Transform your Intex pool into a stunning backyard oasis. With easy, budget-friendly upgrades, your pool will be the talk of the town!

Transform Your Yard into a Paradise

Dig a hole, sink your pool, and frame it with a wooden rim. Add gravel for drainage and style, creating a seamless in-ground look on a budget.

#1 In-Ground Elegance

Surround your pool with palms or tall trees to craft an exotic escape. A layer of polyester fabric underneath keeps it clean and inviting.

#2 Tropical Vibes

Deck it out! Conceal your pool's sides with wooden cladding and add a multi-level deck for a sophisticated, built-in appearance.

#3 Seamless Deck Integration

Choose the ideal spot for breathtaking views or seamless porch integration. Enhance your pool experience with the beauty of your surroundings.

#4 Perfect Placement, Perfect View

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