30 Best Gardening Hacks To Make Your Garden Thrive All Year Long

Gardening can be a rewarding experience, or it can be a seasonal source of frustration. The results may not reflect the time and energy we put into our gardens.

If you’re worried that all of your energy will be wasted on a sad-looking garden, fear not.

Best Gardening Hacks. Make your garden thrive with these amazing gardening hacks that will help you make the most of your soil, plants and flowers. #decorhomeideas

We’ve come up with thirty of the best gardening hacks to help your garden thrive. There are gardening tips from seasoned pros for everything from germinating seeds to taking care of your tools.

Many of these hacks are natural alternatives to the chemical solutions found in garden supply centers. There are natural ways to repel pests and get rid of weeds.

You’ll also find inspiring ways to help grow your garden faster and produce more blooms. Most of the projects and hacks are inexpensive, with many using everyday items found in your pantry or supply closet.

Have fun picking out the projects and trying the hacks in your own garden.

1. Ladder Garden Makes Room for More Plants

A Ladder Plant Stand to Create More Space #decorhomeideas

A simple wooden ladder showcases a large indoor plant collection in a small area.

Add sections of pallet wood across the middle for more support. Use trays filled with small rocks to catch draining water.

2. Orange Peels Are a Natural Bug Repellent

Anti-Pest Hack with Orange Peels #decorhomeideas

Orange peel contains D-Limonene which is used as a degreaser and bug repellent.

Add them to the base of your plants to keep away ants, slugs, and other curious wildlife.

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3. Reuse Broken Clay Pots as Plant Markers

Broken Pot Plant Marker #decorhomeideas

Use a marker to add the names of plants onto the rims of broken pottery. Anchor them in the dirt for a natural look.

4. Test Your Soil With pH Balance Hack

Check Soil Ph At Home Gardening Hacks

Place equal amounts of garden soil into two separate containers. Observe the soil after adding four ounces of vinegar. If it fizzes, your soil is alkaline.

If there’s no fizzing, check the other container by combining 4 ounces of baking soda with distilled water and adding it to the soil. If there’s fizzing in this container, your soil is acidic.

If neither container has any fizzing, your soil is balanced.

5. Protect Seedlings From Fungi With Cinnamon

Cinnamon Powder on Seedlings to Prevent Diseases #decorhomeideas

Cinnamon is an excellent antifungal treatment for seedlings.

Roll the ends of stems in powder you’ve spread on a paper towel. Spray a mist of cinnamon-infused water onto leaves to prevent fungus.

via The Rusted Garden Journal

6. Project to Sharpen and Store Garden Tools

DIY Self-Sharpening Garden Tool Holder #decorhomeideas

Seal the inside of a medium-sized terracotta pot and fill it with sand.

Mix in 20 ounces of mineral or baby oil. Insert your garden hand tools. The oil prevents rusting, and the sand keeps them sharp.

via One Good Thing

7. Use Paper Towels as Self-Watering Tool

DIY Self-Watering Hack #decorhomeideas

Use the wet paper towel garden hack when you’re unable to water your plants for a couple of weeks. Tightly roll up a length of paper towels and lay them across the dirt.

Leave the other end in a container of water. The potting soil will use the water from the towels, which in turn wicks water from the container.

via Life Hacker

8. Ease Transplant Shock With Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt When Transplanting #decorhomeideas

Prevent root shock by adding 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt into the hole before transplanting your flowers and shrubs.

9. Quickly Harvest Herbs With This Kitchen Utensil

Fork For Harvesting Herbs #decorhomeideas

Quickly strip the leaves off of plants just using a fork. This works well with plants with heavy stems such as rosemary or basil.

via 5 Minute Crafts

10. Pallet Wood Projects for Storing Garden Tools

Hang Pallet on a Wall to Store Garden Tools #decorhomeideas

This nifty pallet project includes a cubby shelf. The rest of the materials can be found at your local hardware store.

It uses recycled rake and hoe heads as hooks.

via HGTV

11. Stop New Weed Growth With Vinegar Solution

Kill Weeds Using Vinegar #decorhomeideas

This hack works best with new weeds. Add one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and a cup of table salt to a gallon of 5% white vinegar. Spray directly on the weed and avoid your plants.

12. Easily Measure Seeds Spacing With Muffin Tin

Muffin Tin for Spacing Out Seeds #decorhomeideas

Press a standard muffin tin into the soil to measure the space needed between seeds.

This works best with plants that need about three inches of space between them.

13. Turn Plastic Milk Jug Into Watering Can

No Watering Can? No Problem! #decorhomeideas

Turn any plastic jug into a watering can by punching holes into the screw-on cap with a hot needle or a soldering iron with a fine tip.

Using a milk jug will give your plants extra calcium from the residue.

via A Journey To a Dream

14. Prune, Pinch and Deadhead for Faster Growth

Pinching, Deadheading, and Pruning #decorhomeideas

Pinch off growth an inch above a pair of leaves to keep the plant’s growth straight. Deadhead old blooms so more energy is channeled to newer growth.

