21 Trendy Bedroom Ideas To Revitalize Your Space

Your place of peace also needs to inspire. So if you’re finding it to be dull, lacking personality, don’t think twice and put up the don’t disturb sign and get to work.  Livening it up with some cool bedroom ideas.  

Design styles vary from modern, contemporary, rustic, traditional, and electric to boho, but what makes it your bedroom is the personality you give it.

Those personal touches to it could be a change of color or just an accent wall, new lighting, placing a headboard or opting for some artistic elements.

It’s your place of freedom and style!

Elevate your bedroom with our selection of 21 cool ideas, blending style and comfort seamlessly. Explore trendy decor and innovative designs to create a space that reflects your unique personality and ensures a restful retreat.

There are many budget-friendly bedroom designs to choose from, but here is a selection of our favorite 24 designs to recreate yourself!  

1. Liven Up Your Bedroom with Some Art


via Barclay Butera Interiors

Are your walls an empty canvas?

A personal touch to your bedroom could be a beautiful artwork to liven up your walls.

Whether you have a painting, a photograph or even a favorite poster, they reflect your taste.

You can fill the space above your headboard with a piece or even make a beautiful gallery wall, showing off your collection!

You can even be brave and make your painting using the many online tutorials.

2. Make Your Headboard the Accent


via Rinehardt|Miller Interiors

Giving your plain-Jane bedroom some contrast can be done with a striking headboard. Such a headboard can become a centerpiece of your bedroom, without needing much more to liven it up.

 So you can get down to being creative and DIY your own headboard or give your old one a makeover.

3. Make Use of Metallic Elements


via Beasley & Henley Interior Design

The touches of shine are the new “cool”, so add some bling to your bedroom. Gold is a particular favorite, but if you prefer cooler tones, you can always stick to silver and chrome.

You can use glass, metallic surfaces or reflective embellishments to add that shine, but don’t go overboard with too much.  

4. Use Throw Pillows to Add Color


via Robeson Design

How about different colors and textures of throw pillows?

Adding color is always a perfect way to contrast your dull bedroom.

To avoid making drastic color changes with your walls or furniture, you can bring in the color with some throw pillows on your bed. This room is an example of mixing colors and textures for a vibrant feel.

If you’re searching for where to find them, check out bed and bath shops and Target and HomeGoods. Don’t fuss over finding perfectly matching ones; look for the right color, style and design. Remember you don’t need many of them; three are just enough to give you that color splash.

5. Give Your Lighting an Update


via Sealy Design Inc.

Your ceiling doesn’t have to bore you with its simplicity, bearing just an ordinary lightbulb fixture.

Replace the old light fixture with an eye-catching piece, even if that is the only thing you decide to change.

There are plenty of styles, but making your own pendant light is even better. There are many ideas to check out if you want to get inspired.

6. Have Your Garden Indoor


via Burnham Design

Live plants guarantee a natural appeal to the space while taking away the staleness at the same time.

Even if gardening is not your thing, there are options for you to grow easy plants like dracaena, pothos or Chinese evergreen.

A plant or two is good for your bedroom air because they purify it. Houseplants bring that feel of serenity while adding color and contrast simultaneously. 

7. Have an Accent Wall


via Homes of Distinction

How about a dark accent wall?

A sure accent wall could be the one above your bed, making it the central focus of the room along with your bed on which you can add color with throw pillows in the same shade you’re going for.

Emphasizing that it’s an accent wall it is preferred that you are brave and choose a bright or even dark color. Being even more creative, you can use stencils or remove wallpaper too.

8. Change Your Bedding


via Cyndi Parker Interiors

Try out geometric bedding with bight sheets.

Your bedding is something you sleep on every night, so it’s never too much to spend some extra money on better quality and design. Switching from your usual ones to something rustic, sleek, contemporary or in between can bring out the style you love in your bed and bedroom, too!

9. Change Your Rug


via Mitch Wise Design

Add a vintage style rug to your bedroom.

When decorating, we sometimes forget about our floors and consider them to be just utilitarian, but they are just as important for creating comfort.

You can find various rugs with patterns and colors to give your room that cozy finishing touch. To show you a perfect example, is the vintage-inspired rug here, which brings out the color in the room.

10. Give Your Walls a New Color


via Gacek Design Group

What about a dark turquoise bedroom?

If you thought dark colors were avoided in bed spaces, you’re wrong.

Apparently, they also help create a place of tranquility. To give it a seamless look, paint the walls, trim and door too. This is considered to be a modern and nostalgic look.

11. Use Wallpaper


via Richard Harp Homes

Wallpaper can sometimes be a better option than painting.

If you’re not into hanging art or you want to give your walls extra pattern or color, using wallpaper will do the job. A vintage style would be to hang it above a chair rail or wainscoting, or for a simpler look, you can use a one-color wallpaper.

12. Let In The Light With Sheer Curtains


via Prince Design

Having that dreamy, light air feel to your bedroom is easily possible with neutral shades and sheer curtains. You can add color to a neutral bedroom using a neutral sage, like this one, to accent your unwinding atmosphere.

13. Eye-catching Wall Décor


via Soelberg Industries

Use a wooden headboard.

Decorating your bedroom walls with art is not the only way to make a statement.

Instead, try a wood panel, like this one, that can be used as a headboard too. Simply using one piece is enough to achieve that subtle, yet impressive design.

14. Have Areas Within the Bedroom Decorated


via Lucy Interior Design

Create a sitting area to get that coastal feel.

A coastal bedroom is the perfect design to add a comfortable sitting area.

Your bed doesn’t have to be the only place for you to sit and relax.

Placing an accent chair, ottoman and side table in the area can give your bedroom a functional and beautiful finish to the design.

15. Install Accent Lighting


via Alan Mascord Design Associates

In tiny bedrooms like this one, mounting sconces on the wall is a perfect way to use lighting for depth, especially on nude walls.

The metal finishes add accent and warmth to the otherwise empty canvas wall.

16. Choose Your Style


via Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Go boho tropical!

If you’re choosing a style, make sure you can take it all the way to retreat.

From the textures and shades of greens to the rattan furniture pieces and the tropical plant, you can plan your island escape as your bedroom.

17. Give It a Vintage Feel


via Kristin Peake Interiors

Add color with a wallpaper.

Go back in time and have that charming appeal by bringing in the cottage-inspired wallpaper and painted trim.

Be nostalgic with a vintage-inspired styling piece like a nightstand and give your old soul something to dwell on.

18. Elements of Architecture


via SHM Architects

Bring the wood beams in.

Architectural elements like wood beams are mainly used in living spaces. Be unpredictable and add them to your bedroom to set a different mood, show off a high ceiling and give it a more modern, rustic touch. 

19. Faux Fur is Hygge!


via JWS Interiors

Throw in faux fur to your neutral bedroom

Faux fur is the hygge for the cool and cozy combination!

As the weather gets cooler, we all look for that extra huggy feel.

Throwing a faux fur blanket brings that warmth and soft styling to your bedroom, giving you the comfort to stay in and read or drink a cup of tea.

20. Add Character with Painted Furniture


via Dream Finders Homes

Painted furniture is always an option to give your bedroom that cozy and inviting feel.

Opting for a navy-painted chest is definitely an element of character. It gives that light and neutral look sophistication and richness.

21. Give Your Ceiling a Paint


via Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Why not paint your ceiling and give it a character? You can have a glamorous and modern look with a dark ceiling and a sculptural chandelier. It will become your night sky!

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