepit

backyard pond ideas 11


Make the outdoors more exciting by building a firepit next to the water feature in the backyard.

This way, you can enjoy the murmuring sounds of the water while grilling your favorite food.

12. Contemporary Pond Design

backyard pond ideas 12


Natural-looking ponds are usually of irregular shapes, as if nature has created them. The straight lines of a pond speak for a man-made pond and make it look more contemporary.

Such ponds also have their charm, especially when they complement a modern house exterior.

13. Asian-inspired Pond

backyard pond ideas 13


This Asian-inspired pond features a small cascading waterfall down to a straight-lined pond. The pond is lined up with stone tiles complementing the more contemporary design.

The pond is surrounded by plants arranged in cascading heights, enhancing the harmonious and calming atmosphere.

14. A Bridge Over The Pond

backyard pond ideas 14

@Greater Detroit Landscape Company

Adding a bridge across the pond or at its side perfectly connects several backyard zones.

Usually, bridges are made from wooden slats that match the nature-inspired pond designs.

15. Lake-like Pond

backyard pond ideas 15

@AH Ponds, Inc.

If your backyard allows, you can create a lake-looking pond. Usually, it is combined with a cascading waterfall reflecting the natural landscape of a river flowing into a lake.

Don’t forget to surround the pond with plants that will enhance its natural look.

16. Mountain River Pond

backyard pond ideas 16

@Acorn Ponds & Waterfalls

This is another inspiring pond design mimicking a natural lake. Here, the size of the pond is smaller and yet the most important characteristics are considered.

There is a waterfall mimicking a river, plenty of aquatic plants, and surrounding greenery.

17. A Pond Next To A Patio

backyard pond ideas 17


Make the time spent outdoors on the patio more relaxing with a small pond addition.

With some stones, statues, and greenery, the pond can easily become the focal point of the backyard.

18. A Pond Surrounded By Natural Stones

backyard pond ideas 18


Resemble a beautiful mountain landscape by surrounding your pond with stones.

You can also include lighting in the pond or along its sides to make it attractive at night.

19. Blend Your House With The Nature

backyard pond ideas 19


This pond is a lovely way to unite artificial with natural.

The pond stays between a contemporary house and a thick forest to make the transition graceful.

20. A Pond With A Deck

backyard pond ideas 20


Create a platform over or next to the pond to admire its beauty and enjoy its relaxing sounds and look.

That can be a ground area covered with tiles, concrete or stones or a raised platform from decking material.

21. A Gazebo To Enjoy The Pond

backyard pond ideas 21


If the pond is distant from the backyard patio, you can add a gazebo or a pergola next to it.

This additional structure will create a seating nook to enjoy your water feature comfortably.

22. Small Koi Pond

backyard pond ideas 22


Koi ponds are usually more complicated to build, but the final result is advantageous.

The environment the koi ponds create is perfect for growing fish.

23. Nature-inspired Pond

backyard pond ideas 23


This pond’s lack of visible walls gives it an authentic look. You can’t build a pond without covering the bottom and the sides with pond lining to keep the water within the basin.

Repurpose farmhouse containers into flower pots to keep the look natural and rustic. Add weathered benches around the pond to sit and enjoy the landscape.

24. Contemporary Zen Pond

backyard pond ideas 24


You can also add a pond to a small urban garden. In addition to becoming the garden’s focal point, the pond will also help you relax after a hard day at work.

The design of the pond in this idea is minimalist and Asian-inspired. Water emerges from a raised stone fountain and flows into a square pond. A deck platform continued by walkways across the pond creates a comfortable sitting area.

25. Corner Pond Idea

backyard pond ideas 25


This DIY pond was created in the corner between the garden and the patio. The material used for the construction is pond lining that prevents water from draining into the ground. A fountain pump set has been installed over the pond.

In addition to the garden bed surrounding the pond, faux lilies flow into the water to make the pond more interesting.

26. Layered Pond

backyard pond ideas 26


Imagine transforming your backyard into a stunning oasis with such a pond. It consists of two compartments at different heights to create a cascade. A wooden bridge stays over the first compartment, revealing a wide view over the entire pond.

In the second compartment, there are fish that enhance the natural look of the pond.

27. A Walkway Next To The Pond

backyard pond ideas 27

@Nature’s Expressions

Make sure that you have allowed access to the pond in the backyard.

That can be a bridge, a deck platform, or a walkway. In addition to their functionality, these features will offer a place to admire your outdoor oasis.

28. A Pond In A Gravel Backyard

backyard pond ideas 28

@Acorn Ponds & Waterfalls

Small ponds look great when surrounded by gravel. It makes a beautiful transition between the patio or the platform and the pond surrounded by stones.

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