18 Relaxing Blue Bedroom Color Schemes for Your Personal Oasis

The blue color is one of the popular ones for bedrooms. Whether dark or light hue, the blue shades have a calming character that matches the atmosphere concept of the bedroom.

If you are looking for inspiring blue color bedroom ideas, you are at the right place to see our 18 Relaxing Blue Bedroom Color Schemes for Your Personal Oasis.

Transform your bedroom into a tranquil retreat with these 18 captivating blue color schemes. Dive into a world of serene elegance and create your personal oasis of relaxation and comfort.

1. Navy Blue Walls And Ceiling


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Color Palette Card 1

Painting an entire room in navy color fosters an intimate and comforting atmosphere. When using dark colors in small spaces it is most suitable to combine with lighter colors of furniture and light fixtures which will make the room feel lighter.

Navy blue color pairs well with white, brown and other blue shades shown above in the color palette.

2. Independence Blue, White And Orange


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Independence blue is paired with patterned wallpaper in orange and white. This combination makes the space unique and welcoming.

The decor elements in the room repeat this color palette and feature neutral colors that balance the bold hues.

3. Indigo Blue Walls


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Color Palette Card 1

The striking indigo blue shade is complemented by the neutral white to balance the energy generated by the bold blue color.

These two colors work well together and can also accommodate decor elements in grey hues. For more details about the hues that collaborate with the indigo blue, check the color palette pattern above.

4. Pigeon Blue With Orange Accents


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Color Palette Card 1

The shade of pigeon blie brings warmth to this classic bedroom decor. The relatively dark color is lightened up with a mix of textures and colors.

The white bedding complements the white ceiling and door frame. The light brown furniture enhances the warmth of the atmosphere and sets the tone for lighter decor accents featured on the bed.

5. Indigo Blue With Wooden Furniture


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Color Palette Card 1

Some blue hues can feel too energetic when combined with white or yellow colors. To balance their effect, add wooden furniture in lighter colors and gold or copper accents.

Their warmth will reduce the striking blue color and will create harmony in the room.

6. Cobalt Blue With Yellow And Purple Accents


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Color Palette Card 1

This bedroom decor is inspired by nature. Cobalt blue color sets a vibrant backdrop for lilac, green, yellow and white accents represented by a flower arrangement and fabrics.

Other colors that match the cobalt blue are featured in the color palette above.

7. Yale Blue With Grey And Black Accents


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Color Palette Card 1

The Yale blue color is very sophisticated. It pairs well with bolder blue hues such as indigo and tale blue and neutrals such as grey and white.

You can pair the Yale blue color with brighter colors to set a more lively atmosphere or with light and neutral tones to make the ambiance more relaxing.

8. Navy Blie With Gold And White Accents


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Color Palette Card 1

Navy blue is a great color to create an accent wall in the bedroom. It brings a soothing feeling to the atmosphere and gives the space a character.

It collaborates best with paler shades of blue and grey and also with gold metallic accents.

9. Midnight Blue With Copper And Grey Accents


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Color Palette Card 1

Midnight blue is another great color for accent walls. It is paler than the navy blue and lighter than the indigo shade.

It pairs well with earth-toned hues expressed through the furniture or the decor accents. The metallic finishes in copper and gold pair with the sophistication of the midnight blue and give it warmth.

10. Blue Hues In A Boy’s Bedroom


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Color Palette Card 1

The indigo blue color pairs well with a lighter version of the standard blue color. This combination is suitable for a boy’s bedroom. In case the walls are painted in these two colors, the furniture should be from blonde wood.

In case the furniture is decided in these two colors, then the walls, the floor and the ceiling must be in neutral pale colors that will balance the energy of the blue shades.

11. Pigeon Blue Wallpaper


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Color Palette Card 1

A great way to create an accent wall in your bedroom is to apply wallpaper on the wall behind the bed. There is a wide variety of wallpapers in blue shades that will give the bedroom a character.

In this bedroom idea, the wallpaper background is neutral pigeon blue which matches bolder blue shades and other neutral colors.

12. Stone Blue Walls


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Color Palette Card 1

In this bedroom idea, the texture and the color of the walls create a statement. The blue hue is called stone blue and features a mixture of blue, purple and grey.

You can pair it with all these three colors and also with the shades from the earth palette.

13. Peacock Blue With Earth Toned Accents


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blue bedroom color pallet card scheme 13

This cozy bedroom decor features peacock blue walls and rustic wooden elements that warm up the atmosphere.

The blue color is so versatile that you can blend it with every style of the decor.

14. Navy Blue Molding With Pink Accents


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blue bedroom color pallet card scheme 14

Blue is usually referred to as a boy’s color but in this bedroom idea, it is obvious that it is universal.

It is the best choice to create a backdrop for a feminine shade to stand out. That can be the trendy peach color, pink or magenta.

15. Aegean Blue With White and Grey Accents


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Color Palette Card 1

Aegean blue is one of the relaxing shades of blue.

To keep the dark blue walls from looking too gloomy, lighten the atmosphere with white furniture and grey-colored bedding and curtains.

16. Wallpaper In Blue And White Pattern


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Color Palette Card 1

This is an interesting design idea featuring blue shades in collaboration with neutral colors. The blue and white wallpaper grabs the attention with its pattern.

To soften the sharpness of the blue and white color scheme, pale gray tones are incorporated in the bed headboards and the window pelmet.

17. Classic Blue With White And Grey Accents


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Color Palette Card 1

Create a bedroom that feels relaxing with a classic blue accent wall. The rest of the walls are light grey to lighten up the space.

The bedding features white and blue shades in a natural pattern. The curtain in dark blue and white repeats the color pattern of the room and gives character to the space.

A grey armchair matches the color palette of the room and acts as an accent.

18. Wave Pattern Walls


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Color Palette Card 1

Be bold in your bedroom decor and create an accent wall in a wave pattern featuring white and blue shades.

Include pillowcases in blue, white and orange to match with the statement wall to create a cohesive overall look.

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