26 Fabulous Small Garden Design Ideas

A small garden can be as appealing and interesting as a large one? Yes, this is possible and we are going to prove it to you with the next 26 Interesting Small Garden Design Ideas.

With a little creativity, gravel, small pebbles and rocks as well as beautiful plants, you will transform a part of your yard into a landscape focal point.

Fantastic small garden design ideas that you can recreate in your backyard. Beautiful flowers and plant arrangements complemented with rocks and pebbles.

1. Garden Surrounding A Walkway

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Make a small garden around an interesting feature from your backyard. The walkway is one of the options. Depending on the location of the walkway, the garden can be on both or only on one side of it.

2. Gravel Small Garden Idea

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To minimize the maintenance of the garden, go for a gravel overlayer which will stop the growth of weeds. With it you receive also a point of natural interest and the perfect background for a beautiful flower pot with a blooming plant.

3. A Small Garden Surrounding A Tree

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The small garden can be focused on a tree. As shown in this interesting small garden design, a pattern created with pavers and two colors of gravel surrounds the tree to make it the focal point of the lawn. Pavers also help to define the garden bed and to limit the grass growth.

4. Round Small Garden Idea

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The small garden can take up a small space from the lawn. Outline it with a gravel overlayer in an interesting pattern. You can place flower pots on the gravel or plant blooming flowers in the soil.

5. Succulent Small Garden Idea

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Succulents are very trendy not only ad indoor houseplants. Because of their drought resistance and irresistible look, they are perfect for a small garden. Decorate the garden with two colors of gravel in a pattern and leave an empty soil line for the succulent varieties.

6. Heart-shaped Small Garden Design

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This heart-shaped small garden idea is so cute and easy to make. It takes only a small part of the yard defined visually with river stones. The inside is planted with seasonal flowers and a vintage decoration.

7. Drive Lane Small Garden Idea

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This is another inspiring idea with gravel and pavers. They cover a small part of the drive lane to welcome passers-by. The plant varieties vary in height to give the garden an enhanced interest.

8. Garden Around A Pond

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The pond is another outdoor feature you can locate your garden around. In case there is no free soil, you can simply position a few flower pots. Use rocks and farmhouse items as stands to elevate the garden look.

9. Small Garden Idea With A Pond

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In case you are just at the beginning of planning a small garden in the yard, take a look at this idea. It features a pond built in the ground and a rock garden around it. Plants are placed around it featuring various varieties in texture and height. The empty spaces are covered with round river rocks that cohere with the natural landscape.

10. Spiral Shaped Garden

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Add interest to your yard with a spiral-shaped garden. The shape is ensured with stacked flagstones. A large jug sets the beginning of the spiral which continues with a flow of blooms.

11. Gravel Garden Around The Fence

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The perfectly mowed lawn is complemented by a garden bed around the fence. An overlayer of multi-colored gravel covers the soil and gives the garden bed a maintained and elegant look.

12. Garden Decoration From Large Stones

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Aren’t these ladybirds cute? This is the perfect family weekend project. Get a can of red, black and white paint, find large flat rocks and start making your garden decoration.

13. Spiral-shaped Garden Decoration With Stones

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This is an inspiring and free garden decoration idea. Gather different in size river rocks and align them in a spiral pattern on the ground in the garden.

14. Tiered Garden From Tires And Stones

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The tiered look of this small garden is achieved with stacked tiers. You can never recognize them because they are covered with masonry with concrete and river stones.

15. Opt For Plants That Develop Tufts

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A garden with a few plants that develop tufts can create a visual effect as a larger garden with plenty of plant varieties. Hydrangeas, lobelias, and boxwood are rich in texture and stand out against the gravel layer.

16. Shrub Small Garden

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A gravel garden can showcase both large and small plant varieties, and why not medium ones? Different colors of gravel here create a pattern that emphasizes the planted shrubs.

17. Small Round Gravel Garden

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Despite the inclusion only of one plant in this small garden design idea, it is amazing. The combination of contrasting gravel colors and the pattern of their alignment make the garden bed a focal point.

18. Gravel Garden In A Flower Pattern

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With this garden idea, you will make a bold statement! The perfectly mowed lawn is complemented by an exotic garden with palms in a gravel bed shaped like a flower.

The symmetrical layout appears in the two-colored gravel alignment and also in the plant locations.

19. Walkway From Slabs And Rocks And A Roof Tiles Garden Edge

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The walkway in this landscape design idea is short but important for the overall look of the property. It consists of river rocks surrounding concrete slabs and a small edging garden. The border between the path and the garden is made with roof tiles inserted directly into the soil.

20. Seashell Small Garden Idea

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Instead of rocks, you can use large seashells as a frieze for the small garden.

21. Curved Walkway And An Edging Garden

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A stone path leading to the gate is not only functional but also appealing. Its attractiveness is achieved by the combination of dark grey gravel and concrete round slabs of different diameters. The walkway is curved so are the gardens on both sides of it.

22. Small Garden With An Interesting Shape

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The greatest thing about the small garden is that all parts of it are of a smaller scale which makes it easier for making and maintaining. This small garden design idea features a curious outline made with stones and concrete and a filling with blooming flowers and greenery.

23. Small Garden Around A Large Tree

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If you have large trees with unused spots underneath them, you can transform them into small dedicated gardens. Plant varieties that grow in shady places.

24. A Garden In A Chair

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This portable small garden is cute and charming. The old wooden chair anchors the rustic style which is continued by a galvanized flower pot.

25. Exotic Front Garden Idea

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A curved rock garden with ornamental plants edges the path leading to the front door. Anyone who walks on the walkway will feel greeted and welcome by the natural landscape.

26. Corner Small Garden Idea

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Any corner of the lawn can be utilized with a small rock garden. Tilt an old pitcher or another farmhouse container towards the ground to mimic pouring. Use gravel, stones or living flowers to create the illusion of a flowing creek.

27. Mulching In Two Colors

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Using yellow and red mulch to create garden bed for small flowers.

28. White Pebbles Around Sago Palm

white pebbles around sago palm

Create a focal point around your Sago palm with white pebbles and decorative rocks. Add some greenery to the mix for even more appeal.

29. Country Garden Welcome

Country Garden Welcome

This inviting garden scene captures the essence of country charm, with a weathered wooden barrel overflowing with white blooms, serving as the centerpiece.

Flanked by a whimsical birdhouse wreath and a playful metal bird silhouette, the setting is anchored by simple stepping stones that lead the way.

Vibrant hydrangeas and roses frame the space, creating a picturesque spot that beckons visitors to explore the garden’s natural splendor further.

30. Patchwork Quilt Garden

Patchwork Quilt Garden

This garden pathway offers a delightful patchwork design, reminiscent of a cozy quilt.

It features an array of red brick and stone pavers interspersed with pockets of lush planting and smooth river stones, creating a charming and functional walkway.

The central planter with vibrant blooms adds a burst of color, making this path not just a route, but a destination in its own right.

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