18 Fantastic Laundry Room Ideas for Maximum Efficiency

The laundry room is one of the spaces where we are almost guaranteed to spend time each week, yet we tend to ignore designing it and making the room more welcoming. 

This is mainly because many people treat this room as a chore area instead of a dashing, stylish space.

Elevate your laundry room with these 18 fantastic ideas that promise to transform it into your favorite space. From clever storage solutions to stylish decor, these designs offer inspiration for creating a functional and inviting laundry area.

Whether you are remodeling or building a new laundry room from scratch, there are various ways to add style and character to your laundry, such as tiles, art, accessories, and functional features.

Here are a few ideas for a laundry room makeover.

Take a look!

1. Add Some Shelving 

garage laundry room ideas 1


Like all other rooms in your home organization, shelving is essential in the laundry area. It ensures designated spots to keep different items and clothing you use or clean. 

In this design, the shelves have strategically been fitted over the laundry machines to provide enough storage for clothes and detergents. 

2. Modern Farmhouse Design 

garage laundry room ideas 2


The farmhouse style is continually adopted in many modern spaces, and your laundry room should not be left out. 

Here, the laundry room follows a simple farmhouse style made more unique by using dark shades. The colorful wallpaper adds some visual interest to the room, while the hat hanger and wooden bench bring in some rustic charm. 

3. Add a Modern Sink Design 

garage laundry room ideas 3


The most essential items in laundry rooms are probably the washing machine and the dryer, but the sink ranks up there, too, especially if you have clothes with the “no machine wash” tag on.

A modern sink can improve the outlook of your laundry area and make cleaning even more accessible. 

This laundry room has added a modern sink and expansive washing area to ease the cleaning process.

4. Add Some cabinets 

garage laundry room ideas 4

@Becky Rose Design

Cabinets are one of the most effective storage solutions. They provide ample storage and protect your clothes and other items from dust. 

Here, the laundry room has been fitted with top and bottom cabinets as well as storage for laundry baskets. The choice of color makes the room more visually appealing.

5. Boho Laundry Room Design 

garage laundry room ideas 5


Bohemian styles often bring free-spirited aesthetics, eclectic styles, and a high degree of artistic expression.

Natural and organic elements are another important crucial element in Bohemian decor. 

Here, the laundry room follows this style with various organic baskets, storage trays, and some additional organic decor. 

6. Simple Design 

garage laundry room ideas 6


Sometimes, the most elegant designs are the simple ones. This has proven to be true for this laundry room design that focuses on the basics. 

The room has enough storage space and ample countertop area with enough room to work on.

The minimal decor compliments the room and makes the space less plain.

7. Single Wall Layout 

garage laundry room ideas 7

@transFORM Home

Organizing your laundry room along a single wall is one of the best ways to save space. It also makes the whole laundry process easy since you can access the necessary items quickly. 

In this design, the laundry room maximizes space by combining shelves and cabinets to create the ultimate storage solution. 

8. Let Some Light In 

garage laundry room ideas 8


When designing, light can make all the difference in a space, which also applies to laundry rooms. Letting light in makes the space feel less cramped and makes it easy to see dirt when cleaning clothes. 

Here, the laundry has plenty of light coming from multiple windows. Shelving units have been added for storage. 

9. Add Some Symmetry 

garage laundry room ideas 9


One of the critical components of interior design is symmetry. Having a space with good symmetry is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes the room feel balanced. 

This laundry room has perfect symmetry, with laundry machines on either side of the room, and the sink makes the centerpiece.

The symmetrical themes extend to the decor on either side of the room. 

10. Compartmentalize

garage laundry room ideas 10


Reducing clutter is one of the most important things when organizing any room.

Since the laundry room experiences a lot of activity and may have tons of different items, creating compartments may help you reduce the clutter and make the space feel neat and organized.

This laundry room contains different compartments that make storage a breeze and reduce the traffic on the countertop.

11. Stack the Machines Up 

garage laundry room ideas 11


Maximizing storage is crucial for a practical design, especially if you’re working with small spaces.

While most laundry room designs opt for placing laundry machines next to each other, stacking them up together may be the best way to utilize a small laundry room. 

Here, the design stacks the machines together, providing storage space and a sink on the other side.

12. Try a Modern Laundry Room Design

garage laundry room ideas 12


Modern contemporary designs often emphasize minimalism and simplicity.

For a laundry room, this means a functional room with all the necessities, like in this design, where the laundry room has a machine area, storage, and a wall-mounted sink on the other side. 

You can install cabinets over the machine area and the storage shelves to make the design more minimal and inconspicuous.

13. Try a Well Draining Floor

garage laundry room ideas 13


Since the laundry room is one of the spaces likely to get frequently wet, factoring in drainage may be necessary.

Having a floor that can quickly absorb the water can reduce the need to clean the room after each laundry session. 

Here, the laundry room combines wood and pebbles to create the perfect floor for this small laundry room. Even though the space is limited, the room maximizes storage using overhead storage.

14. Patterned Tiles

garage laundry room ideas 14


When it seems you have limited options to spruce up your laundry room, one of the ways to get creative is by utilizing the floor. Unique tile patterns can elevate the space and add some charm to the room. 

In this design, the laundry room uses unique patterns for the tiles, which add visual interest to the space.

The space also utilizes vertical storage, which maximizes the available storage space. 

15. Utilize the Space Creatively 

garage laundry room ideas 15

@Crystal Kitchen Bath

Every inch in your laundry room counts when space comes at a premium. Utilizing the space creatively ensures you don’t miss anything crucial. 

In this design, the limited space calls for creativity, where the laundry machines are stacked on each other, with the other side serving as the sink wash area and storage for laundry supplies.

16. Drawer Storage 

garage laundry room ideas 16

@Margaret Donaldson Interiors

So far, the most common storage solutions for a laundry room we have noted are cabinets and shelves. However, drawers also make a good storage solution, especially for your delicates and other smaller laundry items such as socks. 

Here, drawers are one of the primary storage solutions for this laundry room.

The design of the drawers improves the aeration of any clothes that will be stored in them, while the patterned tiles improve the room’s aesthetic appeal. 

17. Use Stone Based Tiles 

garage laundry room ideas 17

@transFORM Home

Spillage is expected when working in the laundry room, but with it comes frequent cleaning and mopping.

However, with stone tiles which drain water fairly easily, you won’t have to stress about any spillage. 

This laundry room uses stone-based tiles for the floor, which ensures the floor is dry at all times. It also reduces the risk of potential accidents such as falls. 

18. Try Some Backsplash 

garage laundry room ideas 18

@John McClain Design

Backsplashes are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms since they make cleaning the room more manageable and reduce the risk of damaging your walls by high humidity in such spaces. 

Since the laundry room is likely to experience the same conditions, a backsplash can ensure it’s always in good shape.

In this design, the laundry room has an extensive backsplash that makes the room visually appealing and easy to clean.

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