Embark on a juicy journey! Watermelons (Citrullus lanatus), native to Africa, are the perfect summer refreshment. Ready to harvest in 70-90 days, they thrive in sunny spots and can grow over 2 ft long.

Introduction to Watermelon Growing

Begin your watermelon adventure indoors if you're in a cooler climate. Start seeds 4 weeks before the last frost and chit them for stronger germination. Plant them an inch deep and six feet apart for ample growth.

Seed Starting Secrets

Watch as your watermelons sprout and branch out! Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. When vines reach 12 ft, it's time for extra nutrients. Add half a cup of bone meal to fuel their growth.

Nurturing Your Watermelon Plant

From vibrant flowers to pollination, your watermelons are on their way. Assist with hand-pollination to ensure fruit sets. Look for the tell-tale yellow spot on the rind to know when it's ripe for the picking!

The Pollination to Harvest Path

Watermelons love the sun and need well-drained soil. Adjust watering as they grow, and reduce it for sweeter fruit. With proper care, your watermelons will be ready to quench your thirst and sweeten your summer.

Care Tips for Sweet Success

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