Pruning is like deadheading, but it covers any dead or dying growth on the plant, like stems.

15. Recycle Newspapers Into Seed Starter Pots

Seed Starting Pots from Old Newspapers #decorhomeideas

Newspapers can act as a container for starting seeds.

Mold the paper over a cylindrical object and fold up the bottom. Water lightly as it collapses quickly if it’s soaked.

via Shifting Roots

16. Use Wine Bottles for Self-Watering System

Self-Watering Wine Bottle Planter #decorhomeideas

Recycle your empty wine bottle by turning it into a watering container for a larger potted plant.

Punch a single hole into the cork, fill with water, and bury the neck two inches deep into a container.

17. Use Sunday Paper to Stop Weeds

Smother the Weeds #decorhomeideas

Pulling weeds encourages more weed growth. Get rid of weeds the right way by smothering them with newspaper.

Heavily water the area in question and drop a thick layer of newspaper on top. Spray down the paper and cover it over with mulch.

via Kevin Lee Jacobs

18. Vaseline Is a Gardener’s Best Friend

Try Vaseline #decorhomeideas

Vaseline has several uses in the garden. It will keep your garden tools free of rust. It’s also great for keeping pests from crawling up stems.

19. Line Flower Pots With Coffee Filters

Use Coffee Filters in Flower Pots #decorhomeideas

Coffee filters can work two ways in a planter. They can prevent dirt from flowing out of the drainage hole. If you’re using a plastic pot, it will help hold in moisture.

20. Repel Snails With Coffee Grounds

Use Coffee Grounds to Keep Pests Away #decorhomeideas

Use coffee grounds to keep snails away.

The grounds also work in your soil as fertilizer.

21. Fertilize Plants With Leftover Cooking Water

Use Cooking Water to Fertilize Plants #decorhomeideas

Add the nutrients that leached out of boiled vegetables into your garden. Let the water cool and water as usual.

22. Hold More Moisture in Your Soil Using Diapers

Use Diapers to Improve the Moisture-Retaining Ability #decorhomeideas

Pull apart a diaper and add all of its contents into a bowl filled with four cups of water. As it soaks, it will turn into a gel. Blend this into your soil and you’ll be watering less frequently.

via Sandpaper and Silly Putty

23. Eggshell Powder Repels Pests, Adds Nutrients

Use Eggshell to Prevent Pests #decorhomeideas

Control beetles, snails, and slugs in your compost and garden with eggshells. Rinse off any egg residue inside the shells. After they’re dry, grind them into a powder.

Drop at the base and on the leaves of your plants.

24. Repelling Mosquitoes With a Perfect Planter Blend

Use Herbs to Deter Mosquitoes! #decorhomeideas

Build up these beautiful container gardens filled with plants mosquitoes despise.

Add several around your patio for bite-free entertaining.

via Sailsbury Greenhouse

25. Use Raw Honey as Natural Root Starter

Use Honey to Propagate Cuttings #decorhomeideas

Dip cuttings into raw honey as a natural alternative to chemical root propagation. It has protective antifungal and antibacterial benefits.

Use it right from the jar without heat and drop the cutting into the soil.

26. Hydrogen Peroxide Boost Plant’s Oxygen Intake

Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Help Plants #decorhomeideas

Misting your plants with a solution of hydrogen peroxide helps them receive a boost of oxygen and naturally controls pests. Use one teaspoon of a 3% solution per cup of water.

27. Make Seed Starter Cups From Citrus Peel

Use the Citrus Peel to Start Seeds #decorhomeideas

You can use citrus peel as you would any other seed starter. Create a hole in the bottom for drainage. Sow two seeds into a starter soil mix and put under a grow light.

Thin to one cutting and drop the entire planting into your garden.

via My Roman Apartment

28. Germinate Seeds Using Vodka as Seed Starter

Use Vodka For Germinating Seeds #decorhomeideas

Small amounts of alcohol have been shown in a clinical study to promote a cell’s metabolism. To speed up the germination process, drop half a teaspoon of vodka into a gallon of water.

Soak your seeds in the well-mixed solution for no longer than 30 minutes. Rinse well and sow as usual.

via Beverage Dynamics

29. Cans Replace Rocks on Bottom of Planter

Saving Soil With Old Cans

Add crushed cans to the bottom of your deep planters instead of rocks.

Doing this not only helps with aeration and drainage, it doesn’t add as much weight, making the planters easier to move around.

30. Paper Egg Cartons Are Perfect Seed Starter

Egg Carton Seeding

Use paper egg cartons for germinating seeds. When they’re ready for transplanting, drop them right into the ground. The paper will disintegrate and enrich the soil.

31. Dollar Tree Trash Baskets For Keeping Out The Critters

Dollar Tree Baskets To Keep Out Critters

via Sophia Martin

Dollar Tree to the rescue! Dollar Tree trash baskets make great cloches for keeping out the critters.

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