12 Creative Bucket Gardening Hacks for Urban Oases

Bucket gardening is an excellent alternative to traditional gardening, especially for renters, those with small gardens, and even those who live in urban areas without many outdoor spaces.

It’s a low-maintenance, sustainable, and productive gardening alternative to turn into a year-round project.

Elevate your urban oasis with these 12 bucket gardening hacks. From vertical gardening to space-saving techniques, discover innovative ways to cultivate a lush and thriving garden, even in limited urban spaces.

Check out these bucket gardening ideas that inspire you to garden anywhere!

1. Grow Starters

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Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it all starts the same way. You have to plant your seeds and let them start the germinating process.

Instead of using a starter kit, grow your starters in a bucket garden. This will help you save space and control the process, so you can kick off your gardening season.

2. Balcony

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In balconies with limited space and light, planting has to be done in pots or containers, so why not use buckets?

Vegetables and flowers make lovely companions and look beautiful together. Mix edibles and ornamentals in your bucket garden and enjoy the best of both.

3. Forest Gardening

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If your backyard is in the forest, give forest gardening a new meaning with a bucket garden to grow your vegetables and herbs.

Growing edibles in your garden may be impossible considering the plants’ specific needs, such as light, moisture, soil type, and conditions. If that is your case, then bucket gardening is an option.

4. Bucket Stand

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If you are already a fan of bucket gardening but don’t want to have your buckets scattered across your backyard, a bucket stand will help you neatly stack them in order.

You can DIY your own bucket stand with lumber, have your buckets organized, and keep the backyard clean.

5. Color Buckets

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Use color buckets to separate your plants and create a gardening challenge.

The challenge is to see what color bucket will thrive and grow the most produce.

Divide different seeds of the same type of plants in color buckets and monitor their progress.

6. Mobility

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Bucket gardening offers mobility.

Gardening in buckets allows you to transfer your plants to a suitable area where they will receive enough sun exposure for them to grow healthy.

7. Deck Garden

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Growing food on a sunny deck or patio can be as productive as planting an in-ground garden; in some ways, it’s easier!

Set up a bucket garden on your deck and enjoy having fresh produce just outside your door, just ready for the picking, making ingredient gathering a breeze.

8. Privacy

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If you prefer privacy, create a living screen with vertical vegetables like tomatoes in buckets.

Place the buckets in the area where you want to create the screen. 

For additional height, you can place the buckets in a stand.

9. Raised Garden

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Dress up your backyard with a raised garden plant box to place your buckets inside. It’s great for people with limited mobility but love to garden. With a plant box, you can hide ugly buckets for a more attractive look.

A trellis fence design is suitable for those vertical vegetables—plant vining cucumbers, peas, or pole beans along the trellis base, providing delicious ingredients.

10. Grass Lawn

12 bucket garden ideas 10


A lush, green lawn is both practical and gorgeous, so if you want to have more lawn space in your backyard, a bucket garden is ideal for you.

Enjoy your green grass and have your kids and pets playing around while you get your occasional harvest without the commitment of a conventional garden.

11. Porch

12 bucket garden ideas 11


It’s easier than ever to grow fresh food right at your doorstep! Bring in bringing the garden up close and personal, as they say.

Growing a bucket garden on your sunny front porch can be as productive as an in-ground garden.

By using a bucket stand, your planting surface will be several feet off the ground, and if you prefer privacy, utilize it as a living screen with vertical vegetables. 

12. Self-watering

12 bucket garden ideas 12


A self-watering bucket is a remarkable way to meet water-intensive conditions and one of the most fantastic bucket uses for the garden.

Using a simplified filtration system, these buckets give plants a steady stream of water at their roots.

And, when the weather is unpredictable, you can easily transport your burgeoning plants inside to escape extreme rain and humidity.

It is an ingenious tool that makes growing plants a breeze and is perfect for even apartment gardening.

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