22 Amazing Camper Makeover Ideas To Revamp Your Travel Experience on Wheels

Do you think that living on the road is fantastic? Yes, it is! And you can do it with style!

Transform your camper into a stylish and functional space with these 22 amazing makeover ideas. From cozy interiors to clever storage solutions, discover how to revamp your travel experience on wheels. Get inspired by creative decor tips and innovative upgrades that will make your camper the envy of the campground. Ready to hit the road in style? Find out more in our comprehensive guide!

Make your camper comfortable and stylish with our 22 Amazing Camper Makeover Ideas To Revamp Your Travel Experience on Wheels.

1. Modern Farmhouse Revamp

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Consider the camper as an indoor living space of a house or an apartment. After all, you will use it the same way; the only difference is the scale.

This revamp idea features changing the backsplash of the kitchen with one with a modern hexagonal texture.

Paint the wooden cabinets a modern olive green color that will easily change the retro look of the wood into a modern farmhouse finish.

Small details like light fixtures, rugs, and flower decorations can brighten up the space and give it a character.

2. From Brown To Modern Green

camper makeover ideas 2


This camper revamp idea shows that an old model of a kitchen can be affordably updated only with a new coat of paint and new knobs.

The new paint color is very important to achieving the final updated look. Go for white, which is neutral but refreshing; olive green, which is modern and perfectly matches the wooden retro finishes; or a bold color like yellow to create a unique character.

If you have spare money, you can change the flooring and some of the furnishings, which will change the overall look of the camper.

3. From Dark To White

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White is a universal color that suits small spaces and any interior style. Layering textures and patterns, even in white, is the key to creating a space’s character.

This is what the interior designer of campers in this idea has done. Dark furniture is re-painted white and making the space airy and bright.

Accents are the gold and black colors expressed through small interior details.

4. Decoration Is Important

camper makeover ideas 4


If you decide to revamp your camper, there are ways to impose a new style without breaking the bank.

Accents like wall art, wall hangings, interesting light fixtures, mirrors and plants can change the space’s atmosphere and look.

5. Unite The Zones

camper makeover ideas 5


When you do your camper makeover, aim for a united look between the areas. This will create a harmonious feel and appealing look.

Matching spaces is usually done with colors and textures. Identical flooring in all areas and using one accent color are common means for uniting spaces.

6. Neutral Colors

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Neutral colors are perfect for small spaces. They can refresh the interior without overwhelming it. Earthy tones, black and white, are modern and yet very inviting when well combined.

Scandinavian style is a good example of how these colors combine to create a unique, relaxing atmosphere.

7. Add Enough Lights

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Don’t underestimate the light in the small space. To enlarge it visually, add more lights. They will also make the functional spaces more convenient.

Use built-in-the-ceiling lights, fairy lights, sconces, etc.

8. Use Natural Materials

camper makeover ideas 8


The core of camping is being in nature, which has inspired this camper remodeling idea.

All materials are natural and in earthy tones, so the relaxing feeling of the natural landscape is transferred to the inside of this camper living space.

9. Inspire From Nature

camper makeover ideas 9


This RV remodel has been inspired by the colors in nature. Green has a soothing ability and matches perfectly with white and earthy tones.

Add faux or living plants to enhance the natural effect.

10. Minimalist Camper Redo

camper makeover ideas 10


The age of this camper hasn’t limited the remodel possibilities. The designers have decided to give this old camper a modern minimalist design.

This is a clever solution considering the size of the space and how practical every inch should be.

11. Cozy Atmosphere

camper makeover ideas 11


This lovely camper is both functional and welcoming. The remodeling included changing the ceiling, the flooring, and the backsplash.

These elements and only a few accents in this camper are in dark colors. The rest of the interior is bright to keep the balance and airiness of the space.

12. Black And White Color Combination

camper makeover ideas 12


Black and white is an evergreen color combination that can easily transform a space’s look and feel. Start with the furniture by painting the kitchen cabinets white.

Handles and knobs are chosen in the black color and of industrial style to add a modern touch to the otherwise welcoming traditional interior style.

13. Add A Bold Color

camper makeover ideas 13


The bold, dark color of the kitchen furniture is not to everybody’s taste. In this camper makeover, the owners have decided to go for the dark royal green with so much character!

When paired with neutral and earthy tones, there is harmony and balance and the green color adds depth to the small-scale space.

14. Add A Vibrant Color

camper makeover ideas 14


This old camper is one of the spacious and functional ones, so keeping it fit for living on the road is worth it. This camper makeover added vibrant color to the kitchen cabinets, improved flooring, and comfortable furnishings.

The bold blue color creates a nautical feeling that matches the free spirit of camper owners.

15. Paint Everything White

camper makeover ideas 15

@Noble Johnson Architects

This is another great example of how suitable white is for campers. It matches with all other colors and creates a neutral canvas to use bold patterns and accents to add your personal touch.

In this camper makeover, colorful curtains with flower patterns make the atmosphere very cheerful.

16. Cozy And Homely

camper makeover ideas 16


To make a small-scale home cozy and welcoming, pay the same attention to details as you would in a big home. Don’t forget the importance of seasonal decor.

Another inspiring idea from this camper makeover is the sheer curtains, which create privacy without blocking the sunlight.

17. Think About Storage

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The small space of the camper requires plenty of storage furniture to keep it inviting and decluttered. Think vertically when you upgrade your camper.

The best choice is cabinets with doors that will hide the items behind.

18. Go For An Open Concept

camper makeover ideas 18


Usually, a door or curtains divide the sleeping area from the living space of the camper. If you remove them, the areas will unite and make the camper feel more airy.

Replace the outdated fabric on the furniture with a new one. Depending on the style you will impose, you can choose a neutral palette or use the fabric pattern to create interest.

19. Boho Modern Style Revamp

camper makeover ideas 19


Boho elements are very suitable for the authentic, relaxing atmosphere of a camper.

Add them as wall hangings, lamp shades, and rugs, and enjoy the exotic flair they will add.

20. Make It Colorful And Relaxing

camper makeover ideas 20


This tiny home possesses the comfort and inviting atmosphere of a standard home.

The layering of cushions and natural materials creates this feeling.

21. Create Interest With Fabric Patterns

camper makeover ideas 21


This camper makeover features the fabric as a means to create interest. Different patterns are used in the living areas, but they all feel united thanks to the repetitive colors.

And if you think that you need special skills to create these fabric layers, you are wrong. They are all done with no sewing- amazing!

22. Make It Comfortable For All Family Members

camper makeover ideas 22


This camper belongs to a couple with dogs.

Their makeover idea has considered leaving enough floor space where dogs can pass and lie down.

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