25 Dreamy Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Transform Your Space with Style

Using the right wall decor in your bedroom will make you wake up every morning to a beautiful interior that inspires you.

Bedroom wall decor ideas allow you to add personality, color, and character to your relaxation haven, and they work with all decor trends, whether maximalism or minimalism.

No matter the style of preferences you prefer (wallpaper, wall decals, artwork, or antiques), you can customize your bedroom walls and fill them with things you cherish most.

Transform your bedroom with style and elegance using our curated collection of 25 dreamy bedroom wall decor ideas. From captivating artwork to creative design concepts, discover the perfect inspirations to enhance your space and create a haven of dreams.

We’ve compiled 25 dreamy bedroom wall decor ideas to bring life to that negative space or blank wall in your bedroom, making your house feel more like a home.

Take a look!

1. Bring Elegance with a 3D Sculpture

bedroom wall decor ideas 1


Incorporating a 3D element above your bed is an excellent way of adding some architectural interest to your bedroom.

The sculptural element in this design resembles a beautiful flower and makes a strong visual statement in this calming bedroom.

2. Keep it Simple with Stripes

bedroom wall decor ideas 2


If you prefer bedroom wall decor that leans more to the minimalist side, opt for simple stripe decals to give your bedroom a graphic touch.

The yellowish-orange stripe decals in this design have been styled cohesively and complement the wall sconces, which contrast nicely with the dominant pink-and-white palette.

3. Spruce it Up with Some Greenery

bedroom wall decor ideas 3


If you are a plant enthusiast, don’t be afraid to showcase your love for nature in the bedroom as well.

Golden sconces pop elegantly against the patina green accent wall, while a bead garland between them adds a subtle artful touch. Plants scattered throughout the room in planters, on side tables, and the headboard make the room lively and cozy.

4. Brighten Up with Mirrors

bedroom wall decor ideas 4


Mirrors aren’t for decorative purposes only; they can also make your room feel bigger and brighter.

This hexagonal headboard has strategically placed mirrors that give this neutral bedroom a statement look, while elegant wall chandeliers on each side provide symmetry.

5. Go for a Rustic Look

bedroom wall decor ideas 5


Woven baskets will add instant texture and visual interest to your bedroom walls.

This boho-chic bedroom uses woven decor to create dimension and add color to the black accent wall. Art prints near the window add interest and play to this traditional bedroom design.

6. Add Some Storage

bedroom wall decor ideas 6


Shelving ideas on your bedroom walls aren’t for practical purposes only; they can also create a beautiful decor feature. They are an ideal solution for balancing storage with display.

A rustic wall mirror hangs on the powder ash gray accent wall, whose frame complements the vertical stand-alone bookshelf beside the bed. An abstract gallery wall breathes some life into the room, creating a cozy reading nook.

7. Hang a Gallery Wall

bedroom wall decor ideas 7


A gallery wall is an excellent way to personalize your bedroom walls.

The gallery wall in this design uses an asymmetrical pattern and frames of different sizes and shapes to create a spectacular display. The background blends well with the frames to create a cohesive look, and part of it comprises wood wall panels that add a rustic yet modern feel.

8. Try a Simple Look with Your Art

bedroom wall decor ideas 8


Your gallery wall doesn’t have to be gigantic to showcase your personality and make an impact on your bedroom walls.

As seen in this design, you can use two or three prints to achieve the same effect. Include art with text as the primary element to make your collection more visually appealing and add some graphic vibes to your bedroom walls.

9. Be Bold with Wallpaper


@B Fein Interiors LLC

Wallpaper is one of the most straightforward ways to decorate the negative space behind your bed and bring your design to life.

This floral wallpaper uses bold colors to give this muted bedroom a high impact and add visual interest. A gallery wall accenting the setup adds symmetry and a cool, artistic touch.

10. Traverse the Universe

bedroom wall decor ideas 10


Bedroom wall decor doesn’t get much simpler than hanging a piece of art above your bed! 

This striking, personalized celestial art acts as the headboard in this design, adding a dash of color to the white wall. Oversized black-and-white framed photos sit on each side of the bed, commanding attention and setting the tone in this minimalistic bedroom.

11. Work with a Pair 

bedroom wall decor ideas 11


An easy way of adding a shot of symmetry to your bedroom design is hanging two pieces of art side by side above the bed’s headboard. 

The forest-themed art in this bedroom design brings the outdoors inside, lending the space a relaxing and soothing feel.

12. Use Abstract Decor

bedroom wall decor ideas 12


Abstract art is a great way to add drama to your space without overwhelming it.

