26 Captivating Fall Yard Decorations That Will Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Seasonal Masterpiece

Fall is a magical season! It is rich in colors and production.

With the next 26 Captivating Fall Yard Decorations we will inspire your outdoor space decoration which will transform your backyard into a festive, welcoming and beautiful place.

1. DIY Front Door Arrangement

Decorating with Cornstalks

This fall arrangement can be assembled in any spot from the yard. You need an old rustic chair, corn stalks, two wooden buckets, pumpkins and gourds and a blanket.

Fill the buckets with pumpkins, leaves, corns, anything that marks the fall harvest. The backdrop for the arrangement is tall corn stalks wrapped with buffalo plaid ribbons.

2. Backyard Harvest Arrangement

Urban Home Harvest Decoration

Bales are related to fall and including them in a yard fall decoration creates a lovely cottage touch. Add buckets full of autumn harvest such as apples, pears, peaches, pumpkins.

A straw hat, rattan buckets and seasonal flowers complete the farmhouse fall arrangement.

3. Small Garden Fall Decoration

Lamp Post Fall Decorations

Use the small garden with seasonal flowers as a point to create fall yard decoration. Add a corn stalk, support it with a wooden post at the back and decorate with charming fall ornaments.

4. Wheelbarrow Fall Decoration

Fall Front Porch Decoration With Lights

A wheelbarrow is a perfect container to create a porch fall decoration. It will gather items that mark the rich fall harvest and won’t take up much of the space. Add strings of lights to highlight the arrangement also at night.

5. Scarecrow Arrangement

Pumpkins Made With Tree Stumps

A scarecrow is a great focal point for a garden fall arrangement. Surround it with real pumpkins and gourds or make yourself wooden ones. Wood logs, branches and paints are needed for these garden decorations. Once you make them, you will be able to enjoy them for many years.

6. Fall Harvest Bucket

Haning Metal Bucket Fall Decoration For Front Yard

This fall yard decoration can be placed on any tall support you have in the backyard- a mailbox post, a porch pillar, a tree.

As easy as it looks, a galvanized bucket is full of pumpkins and gourds which mark the rich harvest in fall. Add corn leaves to fill the gaps and suspend on a chain.

7. Wheelbarrow Fall Decoration In The Backyard

Wheelbarrow Fall Decor

This wheelbarrow holds many fall elements which highlight how fruitful the season is. A pot with mums stands like a backdrop for different colors of pumpkins and gourds. The garden spot is covered with straw to enhance the farmhouse look of the arrangement.

8. Fall Ladder Outdoor Decoration Idea

 Creative Shabby Chic Ladder Fall Decoration

Another compact item you can use to focus your fall arrangement on is the ladder. Weave a string of lights mixed with a garland of leaves. If the steps are wide, you can add small pumpkins. In case they are narrow, place candles.

9. Bale And Pumpkins Arrangement

Simple Fall Yard Decoration With Natural Materials

In this yard fall decoration, many bales are stacked into a pyramid in the center of the backyard. They serve as a tiered display for different pumpkins and gourds. Added corn stalks complement the farmhouse look of the bales.

10. Mailbox Fall Decor Idea

Fall Mailbox Decoration

Create a fall decoration around the mailbox to cheer up all the people passing by. No need to invest any money in decoration, you can easily make it yourself with items from nature. A bundle of corn stalks tied with a nice ribbon, a pumpkin and a bouquet of mums.

11. Porch Nook Dedicated To Fall

 Fall Flower Garden Inspiration

Make your porch festive with a cute fall arrangement. Start with a small bale which will act as a backdrop and also stand for the smaller ornaments. Use a small ladder or a chair to give the arrangement height and place season-inspired decorations on it.

12. Front Garden Fall Decor

An Outdoor Fall Display Made From Scarecrows, Hay, Cornstalk, Pumpkins, Gourds, And Mums

The cute scarecrows that can be found at the Dollar Tree are worth buying. They can be the focal point of your yard fall decoration. Add pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks and mums around them.

13. Pallet Outdoor Decor Idea

Pallet Fall Decoration With Scarecrows

This is another great idea for a yard fall arrangement with scarecrows. Here, they are attached to a pallet to resemble people standing at a fence. This small-scale DIY project continues with a small wooden cart holding autumn leaves and flowers.

