50 Best DIY St. Patrick’s Day Wreaths

Christmas is a holiday about Jesus, Valentine’s Day is about Love, and St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday of Luck!

Primarily an Irish holiday, many Americans have also picked up St. Patrick’s Day as their favorite. Known for partying, drinking, and being a singles holiday, many love the exciting spirit St. Patrick’s Day brings.

But how do you decorate for such a low-key but exciting holiday?

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style with 50 gorgeous DIY wreaths. From shamrock-adorned designs to rustic burlap creations, discover a plethora of inspiring projects to adorn your door and welcome the luck of the Irish into your home with flair and elegance.

The holiday entails rainbows, leprechauns, and shamrocks, so bring these things to your holiday decor. ( by the way, if you are not feeling confident about the outcome, you can always shop for some great decorations HERE )

Consider some of these beautiful and easy do-it-yourself St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

If you are unsure, you can create a beautiful wreath by yourself; don’t worry!

You can find a fantastic selection of St.Patrick’s Day wreaths – Here – there are some inexpensive ideas.

1. Create a Shamrock Wreath with Boxwood

Boxwood Clover Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Boxwood plant is not just for Christmas. Bend it in a shamrock shape for a marvelous door wreath.

via Virginia Sweet Pea

2. Make a Country March Wreath with Burlap and Shamrocks

Burlap Shamrock Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

For a more country look, try this burlap wreath. Choose burlap with shamrocks for a country March decoration.

via How to Make A Burlap Wreath

3. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Mesh Wreath

DIY Saint Patrick Day Mesh Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Green mesh is the perfect base for a wreath. Then cover with felt shamrocks and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day sign.

via The Wreath Depot

4. Get Creative with a DIY Saint Patrick’s Day Yarn Wreath

DIY Saint Patricks Day Yarn Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

The ultimate St. Patrick’s Day wreath is a pile of different green-tinted yarn balls glued together in a circle.

via Heather and Evan

5. St. Patrick’s Day-Inspired Wreath with a Wood Shamrock

DIY Shamrock Wreath Patricks Day #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

If you don’t have quite enough burlap, or yarn or green ribbon; then just merge them all together for the best wreath. A wooden shamrock in the middle finishes the whole look.

via The CSI Project

6. Construct a Festive Felt Shamrock Wreath

A Dollar Store Challenge #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This easy-to-make wreath is constructed from felt shamrocks and a large green bow. It is simple but beautiful.

via DIY Playbook

7. Add a Pot of Gold and Rainbow to a Burlap Wreath

DIY St Patricks Day Burlap Wreath Felt Final #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Find the pot at the end of the rainbow and put it on your St. Patrick’s Day door wreath. This wreath tells a story with the leprechaun hat at the top and the rainbow going to the pot of gold.

via Decor by the Seashore

8. Hang a Lucky Banner on Your St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

DIY St Patricks Day wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

The whole idea of St. Patrick’s Fay is a holiday of luck. So how about this door wreath made from green ribbon and a ‘lucky’ sign. Are you feeling lucky?

via Craftaholics Anonymous

9. Upgrade a St. Patrick’s Day Wreath with a Argyle Patterns

DIY Tutorial Saint Patricks Day Argyle #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Argyle patterned yarn on a green shamrock door wreath completes the St. Patrick’s day look.

10. Craft a DIY Shamrock Wreath with White Ribbon Bows

Dollar Store Shamrock Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This easy to make yourself door wreath is a green shamrock with white ribbon bows.

via Life on the Bay Bush

11. Upcycle Fabric Scraps into a Festive Wreath

Fabric Scrap St Patricks Day Wreath  #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Have a lot of green fabric scraps sitting around? How about this green fabric scrap wreath. This is a simple and cheap decoration idea. Add a black ribbon on top to hang it.

via Magic of Ordinary Things

12. Make Your Shamrock Wreath More Natural with Plants

Fabric Shamrock St Patricks Day Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This door wreath is made from green plants and green shamrocks. The white plant gives it a pop of color and a natural look.

via Punkie Pie’s Place

13. Nature-Inspired St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Four Leaf Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Viney plants are the perfect green color for making shamrock door wreaths.

