37 Beautiful Aglaonema Varieties ( With Names and Pictures )

If you go to a plant shop and you ask which is the easiest to grow a plant, they will say “Chinese evergreen”.

The Chinese evergreen is a big family of Aglaonema varieties that are great for indoor exposure in any spot of your home and some of them feel great also outside in fresh air.

Best Aglaonema Varieties. Make your home more lively and beautiful by growing one of the most colorful houseplants! Chinese evergreen is an easy-to-grow plant that survives well in every indoor condition. #decorhomeideas

The Chinese Evergreens offer unique exotic foliage in a wide variety of colors and combinations. They are also natural air purifiers.

The aesthetics they bring, the low care level and the variety of plants have made the Aglaonema family famous and preferred for the houseplant collection.

If you want to grow one of them or add to your existing Chinese Evergreen collection, pick one from our collection of 37 Beautiful Aglaonema Varieties.

1. Silver Plant Aglaonema

Silver Plant Aglaonema

Another popular name for this Aglaonema plant is the “Silver Queen” and it comes from its luxury-looking leaves combining silver and green.

They are pretty longer than many other varieties. It reaches up to 2 feet in height as a matured plant. This plant definitely adds a touch of regal to the interior.

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2. Aglaonema Maria Christina

Aglaonema Maria Christina

This Aglaonema kind resembles the “Silver Queen” in appearance but it is slightly smaller.

You can differentiate it from the “Queen” by its denser foliage and its better resistance to cold weather.

3. Anyanmanee

Aglaonema Anyanmanee

This is a gorgeous indoor plant featuring unique deep green leaves with dusty pink spots. The leaves are wide, the foliage rich and creates a classy interior touch.

The best place for this plant is under shady light since direct sunlight can damage the foliage.

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4. Stripes Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen Aglaonema

This is a hybrid of Aglaonema ‘Manila’ and Aglaonema nitidum ‘Curtisii’ and it has taken the most beautiful aspects of these two- silver-white stripes symmetrically positioned on either side of the veins from the Curtisii and the rounded leaves from the Manila.

It imposes a lovely decorative appeal which has made it so popular for offices and residences.

5. Burmese Evergreen

Burmese Evergreen

The Burmese Evergreen is also known by the name Aglaonema Nitridum and is one of the most common house plants. Its long leaves have creamy-white splashes in the lower half and creamy ones on the upper part. They are edged with green splotches.

This kind is one of the most unpretentious ones behaving well even in low light.

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6. Red Peacock

Red Peacock

The name comes from its distinctive pink-to-red veins and streaks. The bright color stands out against the green foliage which is of medium length and width.

The peacock comparison is bull’s eye because the tightly clustered leaves and the color pattern resembles the peacock wings.

7. Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay Plant

This is one of the biggest Chinese Agloanema kind. It offers long and medium in width leaves. Their natural embellishment is dark green with a silver brush in the center.

The foliage is lush giving it a bushy look. The overall look of the Emerald Bay is very exotic which makes it a great centerpiece in the houseplant collection.

8. Cutlass

Cutlass Aglaonema

This Chinese Evergreen features long and narrow leaves that peek out the stem and create a wild lively fountain from leaves colored green and silver.

Its name derives from the shape of the leaves.

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9. Harlequin

Harlequin Aglaonema

This variety changes the color pattern of the leaves depending on the light intensity. In low light, it features darker green color with pink veins and yellow flecks.

When the light is higher, the pink turns pastel and the leaves look almost entirely yellow with a light pink shade.

This makes the Harlequin one of the most exotic Chinese Evergreen plants.

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10. Silver King Houseplant

Aglaonema Silver King Houseplant

The name Silver King comes from the color pattern of the long and narrow leaves which peak out in all directions and give it a regal overall look.

The silver coloration is spread over a light green leaf. The plant feels good even at a minimum light amount so you can put it on your desk or everywhere in your home.

11. Pure Maria

Pure Maria Aglaonema

Pure Maria is also known as Emerald Beauty because of its rich dark green leaves reminding the emerald color.