These minimal yet highly impactful art pieces add warmth to the bedroom walls, creating a distinct decorative moment perfect for a sleep space.

13. Print it Out

bedroom wall decor ideas 13

@Dream Finders Homes

Sometimes, finding the right decor for your space is a seamless process; you only need to tap into your interests and convey them through unique pieces.

The golf-themed banner in this design matches the room’s color palette for a cohesive look, with its simplistic printed art lending a refined look to the bedroom wall.

14. Make a Statement with Black Frames

bedroom wall decor ideas 14


If you have a large blank space behind your bed, try creating a collage with black-and-white prints.

The gallery wall in this bedroom design uses black frames for all its pictures, creating a cohesive look and making them stand out against the white background. 

Black frames will also make it easy for you to swap in new artwork, souvenirs, or photos whenever you feel the need for a change.

15. Make Use of Symmetry

bedroom wall decor ideas 15

@Lisa Burdus Interior Design

Incorporating symmetry into your bedroom wall decor helps you achieve a clean, minimalist space.

A black metal sunburst wall decor piece acts as the focal point in this design, accented by floral artwork on each side. Symmetry is also employed in other decor pieces, such as table lamps and throw pillows.

16. Be Creative

bedroom wall decor ideas 16

@LDa Architecture & Interiors

You can never go wrong with creative wall decor ideas; they’re simply stunning!

This bedroom wall decor creates a whimsical flora theme using a beautiful illustration of a dandelion pappus. Feathery bristles are depicted as blown away by the wind, adding realism to the design.

17. Stick to One Theme

bedroom wall decor ideas 17

@Mary Powell Photography

Deciding on wall decor pieces for your bedroom can be quite difficult, but it becomes much easier if you include art pieces that match your room’s color palette.

The background of the framed artwork above the bed matches the room’s muted gray theme, while their golden frames add a bit of color. Whimsical gold and gray star decals accent the artwork, continuing the theme in this neutral sleeping space.

18. Make an Impact with Small Pieces

bedroom wall decor ideas 18

@Scandinavian Bedroom

Shelves are a beautiful blend of form and function. You can use them to display small trinkets, books, and other odds and ends.

The small objects attached to this wall form a little art installation, while the wooden shelf resembling a cross adds warmth and an extra layer of interest to the bedroom.

19. Add Glimmer to Your Room

Jimmy Jacobs in San Antonio

@Mary DeWalt Design Group

A black accent wall in this majestic bedroom serves as a remarkable background for an eclectic mix of mirrors with a sleek design.

Abundant natural light bounces off the mirrors, making the room feel bigger, while recessed lights replicate the same effect at night. Artwork on each side of the headboard gives the design a crisp look, while wall sconces below them highlight the art with a soft glow.

20. Use Just One Mirror

bedroom wall decor ideas 20

@Cassy Young Decorating Den Interiors Athens GA

You don’t need to fill your bedroom with mirrors to layer light into the space with elegance; one can still do the magic!

This mirror’s sleek and oval gold-toned frame brings a pop of color and an enchanting soft-focus feel to this almond-brown bedroom.

21. Paint Your Walls

bedroom wall decor ideas 21

@Megan Bailey Interiors

If you have the skills, don’t hesitate to decorate bedroom walls yourself!

The floral mural in this accent wall makes a splash in this neutral bedroom, while removable floral wall decals accenting the painting add a cheery element and bring the walls together visually.

22. Go All Out

bedroom wall decor ideas 22

@Seven Sundays

A nature-inspired floral and animal motif acts as the accent wall, adding exuberant bursts to this bedroom. 

A personalized gallery wall accents it, while an LED “dream” sign adds a contemporary feel to the accent wall.

23. Lean On to Your Minimalist Side

bedroom wall decor ideas 23

@Christopher Hoover – Environmental Design Services

The sculptural element above this bed brings a contemporary rustic feel to this bedroom, making it an instant focal point that makes a statement effortlessly.

24. Install Floating Shelves

bedroom wall decor ideas 24

@Benedict Design

Open shelving is one of the best ways to display your personal collection: books, toys, artwork, ceramics, etc.

To stand out from the rest, choose a modern design that adds an architectural element to your bedroom walls, as in this design. A framed artwork accenting the floating shelves keeps things interesting, while wall sconces provide the much-needed light.

25. Bring the Sea Breeze to Your Room

bedroom wall decor ideas 25

@Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Take inspiration from the seaside and decorate your bedroom walls with driftwood.

This DIY bedroom wall decor idea won’t cost you a bomb, and it’s a fabulous way to add texture and visual interest to your walls. The oversized mirror beside the bed adds an exquisite feel to the curated seascape wall.

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