via Blue Leaf Confections

14. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Furry Rainbow Wreath

Fur Yarn St Patricks Day Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

For a more fun look, try this furry round St. Patrick’s door wreath. Complete with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

via Bearclub Creations

15. Spread Festive Cheer with a St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Happy Saint Patrick Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This adorable wreath is constructed with a green ribbon and a commercial Happy St. Patrick’s Day sign.

via The Wreath Depot

16. Add Flair to Your Wreath with Black and White Ribbons

Happy Saint Patrick Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Add a little color flair with a black and white ribbon in between the green ribbon for this door wreath.

via Etsy

17. Make a Unique Leprechaun Wreath with Orange Yarn

Leprechaun Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Leprechauns are a classic piece of St. Patrick’s Day. This door wreath has an orange fuzzy circle and green hat to make a cute leprechaun.

via Dollar Tree

18. Give a Burlap Wreath a Rustic Look with Scrabble Pieces

Lucky Letters Patricks Day Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Scrabble letters are a marvelous idea for adding the word Lucky to spice up a basic door wreath.

via A Few Shortcuts

19. Decorate with a Hanging St. Patrick’s Day Fabric Wreath

Make Shamrock Wreath For St Patricks Day #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This is a very green fabric scrap wreath. The whole thing hangs from a green strip of fabric.

via A Mom’s Impression

20. Add Monogrammed Letter to a Moss and Burlap Wreath

Monogramed Shamrock Moss Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

You can find pieces of green moss at most major stores. Then cut it into a shamrock shape. You can add letters or other monograms to personalize the day.

via Etsy

21. Decorative Wooden Shamrock for Your Wreath

Monogrammed Shamrock Boxwood Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

A wooden shamrock encircled in a green wired plant is a simple but marvelous door wreath.

via Etsy

22. Welcome March with a Bright Green Felt Wreath

Paper Shamrock Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Bright green felt tied on a circle wire is a wonderful door decoration for March.

via 3 Little Greenwoods

23. Artistic Shamrock Wreath with Green Cardstocks

Patricks Day Paper Shamrock Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Green cardstock can be bent and contoured into the perfect shamrock shape. Add flower-shaped paper in the middle and a button to complete the decoration.

via The Craft Patch

24. Repurpose a Pool Noodle into a St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Pool Noodle St Patricks Day Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

A thin black pool noodle shapes the perfect circle. Then using a ribbon you can argyle attach shamrock shapes onto the noodle. Hang it from your door to scream St. Patrick’s Day.

via DIY Network

25. Use Balloons to Make a Rainbow-Colored Wreath

Rainbow Balloon Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Tie unblown up balloons on a circle shape to make a bright and colorful door decoration.

via Hoosier Homemade

26. Create a Rainbow Wreath with Yarn and Pool Noodle

Rainbow Yarn Wreath from Crafts N Coffee #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

With a pool noodle as a base, wrap a multi-colored string around it. Then add St. Patrick’s day themed decor, such as a shamrock and coins, in the middle.

27. Add Decorative Ribbons to a Pool Noodle Wreath

Ribbon Tied Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Using a white pool noodle as a base, tie St. Patrick’s colored ribbon around it. Point the bows upward to give it a flowery look.

via The Ribbon Retreat

28. Make a Festive Saint Patrick’s Day Clothespins Wreath

Saint Patricks Day Clothespin Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Start this wreath by painting basic wooden clothespins in St. Patrick’s day colors. Then pin them in a circular wire. And hang a shamrock in the middle.

via Remodelando la Casa

29. Give a Wreath a Modish Look with Gold Coins Accents

Saint Patricks Day Dollar Store Mesh Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

You can purchase frilly St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks at the dollar store. Then you can tie a green ribbon around the edges for a perfect door decoration.

via Made in a Day

30. Add a Ribbon and Sign to a Styrofoam Wreath

Saint Patricks Day Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Using a styrofoam circle, glue green St. Patrick’s day themed fabric on. Then decorate with a ribbon and sign in the middle.

