8 Stunning Flower Beds To Brighten Your Front House in Full Sun

Full-sun flower beds are a blessing, so use them to your advantage to create an impressive design.

The large variety of sun-loving plants helps create vibrant, textured flower beds that show character and style.

Elevate your curb appeal with these 8 stunning flower beds designed to thrive in full sun. From vibrant blooms to lush foliage, discover captivating arrangements that will brighten your front house and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Check out this selection of flower beds that will guarantee your success in beautifying your front house.

Get creative, incorporate them to suit your space, and enjoy the rewarding results!

1. Tropical Vibe

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Bring a tropical vibe to your next landscape design with lush, tropical planting.

Not only does tropical planting provide a relaxing resort feel, but it can also create privacy and a cooling factor in the hot summer months.

The key to a tropical design style is combining dramatic, lush foliage with plenty of layering and exotic, bold flowers.

Frame your landscape with tall, lush greenery and combine it with bold colors such as orange, reds, pinks, and deep purples.

This entryway incorporates a variety of interesting colors and shapes using bold foliage of ‘Tropicanna’ canna lily, chartreuse Japanese forest grass, hostas, and Japanese maples.

2. Alluring

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Planting a mix of annuals, perennials, and small shrubs will keep your flower beds showing color all seasons. Including shrubs and small trees can transform your flower bed from average to show-stopping.

Trees and shrubs are the backbones of landscape designs, used as screens, backgrounds, and accents.

They require little maintenance and can thrive in full sun, providing stunning foliage.

Use flowering shrubs to provide long-lasting, beautiful blooms to brighten your garden style.

3. Create Layers

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Border your front porch with a flower bed to create privacy.

Mix a variety of annuals and perennials to give your flower bed some structure and create layers.

In natural ecosystems, plants form guilds according to height, so start with tall plants and finish with small ones in front.

This flower bed uses tall perennials and a mix of lower annuals and perennials, such as lilies, hydrangeas, dianthus, and marigolds, resulting in a lush flow of garden plants.

Incorporating edging into your design can create a more refined look while preventing grass from invading the flower bed.

4. Color & Texture

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A flower bed running along the front of your home as edging will give it instant curb appeal. Choose a color combination of two flowering plants and create a beautiful pattern.

Boxwood shrubs as background foliage will make the plants in front stand out.

This combination of yellow and purple, made with celosia and zinnia, is a guaranteed success. Both plants are high in style and low in maintenance. 

The celosia stands out with its large, bright purple plumes set against dark green foliage, making for a stunning display massed in with Zinnias to create borders.

Zinnias are perfect celosia companion plantsthanks to their dazzling colors and flower forms.

5. Fresh & Simple

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Say “hello” to the enduring beauty of evergreens.

They offer a lush and vibrant year-round landscape with minimal maintenance. The world of evergreens is a treasure trove of texture and variety.

Some boast glossy green leaves, while others showcase silvery needles, creating a delightful contrast in your garden. 

With evergreens, you can keep things simple and still achieve an eye-catching landscape, so include a variety of evergreens in your flower bed design.

Add an elegant pop of color with a white hydrangea and to make a statement plant a Japanese maple tree, its cascading form is pretty all on its own, but the red foliage is incredibly striking.

6. Driveway Island

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The landscaping of a circular driveway can become the centerpiece of a front yard, displaying an array of brightly colored blooms.

An island bed design adds color, texture, and height to an area because it can be viewed from all sides.

Create year-round interest with an assortment of plants and accessories.

Include decorative elements such as rocks and add an interesting focal point such as a birdbath, trellis, fountain, or tree.

Work around the center, placing medium-sized plants on all sides and smaller ones along its edges.

To add seasonal color, use surrounding perennials and groundcovers. Evergreen plantings are great for year-round color.

7. Informal

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Take a casual approach and use a more relaxed informal styling for your flower bed.

It’s a great way to add natural beauty, requiring less maintenance than formal flower beds.

Mix perennials for background highlights and annuals for the ground level to provide color throughout the growing season. Include some self-seeding plants, such as foxgloves and aquilegias, which pop up spontaneously.

Repeating the same plants throughout the planting helps pull it all together. Let plants of all different heights intermingle casually.

Letting a wild, unpredictable, and unconventional garden can be fun and exciting.

8. Balance

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Frame your front entry as a focal point! Beautifully border both sides with symmetrical and balanced flower beds.

Start your layout with lush green boxwood trees, one on either side.

Fill in the space before the trees with colorful annuals such as geranium, marigolds and strawflowers.

Carry on by mixing with lower-growing perennials like a mix of hosta and shrubs offering more floral and leafy beauty options.

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