Rose Succulents Are A Thing And They Look Straight Out Of A Fairytale

If there is something more beautiful than succulents it’s definitely the rose succulents.

Aeonium dodrantale,  Greenovia dodrantalis, Rose Succulent or Mountain Rose are all referring to a magical plant!

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Originating from the Canary Islands, the Rose Succulent has become very popular all over the world because of its gorgeous rose-like petals, unpretentious nature of growing and the extraordinary effect it creates in interior/exterior plant arrangements.

Why Rose Succulents Are So Charming?

Full Of Color Rose Succulents #succulent #garden #rose #decorhomeideas

Regardless of its small size, it creates a distinctive emphasis at home with the perfectly shaped and layered petals and the rich clusters it grows.

Rose Shaped Succulents Greenovia Dodrentalis #succulent #garden #rose #decorhomeideas

Alike the regular roses, the Greenovia dodrantalis blooms very often.

The advantage of taking care of this succulent compared to the regular rose is that it requires little water and is basically suitable to be placed almost everywhere in your home.

What should you do to keep you Mountain Rose in a perfect shape?

Water the plant only when the top of its soil is dry. Plant experts also suggest that it is better to hydrate it by sipping some water in the dish of the pot.

In winter reduce the water amount by half and in the spring – water as normal. Another advice the experts give is to avoid placing the plant in direct sunlight which may burn the leaves slowly.

Unlike many other succulents, Rose Succulents don’t turn pretty colors when they’re exposed to lots of light.

They’re green during all their life. However, in order to maintain alive those compact rosettes, you should expose them to light but not an intense one.

Regardless of the way you would arrange your succulents – in a pot or in your garden, you must choose sandy loam potting mix or other soil that drains well.

Such are the standard succulent and cacti soil mixes that can be easily found at stores.

You can also consider adding some uniqueness to the pot by laying small river stones in white, black or other colors, faux gems etc. on the top of the soil.

It is a fun fact that many people compare the Greenovia dodrantalis with little cabbages and artichokes.

Indeed, in their early stage of growth, they do look like these vegetables. Once they reach maturity though, you can see their transformation into beautiful roses.

Bunch Of Rose Succulents #succulent #garden #rose #decorhomeideas

If you are eager to get yourself this succulent, we should warn you that it is actually quite rare.

Rose Succulent Type #succulent #garden #rose #decorhomeideas

So once you see a website or shop that sells it, don’t think it over a lot, just grab it and you would see it was worthy.

We have found some trusted sources on the Internet where you could buy seeds to plant it yourself.

You can find them here and there. Knowing the working method of both platforms, we would rather advise you to buy from Etsy as there are individuals selling plants from their private collections.

Above Rose Succulent #succulent #garden #rose #decorhomeideas

When you buy seeds of succulents you should know that they should be tiny and featureless.

Ready for the challenge?

Don’t worry, growing rose succulent seeds isn’t that hard at all.

Here are some guidelines if you decide to grow your own Mountain Rose succulents.

Please bear in mind that they will grow very slowly – it may take from six months to a year to reach their maturity.

Once you see the sprouts, ensure you provide them with plenty of air and keep the soil wet using the hints above.

If you have used a starter pot with a lid, it is now the right time to remove it.  If the leaves at the bottom of your plant start shriveling or dropping down, don’t panic, this is normal.

It is a warning sign when the leaves at the top of the rose start falling off. This usually means that there is an issue like pests, overwatering or plant disease.

Close Shot Rose Succulent #succulent #garden #rose #decorhomeideas

How do you propagate the rose succulents?

All experts say that the best results are given from self-propagation.

Doing it forcibly by cutting stems or clusters which are dipped in water or soil doesn’t work each time.

If you anyway decide to propagate the Rose Succulent yourself, place the cutting standing upright in potting soil so that the stem is buried in the soil and the rosette stays at the top of the soil.

Experts advise not to water the soil for a week. After that week you should be able to see if the cut stem is developing normally.

Have you already bought your Rose Succulent? Enjoy its beauty!

Or get one HERE!

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