Garden Hacks: 12 Ways to Use Baby Powder Effectively

If you are a gardener and are looking for eco-friendly ways to repel some of the most aggressive garden invaders, you have come to the right place.

Ways To Use Baby Powder In Garden. Discover creative ways to use baby powder in your garden with these helpful tips and tricks. From deterring pests to improving plant growth, baby powder can be a useful tool for any gardener.

Here we will reveal 12 Ways to Use Baby Powder Effectively in your garden.

1. Deter Rabbits from Your Garden

Rabbit In The Garden

Rabbits do not like the taste of baby powder. People sprinkle baby powder around plants and flowers to repel the rabbits.

It is a good choice if you do not want to harm the creatures but keep in mind that you should sprinkle powder often because it is light and easy to be blown away by wind or washed away by rain.

2. Ward off Aphids from Your Garden

Aphids In Garden

Aphids also don’t like baby powder. Aphids are related to ant invasion.

If you succeed in keeping the ants away, you will also have prevented your plants from planting lice.

3. Eliminate Ants from Your Garden

Baby Powder Get Rid of Ants

The baby powder comes to help you, gardeners, and also with the ants’ invasions.

All you need to do is to find the shelter of the ant family and sprinkle baby powder around it as a firewall. If you can’t locate it, you can protect the crops by surrounding them with sprinkled baby powder.

4. Repel Nocturnal Garden Invaders

Squirrel Eating Nuts

There are pests also in the night that attack your garden and eat crops. Baby powder is a successful weapon against them, too.

The texture and the smell of the baby powder repel all nocturnal invaders.

5. Keep Japanese Beetles Away

Japanese Beetle Insect

Gardeners have tried many ways to prevent the crops from Japanese beetles. They found that baby powder and these beetles don’t go well together. If you are a gardener and want to prevent your garden from Japanese beetle attack, sprinkle the powder on the leaves of the plants.

This is a safe method because it doesn’t kill the insects, only repels them off the plants. Remember to reapply the baby powder after rain to keep the environment safe.

6. Care for Young Flower Bulbs

Care for Flower Bulbs

The baby powder can also protect bulbs from rotting in the soil. You can roll them into a bowl of baby powder or put them in a zip bag where you have added two or three spoons.

Shake the bag and take the bulbs out. Now, they are ready to be planted in the soil.

7. Protect Your Hands in the Garden

Protect Hands With Baby Powder In The Garden

The baby powder is very good at protecting the bare hands. This could be a useful life hack if you don’t usually wear gloves or don’t have a pair at the moment.

Sprinkle powder on your palm and spread it all over your palms. IT will keep your hands clean from dirt and improve the friction factor when you grab the tools.

8. Prevent Root Rot in Your Plants

Baby Powder To Keep Plants From Rotting

The baby powder is a good moisture absorbent.

If you sprinkle it in the garden bed before planting the crop, it will absorb the excess water and will keep the plant roots prevented from rotting.

9. Freshen up Your Garden Boots with Baby Powder

Protect Shoes In Garden With Baby Powder

Baby powder is the cheapest deodorant for shoes. Sprinkle powder on the inside of the shoes, which will absorb the moisture and will prevent mold.

10. Keep Your Lawn Free of Bugs

Baby Powder Garden Lawn

If you see dry patches in your lawn, there are lawn grubs that are invasive and difficult to fight. They love to eat the roots of plants and in time, the plants die.

To get rid of them and see your lawn continuously green and maintained, sprinkle baby powder around the areas you have seen them.

11. Deer-Proof Your Garden Plants

Deer Proof Your Garden

You can use baby powder if you are looking for a temporary solution against deer.

Sprinkle some of it next to your garden fence and deer will start avoiding your property.

12. Take Off Gloves Effortlessly

Take Off Gloves With Baby Powder Easily

Maybe you are already of this baby powder application. You can find gloves with a powder layer on the inside.

If you don’t have such a pair of gloves, you can upgrade the existing one by sprinkling baby powder on your hands and spreading it everywhere on the palms. Then, put the gloves on and do the planned work.

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