The plant has a unique lush appearance which creates an exotic interior impact and that added to the easy care for, makes it a common houseplant. 

12. Georgi’s Ruby

Georgis Ruby Chinese Evergreen

This Chinese Evergreen is also known by the name Aglaonema Red Valentine and is famous for its purifying air properties. It can eliminate toxins and increase the humidity in the room.

You can recognize it by its bright pink strips along the green leaves. The foliage is lush featuring large but narrow oval leaves. Taking care of it is easy- keep it at a shady light and water when the soil feels dry.

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13. BJ Freedman

BJ Freeman Plant

This plant has a very natural look featuring silver-green leaves positioned densely on the stem.

The demands of the plants are very few and typical for the Chinese Evergreens so you can put it anywhere in your home or in your office and enjoy the overflowing foliage of the Aglaonema B.J. Freedman.

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14. Black Lance

Black Lance Aglaonema

The Black Lance is a variety of Aglaonema with long and narrow leaves. The base color is deep green interrupted by a wide strip of silver streak in the center.

The plant has nothing to do with black but its foliage does resemble a lance featuring a sharp spear shape. This variety is pretty tall which makes it perfect for a corner houseplant.

15. Brilliant

Aglaonema Brilliant

This plant is extremely attractive with its dark green leaves stained by creamy white splashes. The foliage creates an aesthetic appeal featuring long and wide leaves.

This plant is also an excellent air purifier which makes it a perfect choice for homes and offices.

16. Red Gold

Red Gold Evergreen

This plant is suitable for indoor and outdoor growth. You can recognize it by the red rim of the glossy green leaves. The red color exists also in its stem and leaf veins.

To take good care of this plant, keep it away from bright light.

17. Deborah

Deborah Aglaonema

This easy-to-grow Aglaonema variety is unique with its capability to produce berries when the plant matures.

Its foliage is exceptional as all other Aglaonema kinds but if you decide to get one Deborah, look for foliage with medium-sized and thicker leaves. The color pattern is dark green on the rim and silver splash in the center.

18. Emerald Star

Aglaonema Emerald Star

This fast-growing Chinese Evergreen is impressive with its long and striking upwards leaves creating dense foliage.

Their color pattern is unique and you can easily recognize the Emerald Star by the dark green leaves mottled with white speckles. This plant is unpretentious and can live in a place where no other plant can survive.

19. Siam Aurora

Siam Aurora Houseplant

This is a beautiful Aglaonema variety which is not a that popular houseplant. It features red and pink hues on a green spike-shaped leaf.

This plant is considered to bring luck to its owners. It tolerates shady light conditions and prefers well-drained soil.

20. Commutatum

Commutatum Houseplant

This Aglaonema evergreen can reach up to 2 feet in height. Its foliage consists of long and medium in width leaves colored in dark green with gentle creamy strokes on either side of the vein.

21. Pictum Tricolor

Pictum Tricolor Houseplant

When you see this plant you would want to have one in your home! It is so fascinating and unique with its camouflage leaves!

This variety is very rare and taking care of it is ensuring proper conditions to retain its military coloration.

22. Wishes

Wishes Houseplant

Aglaonema Wishes features fantastic pink foliage. What makes it different from the Valentine kind is the lighter pink color which almost blurs the green leaf base.

The Wishes Aglaonema is one of the most beautiful plants in our Chinese Evergreen collection and like almost all kinds here doesn’t have any special demands.

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23. Chocolate

Chocolate Aglaonema

The Agloanema family surprises us with a new color of foliage, a dark one. The name comes from the glossy dark green color reminding dark chocolate.

It stands out thanks to the pink veins which create an amazing contrast.
Like almost all other kinds, the Aglaonema prefers bright but indirect sunlight.

24. Rotundum

Rotundum Aglaonema

This is another dark green foliage representative of the Chinese Evergreen family. Its dark green glossy leaves are traced by pink to red veins.

