24 Spring Planter Ideas To Infuse New Life Into Your Garden

Capture Spring in all its glory! Mark the start of the gardening season with spring buds and blooms.

Creating a colorful spring planter makes bringing life and color to your outdoor space easy.

Elevate your garden with these 24 spring planter ideas, designed to infuse new life and vibrant colors into your outdoor space. From cascading floral arrangements to whimsical succulent displays, find inspiration to transform your garden into a blooming paradise.

Mix and match different plants, colors, and textures to design unique, eye-catching arrangements.

Explore various creative spring planter gardening ideas that transform your outdoor space into a colorful oasis bursting with life and beauty. 

1. Elegant

24 spring planter ideas 1


Dramatic foliage, different textures, and flowers can turn a simple planter into a bold statement.

Decorated tastefully, a trough planter can become a focal point.

Charming and functional trough planters are an ideal choice when you want to experiment with your gardening design and organize a bright display of colorful flowers.

Trough planters are perfect for growing small plants not as well displayed in other flower containers.

Choose from perennials, succulents, annuals, and alpine plants for a vivid display.

2. Violas & Pansies

24 spring planter ideas 2


Celebrate spring and welcome the season with a sunny arrangement. You can spread some spring vibes with violas and pansies.

They range in fun colors and cheerful “face-like” markings, so it’s easy to create head-turning arrangements filled with bright, contrasting tones. 

Both pansies and violas, with their modest size, are known to be excellent fillers. However, their bold colors make them gorgeously stand out on their own.

Use them for your spring container, and if you’d like a bit more height, tuck in branches of budding forsythia.

3. Spring Urn

24 spring planter ideas 3


Urns create a point of interest in your garden and allow you to showcase a special arrangement or color. Elevate a shallow urn with a delicate selection of blooms.

Use varieties proportionate to the container once fully grown, like this combination of bachelor buttons, grape hyacinths, dwarf dianthus, and viola.

When combining more than one type of flower in the same container garden, ensure they have similar care requirements.

4. Ferns & Pansies

24 spring planter ideas 4


Ferns are planted in containers for decorating porches, shady decks, and patios. Annual plants can be good companions for ferns.

Many most commonly available annuals will grow well in full sun or partial shade. 

Use a plant combination like fern and pansies that will tolerate partial shade to partial sun and appreciate well-draining potting soil.

Although you can achieve the look with just about any fern, using upright varieties makes a focal point and can give a container an elegant feel.

5. Tropical Vibe

24 spring planter ideas 5


Bring a tropical look to your garden with the Red Abyssinian Banana and include some annual color in a coordinated planter trio for a hot summer location.

The long, colorful leaves of the red Abyssinian banana emerge brushed with burgundy and have vibrant red central leaf veins.

This fast-growing plant is often used in a large container along with a bedding plant to create a dynamic focal point.

Petunias, with their mounding and cascading growth habits, are a great addition.

6. Yellow

24 spring planter ideas 6


Banish the winter blues with a cheery yellow combination of primrose & daffodils.

Daffodils are among the classic spring flower bulbs you have to plant in autumn to enjoy blooming with the arrival of spring.

To brighten up your daffodil container display, add a few low-growing flowers around the edges, like primroses.

Primroses have vibrant flowers gleaming like jewels above rosettes of green leaves.

7. Three Steps

24 spring planter ideas 7


Plan and make spring color combinations. A gorgeous fusion of lilac and yellow can make for a pretty spring display using the classic formula of a thriller, filler, and spiller.

Daffodils with pussy willow branches visually set themselves apart from the other components of the container, creating a focal point and height to the arrangement.

A filler that will add texture and color, like pansies and violas, creates a balance.

Complete by including alyssum as a spiller, a trailing plant that can easily flow over the edge of the container and draw the eye downward.

8. Bulbs

24 spring planter ideas 8


Planting bulbs in containers means that in spring, you can dress up your front entrance, deck, or patio with early spring color when you need it most.

As long as you have access to a sunny spot & a well-draining pot, you can grow your favorite bulbs to add a beautiful pop of color wherever you want.

9. Tall Planter

24 spring planter ideas 9


Use a tall planter to add a decorative touch or to create a focal point that grabs your attention.

A beautifully designed planter standing tall may be all you need to dress up an entryway and give it a dramatic feel.

Plant pansies and wishbone flowers in a tall planter and heighten your arrangement with birch and faux spring branches.

Adding white bacopa will help to show off the brighter colors of the other flowering plants. In addition, the trailing habit of bacopa adds texture as it grows down the side of the planter.

10. Mix Textures

24 spring planter ideas 10


Style an outdoor pot arrangement to decorate your porch for spring. Greenery, whether real or faux, refreshes and invigorates areas inside and out.

Layer lots of contrasting greenery with pops of color brought in by dried flowers.

Give your arrangement some height with a mix of spring branches and twigs. This type of arrangement combines a rustic quality with stunning textures.

11. Whimsical

24 spring planter ideas 11


In your early spring container design, use birch and bundles of natural twigs, such as curly willow or yellow twig dogwood, for attention-grabbing height.

Mixed in with the twigs, add several faux flowering branches such as yellow or white forsythia, pussy willow, or cherry blossom. 

