32 Beautiful Pink Houseplants You Would Love To Grow In Your Home

Pink and green look great together, don’t they? Nature always does it right and the current collection of pink houseplants will prove it again.

The pink houseplants are great to add a pop of color to the green houseplant collection.

Best Pink Houseplants. Add a pop of color to your home with these amazing pink houseplants that are easy to grow and require low maintenance. #decorhomeideas

They will give the boring interior an exotic flair and will surely make your plant collection more valuable because of their rareness.

1. Caladium

1. Caladium #decorhomeideas

The natural habitat of the Caladium doesn’t offer it conditions for long-lasting of its amazing pink foliage. Luckily, the right indoor conditions provide the cultivar specimen with an environment to last all year long and reward with the wing-shaped pink leaves with green veins.

Direct or too much light can damage the pink foliage, so make sure that you place the Caladium filtered or full shade.

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2. Chinese Evergreen

2. Chinese Evergreen #decorhomeideas

The Aglaonemas is a big family of Chinese evergreens which is easy to take care of and mostly with a unique variety of textures of foliage.

Among all Aglaonemas, there are specimens with a pink coloration of the leaves presented as splashes, strips, dots or veins.

The Aglaonema prefers indirect light, some can even grow in the darkest corner of your home. Most of them thrive with lush foliage and considerable height to add the perfect pop of pink and green to the indoor houseplant collection.

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3. Orchid

3. Orchid #decorhomeideas

The Orchid can be called the queen of indoor houseplants. Once you get your first plant, you can’t get enough of the delicacy and elegance of this plant so you get more and more.

Luckily, the garden market is flooded with many varieties and colors but pink orchids are among the most popular ones in the houseplant collections.

Some of the botanical names of pink orchids are phalaenopsis, cymbidium, vanda, oncidiopsis, oncidium , spathoglottis.

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4. Pink Polka Dot Plant

4. Pink Polka Dot Plant #decorhomeideas

The Pink Polka Dot plant is a famous houseplant because of its beautiful foliage and compact size. It looks great standing alone on a shelf or on a table but also as a companion to a flower stand with different green plants.

Its foliage offers lush leaves thriving from stems colored with green and pink splashes. To make the variegated leaves reveal their pattern, ensure indirect bright light and watering when the soil feels dry to the touch.

5. Cordyline ‘Pink Passion’

5. Cordyline ‘Pink Passion’ #decorhomeideas

The Cordyline is also known as the cabbage tree. The magenta color of the leaves is what distinguishes this pink houseplant from all other pink plants.

The foliage features spike-shaped leaves with green splashes or green veins letting the magenta color stand out.

The Cordyline can be found in most houses and nurseries because it is easy to care for. It needs a sunny place and good drainage.

6. Prayer Plant

6. Prayer Plant #decorhomeideas

The Prayer Plant family is rich in specimens but today we are going to focus on one of the most impressive ones- the Calathea Dottie. You can recognize it by the nearly black leaves accented with magenta variegation.

The backside of the leaves is pinkish green and the color deepens as the plant matures.
It prefers warm air and partial to full shade. It is of high importance to keep the humidity at a high level to mimic its natural habitat which is tropical.

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7. Calico Kitten

7. Calico Kitten #decorhomeideas

The Calico Kitten is a pretty succulent with heart-shaped leaves growing from stems. The leaves are colored from pale green to pink depending on the degree of hydration of the plant. If you see the leaves turn deep purple, then the plant is very thirsty.

This plant can be grown indoors and outdoors in rock gardens provided that the location is partial to full shade. Direct sunlight can burn its leaves.

8. Snow White Waffle Plant

8. Snow White Waffle Plant #decorhomeideas

This is another pink houseplant idea that can be grown both in and out. The Snow White Waffle Plant features textured leaves with green and pink variegation.

To ensure this pink houseplant grows well, place it in a spot with filtered light. Water it occasionally when the soil feels dry and be moderate with the amount because too much water may damage the roots of the plant and kill it eventually.

9. Spiderwort

9. Spiderwort #decorhomeideas

The Spiderwort is one of the easiest pink plants to care for. It is unpretentious to the light amount and the soil conditions.

This has made it so popular in landscape designs, especially for the edging of gardens and pathway outlining. Indoors, the plant is an eye-catcher with its grass-like leaves variegated with light gree, white and pink.

The plant produces flowers that are very delicate and last only a day.

via Plant the Town Pink

10. Black Lipstick Calathea

10. Black Lipstick Calathea #decorhomeideas

The Black Lipstick Calathea features large and broad leaves which are almost black in color. They are variegated with rich hot pink forming a symmetrical inner leaf shape that creates a bold statement in the interior.

Like most plants in the Calathea family, this one requires a hot and wet environment mimicking its native habitat.

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11. Christmas Carol

11. Christmas Carol #decorhomeideas

This aloe variety is small and growing in the shape of a star, hence its name. It features green leaves with pink to red textured bumps across the leaf and the edges of the leaf.

The plant produces pink flowers in the fall. Like all other succulents, this one is also great for beginners in houseplants requiring minimum care.

12. Aglaonema

12. Aglaonema #decorhomeideas

This Aglaonema specimen is called the “Red Star”, distinctive with its bright pink colored leaves. When they fade, the pink turns ruby red.

The Red Star can tolerate indirect bright light and almost full shade but that would mean that the amount of variegated color won’t be that intense.

13. Pink Princess Philodendron

13. Pink Princess Philodendron #decorhomeideas

This Philodendron is one of the rarest and most wanted ones. You can recognize it by its heart-shaped green leaves with pink variegation.