Unlike the Chocolate kind, this one has broader leaves and thinner veins which also offer a stunning appearance of the houseplant.

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25. Pink Moon

Pink Moon Aglaonema

The name comes from the curious speckles of pink on the glossy dark green leaves. These small spots are chaotically spread which creates a whimsy natural texture of the foliage.

The stunning look of this Aglaonema is additionally highlighted by the central rib in white color.

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26. Lady Valentine

Lady Valentine Houseplant

If you like the exotic look of the Red Peacock, you would definitely fall in love with this Chinese Evergreen variety. The Lady Valentine features mostly pink leaves with small green edging areas.

The pink color is bright and vivid and makes it so attractive to houseplant lovers.

27. White Rain

White Rain Aglaonema

The most attractive part of this Chinese evergreen is the stem which is creamy white. It creates a proper introduction to the foliage combining light green leaves mottled with white splashes emerging from a white rib.

This variety matures in height and is perfect to create a vertical interest on a tiered planter.

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28. Favonian

Favonian Aglaonema

This is another great plant in the pink subfamily of the Aglaonemas. It produces wide dark green leaves spattered with vivid pink.

The concentration of pink is so intense on the wide leaves of the plant that the green color is visible only on the edges of the foliage.

29. Pink Dalmatian

Pink Dalmatian Houseplant

This is a variety you can see as part of the plant collection outdoors and indoors. It grows more in height than in width but the size and texture of the leaves make it an attractive kind.

As the name suggests, the dark green leaves are mottled with pink spots and splashes like a dalmatian.

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30. Green Papaya

Green Papaya

The Green Papaya is a very exotic Chinese Evergreen variety. The leaves are showy, lime green and spattered with yellow and creamy spots. The vibrant foliage pattern is contrasted by a pink stem extending with a delicate pinkish leaf rib.

If you have fallen in love with this extravagant variety, be careful in case you have pets because the Green Papaya is toxic for them.

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31. Aglaonema Sterling

Aglaonema Sterling

Aglaonema Sterling features bushy foliage and can become up to 4 feet high if the pot is suitable for its maturity.

Its leaves look like covered with a silver coat and that makes this Aglaonema variety so distinctive.

To keep the plant in its best condition and look, provide bright but diffused natural light.

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32. Aglaonema Snow White

Aglaonema Snow White

This is the fairest Chinese Evergreen of them all! It is famous for its beautifully colored leaves formed in clusters. This variety attracts with its white to creamy leaves with green edges and stems.

When the plant matures it produces delicate flowers which turn into toxic fruits after they fade away. Mind that they are toxic to pets and humans.

To keep the foliage white, you need to provide a generous amount of bright but indirect light.

33. Etta Rose

Etta Rose Aglaonema

The Etta Rose is another exotic variety featuring green edges of the leaves ad freckles in hues of red and pink. To keep the pink color vigorous, keep the plant in low light.

Its stems are short and also pink colored which makes a lovely contrast with the greed edging of the foliage.

34. Golden Fluorite

Golden Fluorite Houseplant

The name of the variety comes from the splashes of golden green, pink and yellow spread over the light green leaves.

The leaves are long and broad and densely positioned on the main stem.

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35. Leprechaun

Leprechaun Aglaonema

This is one of the compact but bushy Chinese Evergreen plants. It has green leafage with broad white color splash in the center which fades away as it goes down the base.

36. Gemini

Gemini Houseplant

Aglaonema Gemini is bigger than the Leprechaun variety. Its size has made it a common houseplant that beautifies the interior with its pale silver leaves.

Unlike other Aglaonema varieties, this one is more delicate so you should keep it away from pets and kids.

37. Red Emerald

Red Emerald Chinese Evergreen

This amazing variety takes its name from the rich emerald green color of the glossy green leaves. The vivid green stands out more thanks to the reddish vein in the middle of the leaf.

The natural coloration doesn’t stop there. The emerald green is interrupted by creamy splashes making the plant exotic and irresistible.

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