The combination of blooming and bare branches creates a brilliant display of cold-tolerant color and texture that makes an impact even when viewed from a distance.

12. Refresh Planters

24 spring planter ideas 12


Give your planters a refreshing character by accenting your taller plant with fillers like pansies at the bottom.

Fillers are midsize, mounding, or rounded plants used to surround and accentuate the main plant, which is taller in height.

Nothing matches the charm of pansies; they come in an incredible array of colors and color combos.

Combine them with creeping Jenny and delight with the pop of spring color.

13. Vibrant Spring

24 spring planter ideas 13


This is an extra colorful and eye-catching spring combination of tulips, daffodils, violas, and pansies.

The different levels of flowers and bold mix of shades create an excellent springtime look.

Tulips and daffodils are bulbs that can happily grow in the same container and be mixed with other spring flowers for a lasting display.

The basic rule for mixing them is that the foliage of the first variety to flower should not overwhelm the later ones or that the later ones should be tall and strong enough to push through and above the leaves of the earlier varieties. 

14. Summer Whites

24 spring planter ideas 14


Embrace the elegance and simplicity of white flowers. Try this combination of white hyacinths, pansies, Easter lilies, and curly willow branches.

Center your taller plant, the lilies, with the willow branches. The branches will add height, texture, and dimension to the arrangement.

Next, about half the height of the lilies, are the hyacinths that will surround them. To fill the space left at the bottom, plant the pansies. The result is simply beautiful!

15. Bundle Of Joy

24 spring planter ideas 15


Spring blooms with rich and pale tones have a strong visual impact.

A color punch in a glazed blue planter makes for a gorgeous display.

Combine bold purple tulips with white hyacinths and daffodils, which will give the display the needed height.

Halfway through, add purple and blue pansies. To complete your display, edge with spiller plants like sweet alyssum and creeping Jenny.

16. Fluffy

24 spring planter ideas 16


Welcome warmer days with fluffy pink hydrangeas in your spring container.

With their glorious clusters of color and vibrant leaves, hydrangeas can become the focal point of any arrangement.

A container featuring a more upright-formed hydrangea goes great with companion plants.

To add more color, add annual flowers or trailing plants.

17. Tulips & Hyacinths

24 spring planter ideas 17


Create a bright and fragrant welcome to your entrance with a cluster of potted bulbs. Tulips and hyacinths are spring-blooming bulbs with richly colored flowers.

Hyacinths have an incredible fragrance that can perfume your entire garden.

Spring-flowering bulbs like tulips and hyacinths are easy to grow.

Plant the bulbs in the fall and enjoy beautiful flowers the following spring.

18. Spring Basket

24 spring planter ideas 18


Grab a round flat basket and fill it with potted blooming flowers! 

Add a bit of moss to cover the flower pots to make them look like they have been planted in the basket. Insert a few twigs for height, and display them as you like.

A combination of potted purple hyacinths, apple blossom primrose, and a few fillers make a lovely flower basket.

What’s a great addition to having a beautiful living arrangement is that after the season is over, you can keep the bulbs for planting.

19. Charming

24 spring planter ideas 19


A gorgeous cottage look with a woven basket overflowing with spring tulips.

The beautiful flowers of these showy bulbs come in almost every color imaginable, from pale pastels to hot, vibrant shades. 

Plant tulip bulbs in containers in mid to late autumn.

Layer bulbs one on top of another with compost in between to get dense and flowery spring pot displays.

You can prolong your displays by growing a mix of different types. You can also mix flower shapes, heights, and colors.

20. Petite

24 spring planter ideas 20


Small mixed planters can create an impactful display with colorful flowers and foliage.

Select your plants according to texture, size, color, and care to create something harmonious or dramatic.

Some of the daintiest spring flowers are so small and sweet that they’re easy to miss in big planters. Combined with small planters, they create a versatile mini garden.

21. Wheelbarrow

24 spring planter ideas 21


Add some character and charm to your garden with a spring wheelbarrow planter! The thing about wheelbarrow gardens is that it doesn’t cost much to make a significant impact in such a small space.

The best plants for a wheelbarrow planter are those that can take the heat.

Annuals and seasonal bedding plants are a good choice that will add beautiful of color.

22. Cuteness

24 spring planter ideas 22


Bringing spring to your patio or porch with a trough planter filled with primroses is easy.

Primroses are one of the prettiest early spring blooming flowers, loved for their vibrant colors.

Trough planters are very functional and useful in garden design.

Pick up some pretty primroses and plant them in one to add instant color and charm to your patio, balcony, or garden.

23. Delicate Charm

24 spring planter ideas 23


Reminiscent of smiling faces with pretty violas in an antique, concrete urn.

Whether you plant them on their own or use them as fillers, they are an inexpensive way to brighten up your garden containers.

Violas love cool conditions, making them ideal for shady gardens.

They combine well with spring bulbs and foliage plants in containers. The edible varieties can also be grown with mixed salad leaves.

24. Flourishing

24 spring planter ideas 24


Beautify your entrance with lush spring planters. Pack large trough planters that with spring blooms.

Dark trough planters will sit dramatically on your front porch, making the blooms stand out.

Anchor an evergreen shrub in the planter and add delicate pansies and trailing plants like bright green creeping jenny.

The mix of textures will result in a look that’s fresh, lush and beautiful.

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