14. Pumpkin Market Idea

Fall Harvest Pumpkins 25cents

The farmhouse market is a lovely idea for outdoor yard decoration. To blend it with the fall theme, focus it on the pumpkin harvest. Add signs with fun statements and place pumpkins around the stand.

15. Tire Outdoor Fall Decoration

Tractor Tire Fall Decoration

A tire painted in orange can be the focal point of your yard fall decoration. Its round shape resembles an upcycled wreath design. Add bales, pumpkins and other farmhouse pieces to complete the arrangement.

16. Be Thankful Outdoor Decor Idea

 Be Thankful for Fall Pallet

This fall yard decoration is focused on Thanksgiving Day, a favorite holiday in the fall. A weathered pallet creates a vertical surface to hang a meaningful sign and also a backdrop for a bale acting as a display for pumpkins and mums.

17. Pumpkin Outdoor Decor Idea

Homemade Pumpkin Patch

Make a welcoming nook in your backyard where you can actually sit and spend some time outdoors. Bales are stacked on two tiers to hold orange pumpkins. A pallet is placed behind them to hold a fall-themed banner.

18. Small Garden Inspired By Fall

Upcycling Old Wooden Fence And Wine Barrel Fall Decoration

If your front garden is already empty, it can become a place for fall decoration. Add a piece of picket fence as a backdrop for a farmhouse arrangement. It consists of a wooden bucket full of fall harvest items.

19. Pallet Decor Idea For The Porch

Pallet Fall Decoration With Scarecrows

If you are wondering what your porch fall decoration could be this year, try this easy DIY idea. All you need is a wooden pallet, pumpkins and small ornaments from the Dollar store. Weave the leafy garland through the pallet slats. Add a farmhouse sign and surround the pallet with pumpkins.

20. Garden Cabin Idea

 Garden Shed Fall Decoration

The tool cabin becomes a fairytale fall decor simply by decorating it with fall-inspired ornaments. A grapevine wreath welcomes from the door of the cabin.

A bale acts as a stand for a pot with mums and a pumpkin. A wooden chair holds a pumpkin on the other side of the cabin. Add corn stalks to give the arrangement height and other farmhouse elements that match the weathered look of the tool cabin.

21. Pumpkin Garden Edge Idea

Entryway Path Fall Decoration With Pumpkin And Flower Pots

Decorate the garden bed leading to your front door with an edge made from pumpkins.

Opt for identical size and color pumpkins to make the garden edge aesthetic.

22. Pumpkin Pedestals Idea

Pumpkin Towers

If you have metal conical trellises, you can repurpose them into pumpkin holders. Insert them in large buckets with mums and fill them with various sizes of pumpkins and gourds.

23. Fall Umbrella

Umbrella Fall Autumn Leaf Styling

This umbrella idea is fascinating! It reveals the beautiful color palette of autumn. For this DIY leaves can be real or faux. If you go for the second option, you can use this fall decoration for many years.

24. Welcome Fall Idea

Warm Fall Yard Decorating

Greet your guests with a beautiful fall arrangement in the front yard. Start with stacking bales on two levels like a pyramid. Use the uncovered bales as pumpkin and mum displays. Two corn stalk bundles stay at either side of the bale pyramid to add symmetry to the arrangement. Add a welcome sign to finish the decoration.

25. Wheelbarrow And Door Fall Arrangement

Rustic Fall Decoration

This is another inspiring idea for decoration of the tool cabin. This time, a wheelbarrow holds harvested elements. In the place of the traditional wreath, a pitchfork with a mum bouquet stands.

26. Halloween And Fall Porch Idea

Wagons and Wheelbarrows for Fall

If you want to make a fall decoration that unites all fall holidays, check out this inspiring idea. A weathered and antique wheelbarrow holds seasonal flowers. An old metal stool displays a pumpkin.

Get inspired to decorate your yard this fall with these 26 stunning fall yard decorations! From pumpkins to scarecrows, find the perfect decorations for your outdoor space.

So far, everything speaks about fall. Crows from the Dollar Tree have landed here and there to highlight that Halloween should be remembered.

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