14 Unusual Backyard Pond, Pool, and Fountain Ideas

Are you looking for a unique water feature for your garden? We have collected 14 of the most unusual backyard pond, pool and fountain ideas for you.

Water features offer many advantages in addition to the visual appeal. They instantly turn into a focal point and can be used to make an area more relaxing, attract wildlife, or be used as a place to chill out in hot weather.

It is time to take a closer look at 14 Unusual Backyard Pond, Pool, and Fountain Ideas.

1. A Pond With A Floating Bridge

Balinese Garden with Floating Patio

This backyard pond idea is inspired by the Balinese Gardens. The harmony between comfort and the natural world creates an oasis for humans.

Here, the backyard is upgraded with a natural-looking pond and an island in its middle. Approaching it happens with a floating bridge made of wood decking. The floating patio features a red day bed and semi-round bar tables at its edge.

2. A Swimming Pool With A Natural Look And A Protruding Deck

 The Swimming Pool as a Nature Pond

Natural-looking swimming ponds have become very popular because of their non-traditional design and and eco-friendly approach.

They look like a creation of nature featuring a pond shape with plenty of water-friendly plants and rock edging.

Usually, the natural-looking ponds are divided into two sections by a wall. One of the areas is for swimming, the other one is called the regeneration area where natural cleaning happens with plants.

3. Contemporary Waterfall

Bold Red Meets Cool Waterfall

This front garden looks like a modern Asian garden feature offering a tranquil feeling with the harmonious combination of white gravel, ornamental plants and water.

The water feature comes out of a wall flowing into a ground pond. The white color of the retaining wall and the white and gravel tiles of the pond cohere with the rock garden and the siding.

4. Backyard Water Garden

 Totally Zen

This is another Asian-inspired water feature, this time having a more traditional look achieved by the retaining rock wall where the waterfall springs out.

Various plants surround the pond to give it a natural look. Floating stepping stones stay across the pond to lead the way to a corner patio with a sitting set.

5. Rustic Waterfall Idea

Truck Flower Bed and Fountain

The bigger your backyard is, the more options you have for attractive water feature designs. In this curious idea, a waterfall springs out of an old rusty truck to flow into a natural-looking pond.

Water is surrounded by large rocks which define its shape and give the water feature a finished look. A narrow pathway is formed from the truck to the far end of the pond to showcase the plant surroundings.

6. Pool With A Waterfall

Not the Usual Surroundings

This pool offers a unique spa relaxation being placed outside in fresh air and surrounded by natural landscape.

Including a waterfall in the pool’s design creates an attractive visual impact and adds to the atmosphere with the unique murmuring of water.

7. Art Waterfall

Stonehenge Water Feature

This artistic waterfall design resembles two natural miracles- Stone Hendge and a volcanic spring. To recreate this landscape feature, you need volumetric stones. Arrange them aiming to put in the center the larger ones and the smaller ones around the big ones.

You can add black river stones to add to the arrangement a zen garden accent.

8. Modern Minimalist Waterfall

Water Wall

This waterfall idea is one of the easiest to make because the water supply comes out of the building. Water flows out of a copper-plated chute and flows into a semi-round pond in the ground.

The water feature is surrounded by an exotic rock garden showcasing different succulent varieties. Rock gardens require minimum maintenance and when you need to do it, there are stone stepping stones to reach the plant varieties.

9. Large And Fascinating Water Feature

 Black Onyx Pool

This large-scale water feature offers an edging pool and a tiered fountain. The design is modern and accentuated by blue and black quartz that stands out against the surrounding light colors.

10. Pool At The Edge

Fun and Elegant Dream Pool

This is a modern pool swimming pool idea positioned at the edge of a patio. Its location is very important and enhances the relaxed mood the water feature brings.

The inclusion of a waterfall in the center of the pool is an interesting idea. It adds the murmuring sound of water to the overall tranquil feel and creates a unique visual effect. A person can reach the waterfall easily through the stone stepping stones.

11. Rustic Waterfall With River Stones

Xeriscape Fountain

This waterfall looks like an oasis in a desert. The small-scale project is easy to make with the help of a fountain pump set, a rusty H section and a pond basin. The pump is integrated into the concrete wall. It goes down the rusty section thanks to the water pressure and the slight inclination of the metal piece.

It pours down a pond basin covered with black river stones, a symbol of a zen garden. Water drains into a pipe that circulates the water back to the metal section.

12. Unique Pond

Fire and Water

In this garden water feature idea, two earth elements meet to create together a unique focal point. Fire represented by an open-air fireplace is complemented by two waterfalls that spring out of a tiled wall.

Water flows down a basin covered with light blue tiles. Ornaments decorate the frieze of the wall and the front opening of the fireplace to anchor a Mediterranean pattern accent.

13. Entry Pond

 Welcoming Entry

A water feature can be made even in the narrowest space. As you can see in this unusual landscape idea, a pond is made next to the walkway leading to the front door.

A large driftwood branch is hung on the wall to become a unique flower stand.

14. Garden Retaining Wall With A Waterfall

Start From the Top

Terraced terrains are perfect for a natural-looking waterfall. Create a retaining wall with rocks, stacking them into the number of tiers you want.

Insert the water pump at the top of the retaining wall and create a basin in the lowest part of the terrain. This type of water feature should be complemented by plants that match their natural look.

Create an outdoor oasis with these 14 unique backyard pond, pool, and fountain ideas. From waterfalls to DIY projects, find the perfect addition to your home.
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