17 Flower Window Box Planters Worth Falling in Love With

Window box planters are the way to grow a garden regardless of the size of your backyard. Window box planters are also a means to decorate the exterior of your home and improve the curb appeal.

Usually, people tend to plant pansies and petunias in these box planters but today we are going to show you how to turn the window box planter into a small garden that looks like an extension of your home.

Add a touch of beauty to your windows with these 17 stunning flower window box planters. Perfect for any season, you'll fall in love with these gorgeous planters.

We promise that your house will draw attention with these 17 Flower Window Box Planters Worth Falling in Love With.

1. Mix And Match Vines With Blooming Flowers

Old-Fashion Window Box

This window box planter is full of color and cottage beauty. The combination of trailing greenery with variegated leaves and popping out blooms in bright colors instantly creates a cheerful vibe.

The most appropriate flower varieties for this combination are impatiens, petunias, pansies and periwinkles.

2. Autumn Harmony On The Window

Transitional Window Box 

The rustic flair of this window planter arrangement is so fascinating! Pumpkins, ornamental cabbage, ivy and artichokes create an autumn harvest picture on a small scale.

The colors are muted, typical for autumn and stand out against the wood texture of the house siding.

3. Green Waterfall With Magenta Accents

Healthy Layers

The wooden siding of this cottage house starts the rustic fairytale of this home. Window box planters give life to the wood with green waterfalls from trailing plants.

At the box’s ends are tiny but outstanding magenta blossoms that highlight the lush greenery.

4. Delicacy In Pink

 Combined Up Growing with Hanging Plants Window Box

Impatiens are the perfect flowers to decorate the outside of a window.

They match traditional exteriors and rustic textures. In this window box planter idea, the planter has moldings and is white which distinguishes it from the brick surface of the house and at the same time, unites it with the window frame.

Trailing plants dangle down the planter’s rims and surround the impatiens’ delicate flowers.

5.  Succulent Magic

Succulent Gardening in Window Boxes

The versatility of the succulents turns them into a lovely addition to a vintage flower box on the window. Match trailing varieties with rosettes to create living cascades.

6. Violets In A Cottage Window Box

 Vintage Croquet

Make yourself a unique window flower box with reclaimed wood and croquet mallets. Paint the box in mint or olive green, then add the mallets to the front side.

Violets match this house’s cottage concept and complement the mallets’ color stripes.

7. Cottage Garden On The Window

Springy Statement

You can plant more varieties in the window box and thus create a small-scale cottage garden.

Violets, tulips and carnations pop out of the planter, showing off their colorful blooms. Ivy dangles down the box to give the arrangement volume and a finished look.

8. Yellow Carpet

 Cherry Chio

This window box idea combines Yellow violets with decorative grass and a variegated trailing plant.

The yellow color affects the mood and the surroundings, making it more alive and cheerful.

9. Petunia Window Box

Serene Scene

This window planter idea combines the blooming petunias with the leafy Persian shield plant. The petunias tend to dangle down while the shield plant grows in height.

This arrangement fills up the box thoroughly and makes this planter a significant exterior decoration.

10. Small Scale Roman Garden

Floral Frame

The sculpture in this window box planter gives it a Roman flair. It is surrounded by a boxwood topiary in the center, cascading petunias, sweet potato vines and trailing plants.

The variety of plants in this planter idea and their crafty arrangement transforms the planter into a small-scale garden.

11. Succulent Cascade

Kitchen Window Beauties

Mix and match different succulent varieties to create cascades of exciting foliage. The lush plants hide the planter and look like part of the exterior wall.

12. Antique Garden At The Window

Victorian Inspired Flower Wndow Box

If you want to decorate your traditional or vintage home with an antique-looking window planter, here is an inspiring idea.

The planter model features a border, giving it a unique look. That and the distressed paint give the planter an antique look.

Plant varieties in such a window box planter should cohere with its texture, so go for plants that add a bold and dramatic touch.

13. Window Box Planter To Complement The Siding

Matching Colors

By matching colors, create a coordinated look between the house exterior and the box planters.

One of the options is to choose a planter of the same color as the window frame or the siding. Another option is to match the blooming flower colors with the home’s exterior.

Perfect for this purpose are violets, petunias, pansies and lobelia.

14. Farmhouse Window Box With Chalk Paint

Chalkboard Flower Window Box

This DIY planter idea is perfect for houses with wood siding. The rustic flair of the box is achieved by painting the sides with black chalk paint and edging them with frames of another brighter color.

Make sure that you plant flowers with vibrant colors that will stand out against the black sides of the box planter.

15. Coco Liner Planter


Coco liner fiber is excellent for the growth of outdoor plants. Usually, it is installed in metal planters suspended on a window or a rail.

The dark color of the coco liner is also a great backdrop for the colorful blooms to stand out. Plant petunias, snapdragons, pansies or pentas that will cascade over the planter.

16. Autumn Bouquet In A Window Planter

Awesome Autumn

In this planter idea, living plants are combined with dry ones to create a whimsy autumn bouquet. Hydrangeas symbolize summer, but their faded and yet beautiful blooms anchor fall. They are combined with ornamental cabbage and berry twigs.

17. Bursting Pink And Violet Window Box Planter

Shaded Beauties

This window planter idea allows you to brighten even the darkest corner of your home.

The combination of violet and pink impatiens and trailing greenery creates an explosion of colors, instantly letting the planter stand out against the white wood siding of the house.

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