31. Use Different Colored Shamrocks for Your Door Decor 

Saint Patricks Day Wreath Idea #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Different colored green shamrocks cut from cardstock could be used to make a super simple door decoration.

via Pinch a Little Save a Lot

32. Adorn a Doorway with Green Tulle Bows

Saint Patricks Day Wreath Tutorial #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Tulle is a super sheer but very lovely crafting fabric. This door hanging ties green tulle bows around a circle.

via Penny Pinchin Mom

33. Make a Contemporary Shamrock Wreath with a Wire

Shamrock Noodle Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Use wire to make the basic shamrock shape, then cover in wrapped green and dark yellow yarn.

via Bugaboominimrme

34. Make a Bold Statement with this St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Shamrock Welcome Wreath St Patricks Day #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

For a more exciting door decoration try this. Add all sorts of green ribbon, bows and even white plants. Add a small welcome sign in the middle to complete the look.

via Etsy

35. Create a Tape Shamrock Wreath with a Bow Accent

Shamrock Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This basic door wreath is a basic shamrock shape wrapped in green tape. The bow in the middle completes the simple look.

via Crafts for All Seasons

36. Craft a St. Patrick’s Day Wreath with Green Split Peas

Split Pea Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Glue green split peas on a circular wreath base. It makes it simple and easy to do yourself St. Patrick’s Day decoration.

via Love of Family and Home

37. Make a Wreath with Uniquely Arranged Circular Ribbons

St Paddys Ribbon Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Make this cute wreath by gluing ribbon in circle shapes. Then glue them onto a wreath base.

via She’s Kinda Crafty

38. Combine Green and White Ribbons for a Chic Wreath

St Patrick Day Ribbon Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This wreath has a pattern of green ribbon bows and green/white ribbon bows. The pattern makes it very appealing to the eye.

via BabsMadeIt

39. Create a Natural St Patrick’s Day Wreath with Twigs

St Patrick Green Wreath Shamrock  #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This natural-looking wreath has green plant life but also brown stems. It gives St. Patrick’s Day a natural look.

via Etsy

40. Decorate Burlap Wreath with Shamrocks and Rainbow

St Patricks Day Burlap Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This very darling wreath is wrapped in basic burlap. The ribbon adds a pop of color and the green shamrocks complete the St. Patrick’s look.

via Flamingo Toes

41. Create a Magical Wreath with an Old Black Witches Pot 

St Patricks Day Decor Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Have an old black witches pot from Halloween? It makes the perfect pot for the end of the rainbow, or the center of this adorable wreath.

via Etsy

42. Make a Festive Wreath with Green Flowers and Ribbon

St Patricks Day Felt Flower Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Purchase some green flowers and green and white ribbon. The ribbon is a perfect base to wrap around a wreath base and the flowers add a classic touch.

via Etsy

43. Enhance Porch with a St. Patrick’s Day Grapevine Wreath

St Patricks Day Grapevine Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Grapevine is a nice natural brown color. Then you can add shamrock green leaves and a rainbow. This gives it a St. Patrick’s Day look.

via Anika’s DIY Life

44. Use Different St. Patrick’s Day Elements for Your Wreath

St Patricks Day Holiday Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Use many different sizes and colors of St. Patrick’s Day ribbon to make this frilly door wreath.

45. Impress Guests with a Paper Fan Wreath

St Patricks Day Paper Fan Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Paper fans can be glued together in a circular form. Add brown and green shamrocks and brown and green ribbon to hang it.

via Design Improvised

46. St. Patrick’s Day Wreath with Pom Poms and Shamrocks

St Patricks Day Pom Pom Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

To make this fun and adorable door wreath, glue a ton of green-tinted and white pom poms on a styrofoam wreath. Add little shamrocks in the middle to really make it St. Patrick’s Day theme.

via Crafty Designs By Beth

47. Repurpose Old Rags into a Colorful Wreath

St Patricks Day Rag Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Old rags are really not good for anything but trash. But this wreath gives them a new purpose. Tie green and rainbow-colored rags to a wreath.

via Blessed Beyond Crazy

48. Create an Eye-Catching Shamrock Decoration

St Patricks Day Shamrock Wreath #stpatrick #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Cut a shamrock shape out of cardboard and add all sorts of green paper on top to give it a grassy look. Hang it with a burlap or ribbon.

via A Little Tipsy

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