8 Beautiful Big Houseplants For The Corners of Your Home

There are a few ways to fill up the odd and boring space of the corner in such a way that the room becomes bright, interesting and appealing. The easiest and most affordable way is to add a big houseplant.

Indoor plants that are able to make a great impact on the interior are usually oversized and eye-catching.

These are the best and most beautiful big houseplants that you can put in the corners of your home and create a fresher look.

The indoor plants have many benefits affecting not only the decoration of your home but also yourself.

Plants are known to relieve stress, purify the air, bettering sleep and even improve productivity.

Check out the most incredible big plants for corners that will make a miracle with your home and soul.

1. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise #bighouseplants #decorhomeideas

We start our collection with a spectacular and breath-taking oversized houseplant. The Bird of Paradise, also known as the crane flower, gets its name from its unusual blooms which resemble brightly colored birds in flight.

Despite its delicate and appealing look, the plant is not difficult to be grown. The first condition of making sure that your plant feels well is the right soil.

Good drainage and soluble plant food. Water the plant often and let it feel the sunlight by placing it in a corner next to a window where it can source power directly from the sunlight.

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2. Croton

Croton #bighouseplants #decorhomeideas

Croton is the most popular name for this plant from the Euphorbiaceae family. It originates from a Greek word meaning “tick”. It refers to the shape of the seeds of certain species in the group.

The green leaves of the shrub-like corner plant offer scarlet, yellow and orange-colored veins. By the way, the more bright sunlight the Croton receives, the more colorful the foliage will be.

The plant can grow up to 10 feet in height if you offer the right environment. Because of its tropical nature, it requires higher humidity ensured by frequent misting or by a layer of pebbles in the tray.

The good news is that once the Croton acclimates to your home, the maintenance lowers.

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3. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig #bighouseplants #decorhomeideas

This amazing big houseplant comes from an exotic family producing flowers. You may have heard its Latin name Ficus lyrata but it is more popular by the name Fiddle Leaf Fig.

When you get your own Fiddle Leaf Fig think carefully of its place as once you put it there, you shouldn’t move it. Its tropical nature does not respond well to being moved from a spot where it has felt well. And the best place for it is a corner with enough direct sunlight. Water it every week ensuring good drainage.

The state of the leaves is the plant’s way to show you how it feels. If they are bright green with a glossy finish, you have done everything right.

Once you see the leaves get yellow edges and loose their glossy texture, probably the direct sunlight is too harsh for them.

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4. Monstera Plant

Monstera Plant #bighouseplants #decorhomeideas

Monstera Plant is also known as Swiss Cheese Plant gets its common name from its large, heart-shaped leaves that develop holes as the plant ages. “Monstera” from Latin means “monstrous” or “abnormal” because of the unusual leaves.

Other popular names are fruit salad plant or fruit salad because of its edible fruit which tastes similar to a fruit salad.

The Monstera Plant is appreciated for its architectural qualities and tolerance to the ambiance where it grows. Indirect light and watering once a week is just enough to enjoy the beauty of the Monstera Plant.

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5. Olive Tree

Olive Tree #bighouseplants #decorhomeideas

Dwarf Olive Trees grow up to 6 feet in height but gardeners that love them in the shape of a bonsai prune them to keep them in their short compact size.

The key to growing this beautiful ancient tree is following these hints. The Dwarf Olive Trees like moisture but to a certain extent.

A layer of mulch on the top of the soil will keep the roots wet with watering once or twice a month. Put the pot in a corner where the sun shines all day long. The longer your tree gets sun, the bigger the chances are of enjoying it producing fruits.

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6. Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm #bighouseplants #decorhomeideas

Parlor Palm is one of the smallest palm trees in the group and it is perfect for your empty corner decoration.

It becomes up to 6 feet tall. Its leaves are typical for the group- long branches with narrow leaves forming the crown of the palm. The palm can live for many decades in a pot as long as you provide it with the right amount of care.

Water frequently when you feel the soil is dry. Although it tolerates low levels of light, it will develop better in bright indirect light.

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7. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant #bighouseplants #decorhomeideas

The Rubber Plant belongs to the group of figs. It fascinates with its size of a tree able to develop up to 40 m. Its leaves are broad, dark green and glossy.

It is called the Rubber plant because it yields a milky latex that was formerly used to make rubber. The plant is great for indoor growth since it requires low maintenance.

Beginners like it because it doesn’t require daily watering and any other special care. Just place it in a corner that is in part shade.

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8. Snake Plant

Snake Plant #bighouseplants #decorhomeideas

Snake Plant is also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue” and “Saint George’s sword” is one of the most beautiful corner plants. You can see it grown indoors in offices, kindergartens and almost every home because it is one of the most adaptable plants.

Its leaves are long and narrow, looking like a sword colored in yellow and green. It can grow up to 12 feet in a proper large pot.

What you need to do to ensure its good growth is water every week and spot with indirect sunlight. During winter, minimize watering to once every couple of months.

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