20 Gorgeous Kitchen Appliances We Can’t Stop Loving

Appliances are the workhorses of your kitchen.

They’re also highly visible — in fact, appliances take up most of the non-cabinet real estate in the room.

Whether you’re doing a quick makeover or a full remodel, gorgeous kitchen appliances are an easy way to make the space more functional and beautiful.

Best Kitchen Appliances Pop Of Color. For families who want a kitchen that's more eye-catching, why not upgrade the big and small kitchen appliances with a pop of color? These are the best kitchen appliances to spruce up your kitchen.

1. A Dusty Rose Coffee Maker

A Dusty Rose Coffee Maker #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

Add a soft pop of color to your kitchen counter with this lovely Keurig coffee maker.

The small size is ideal for a compact apartment kitchen; just tuck it in the corner and out of the way.

With its gorgeous pale-pink exterior, this model jazzes up the room without overwhelming your light, bright color scheme.

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2. Bright Green Juicer Machines

Bright Green Juicer Machines #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

Is your kitchen in need of some personality?

This vibrant juicer is a perfect choice. The brilliant green color brightens the darkest counter, making a big statement without taking up much space on the counter.

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3. Buttercup Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor

Buttercup Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

If you love to cook, a food processor is a must.

Don’t get a plain white or metal model — instead, make your meal-prep more exciting with this yellow model.

The buttercup color complements a vintage, country, or farmhouse-style kitchen.

Show off the appliance between uses by storing it on an open shelf.

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4. Chic Matte White Fridge

Chic Matte White Fridge #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

The refrigerator is one of the biggest and most visible appliances in your kitchen — why not choose a model that’s as gorgeous as it is spacious?

This chic fridge combines vintage and contemporary styles, adding gleaming gold handles for a touch of glam.

We love the matte finish, which resists fingerprints for a clean aesthetic.

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5. Colorful Instant Pot

Colorful Instant Pot #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

Does your Instant Pot get a great deal of use?

Make your kitchen feel more fun with a model in a bright floral pattern.

The red and blue accents energize a simple space, creating a welcoming vibe for family members and guests.

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6. Colorful Series Gas Range

Colorful Series Gas Range #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

A gas range is a must-have appliance for serious home chefs.

This professional-quality model comes with a large cooktop and a spacious oven, so you can prepare meals for the whole family.

Our favorite part is the gorgeous blue exterior, which pairs beautifully with any type of cabinet. Use it with a colorful backsplash for extra visual impact.

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7. Colorful Series Integrated Dishwasher

Colorful Series Integrated Dishwasher #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

A dishwasher is a perfect way to work an unexpected burst of color into your kitchen.

The bright red door breaks up the solid colors of your lower cabinet, making the room feel fresh and vibrant.

The best part? The simple design and rich color work well in both contemporary and retro kitchens.

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8. Metallic Blue Mixer

Metallic Blue Mixer #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

If your mixer is a permanent fixture on your kitchen counters, you can change the mood of the room by swapping out your old model for a new, colorful version.

This metallic blue mixer adds just the right hint of shine — it’s a great way to add a modern twist to vintage cabinets.

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9. Metallic Stand Mixer

Metallic Stand Mixer #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

Here’s another gorgeous stand mixture. It comes in a satin copper finish that adds a sophisticated twist to your kitchen decor.

Whether it’s in use or sitting on a shelf, this mixer is an instant focal point.

To draw attention to the color, pair it with a few other copper accents.

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10. Mini Waffle Maker & Grill

Mini Waffle Maker & Grill #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

Galley kitchens and small apartments often have limited space for appliances.

This tiny waffle maker is a great, multi-functional solution. It makes waffles, but you can also use the included griddle for eggs, pancakes, and more.

The fun turquoise color is a breath of fresh air in your miniature kitchen.

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11. Purple Toaster With all the Whistles

Purple Toaster With all the Whistles #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

Chances are, your toaster is on the kitchen counter 24/7 — why not use it to inject a bit of color into the space?

This beautiful purple model features four slots and a variety of digital heat settings to ensure that you get the perfect piece of toast, every time.

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12. Red Portable Slow Cooker

Red Portable Slow Cooker #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

Prepare meals while you go about your day in this lovely red slow cooker.

The soft metallic sheen reflects the light in the kitchen, adding a glowing effect to your countertops.

It’s portable, so you can take it to potlucks and parties with ease.

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13. Retro Mini Fridge

Retro Mini Fridge #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

Do you live in a bungalow or a small cottage?

Go all in on the vintage vibe with this adorable fridge.

The rounded corners add a distinct retro vibe, and the smaller size is perfect for a compact kitchen.

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14. Retro Series Countertop Microwave Oven

Retro Series Countertop Microwave Oven #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

Take your 1950s-style kitchen to the next level with a retro microwave.

Note the lack of sharp angles — the soft, curving lines and pale turquoise colors fit right in with your vintage kitchen table and charming cabinets.

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15. Retro Toaster Oven

Retro Toaster Oven #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

A toaster oven takes up a great deal of space on your countertop.

This retro-inspired model makes the most of the counter space with its beautiful color and vintage detailing.

Satin silver accents bring a touch of cool, sophisticated shine.

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16. Rose Gold Multi Pressure Cooker

Rose Gold Multi Pressure Cooker #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

You might not think of a pressure cooker as a thing of beauty — until you see this rose-gold model.

The matte metallic accents elevate the utilitarian design, bringing a chic hint of shine to your contemporary kitchen.

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17. The Most Beautiful Hood Range

The Most Beautiful Hood Range #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

A new range hood makes a big impact in your kitchen; it sits close to eye level, so you can see it from every angle.

This stunning hood is made from copper-colored metal that complements a wide range of upper-cabinet styles.

The sleek lines suit both contemporary and traditional homes, and the clean grate is a breeze to keep clean.

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18. The Most Beautiful Range Ever

The Most Beautiful Range Ever #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

Your guests will gasp when they see this gorgeous kitchen range.

The shimmering copper handles and knobs pop against the rich black surface, creating a design that’s impossibly chic and glam.

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19. Vintage Floral Blender

Vintage Floral Blender #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

Are smoothies part of your daily routine? Make the process more fun with an adorable floral blender.

The sweet Pioneer Woman design brings color and life to a country kitchen, making your countertop feel fresh yet traditional.

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20. Violet Electric Air Fryer

Violet Electric Air Fryer #kitchen #appliances #decorhomeideas

Air fryers have seen a resurgence in the past few years. If you’re ready to jump on the air-frying bandwagon, this stunning purple model is a great way to go.

It comes with all of the cooking features you need, plus a rich, colorful exterior that makes your kitchen feel more fun.

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