Put These 8 Things in Your TOMATO Planting Hole To Grow The Best Tomatoes Ever

Do you enjoy the look and taste of home-grown produce from the garden? It is the season of tomatoes and with these 8 hints, you will enjoy big in size tomatoes and a rich harvest this year!

1. Eggshells

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Eggshells are a biofertilizer. They are rich in calcium which is essential for the growth of any plant variety. Apply crushed eggshells in the garden bed or in the container before planting and enjoy healthy blossoms.

2. Fish heads

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Although it may seem peculiar to you, fish heads are known as a healthy natural fertilizer, especially for tomatoes.

When they decompose, they release potassium, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorous which are needed nutrients for the soil.

How to use them? Place them in a hole in the garden bed directly and then plant the tomato seedlings. Another way to use the fish head fertilizer is to mix it chopped with water and milk and pour it over the garden bed.

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3. Baking Soda

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Baking soda is well-known among gardeners. It is used as a natural improver of the tomato’s taste. Sprinkle a pinch of baking soda around the base of the tomato plants.

When water falls down on the soil, it will help the soda be absorbed into the soil. It will change the acid levels and will give the tomatoes a sweeter taste.

4. Epsom Salt

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If you see that the leaves of your tomatoes turn yellow and are with distinct green veins, then they suffer from ‘interveinal chlorosis’. In other words, they lack magnesium.

Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt in the hole where the seedlings will be transplanted to improve the magnesium level. It is very important that you cover the salt with a thin layer of soil which will protect the roots from direct contact with the salt.

5. Used Coffee Grounds

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Don’t throw away the coffee grounds. Save them to use as a biofertilizer for all your plants! When the coffee grounds are applied in the hole of the seedlings, they are going to provide nutrients in the soil which are so much needed for healthy growth.

6. Kelp Meal

Have you ever heard of Kelp Meal? This is a brown seaweed from the saltwater along rocky coastlines that is processed under specific conditions to be milled into a powder. This powder is a great nutrient for plants because it contains boosting nutrients.

Add one cup of this fertilizer to the hole of the seedling. It will release its nutrients over time and will give the young tomato plant a healthy start-up.

7. Aspirin

Tomato Holes Planting Tips 6

Aspirin is another famous substance in gardening. Most people know it as a harmless conservant, others are aware of its help for the growth of plants.

Simply add 3 tablets in the seedling hole. They will eliminate any bacteria that may cause diseases and will stimulate the growth of the plant.

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8. Bone Meal

The bone meal is similar to the kelp meal. It is made from finely ground animal bones and is used as a natural supplement of calcium and phosphorus.

In gardening, it is known also for its good impact on tomato plants. It helps them bloom with healthy blossoms and improves the quality of the fruits.

If you're aiming for the tastiest and largest tomatoes and hoping for a bountiful harvest, try adding these items into the planting hole before placing your tomato plant.
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