This is the natural coloration of the plant, not a result of chemical injections. Its uniqueness doesn’t make it hard to care for. On the contrary, the Pink Princess Philodendron is easy to care for.

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14. Jewel Alocasia

14. Jewel Alocasia #decorhomeideas

The Jewel Alocasia is a remarkable rainforest plant with distinctive foliage. The leaves are dark green with purple veins and midrib which give it a jewel overall color.

The plant will thrive at bright indirect light and water once a week.

via Plant Bat

15. Earth Star

15. Earth Star #decorhomeideas

The Earth Star is part of the Bromeliad family known for its beautiful rosettes. The leaves are spade-shaped and flat but the rosette can grow up in height.

The leaves are pink with subtle green lines across them. The plant produces also flowers which last for a short time.

16. Pink Nerve Plant

16. Pink Nerve Plant #decorhomeideas

The Pink Fittonia, also known as Pink Nerve Plant is a popular houseplant. It grows short as a small shrub and features lovely notched leaves.

They are green but variegated with pink veins and midrib. Depending on the light amount, some of the leaves may look entirely pink, others greener.

17. Beleaf Begonia

17. Beleaf Begonia #decorhomeideas

This is another unique houseplant in our collection of pink houseplants. The Begonia Beleaf is a great plant for sunny exposure indoors and outdoors.

This hybrid plant offers large, heart-shaped leaves in unique dark pink color which looks like shimmering under the light.

18. Calathea ‘White Star’

18. Calathea 'White Star' #decorhomeideas

This Calathea variety requires more care than others in our collection of pink houseplants but you will be convinced that all efforts are worth it when it rewards you with the perfect variegated foliage!

It is spectacular with the symmetrical white to pink lines across the mid rib of the green leaves.

Tap water is a killer for the White Star Calathea so make sure that you water it with filtered or rainwater.

19. Rose Painted Calathea

19. Rose Painted Calathea #decorhomeideas

The Calathea Rosy is a real eye-catcher! It offers large and broad leaves with bubblegum pink variegation in the middle forming an inner leaf and dark green borders.

The finish of the leaves is glossy and when the day comes, the light adds a shimmery effect to the leaves.

This pink plant excels at diffused indirect light and light humidity.

20. Pink Princess Tradescantia

20. Pink Princess Tradescantia #decorhomeideas

This trailing plant is great for indoor and outdoor growth as long as the light is bright but indirect and the humidity is high. The Pink Princess shows off her lush leaves variegated with green, white and pink stripes.

Propagation is easy from cuttings. If you see that the variegation of the leaves fades, move the plant to a sunnier place.

via I Hoard Plants

21. Pink Chaos Coleus

21. Pink Chaos Coleus #decorhomeideas

The Pink Chaos Coleus is an interesting ornamental plant with distinctive pink foliage. The leaves are light green only at the edges, the rest is pink.

This plant can be grown indoors and outdoors. Gardeners love it because of its low-maintenance and non-toxic nature and usually use it for garden edging, hanging baskets or filling a larger garden area

22. Syngonium Pink Neon

22. Syngonium Pink Neon #decorhomeideas

The Pink Syngonium features heart-shaped leaves in milky pink color. The plant is a fast-grower with low maintenance requirements.

Although the plant is tolerant to shade, better choose a place with medium to bright indirect light to help the variegation of the leaves.

23. Pink Mother of Millions

23. Pink Mother of Millions #decorhomeideas

This charming succulent is also known by the name “Pink Butterflies” because of the unique pink bulbils along the edges of the leaves.

This variegated plant is low on chlorophyll which provides the pink coloring. The plant is easy to care for as almost all succulents and makes an interesting statement as a houseplant.

24. Pink Wandering Jew Plant

24. Pink Wandering Jew Plant #decorhomeideas

This trailing pink houseplant looks amazing in a hanging basket or in a regular pot. It offers a unique combination of white, green and light pink variegation on the small leaves.

Being a tropical plant, the Pink Wandering Jew requires moisture and partial to full shade to thrive.

25. Variegated Pink Croton

25. Variegated Pink Croton #decorhomeideas

The Croton family is so rich that you can literally pick up a specimen to match your interior. If you love the pink color and you need a plant to add, the Variegated Pink Croton is the right choice.

It features long leaves with dark green midrib and edges. As the leaves mature under the right light conditions, the pink pigment starts to show more intensely.

26. Boat Lily

26. Boat Lily #decorhomeideas

The pink Boat Lily is one of the most unpretentious plants which has made it so popular as a houseplant these days.

It features long leaves growing from stems variegated with white and green stripes.

The underside of the leaves is pink and in daylight, its intensity creates the illusion of tinting at the edges of the leaves. The Boat Lily can be grown also outdoors in hanging baskets which will reveal its cascading character.

27. Tricolor Stromanthe

27. Tricolor Stromanthe #decorhomeideas

If you want to add a tropical flair to your interior, the Tricolor Stromanthe is the best plant to do it with. Its leaves are long and pointed with splashes of green, creamy and pink.

The plant grows up to 3 feet in height. That and the variegation promise to make the Tricolor the star of your houseplant collection.

28. Pink Arrowhead Plant

28. Pink Arrowhead Plant #decorhomeideas

This pink houseplant is a vine and having it as part of your houseplant collection or outdoor garden is a must if you are looking for a unique and elegant living statement!

The plant features arrow-shaped leaves in gentle pink color which reveals when the leaves mature and when there is enough indirect sun light.

29. Pink Charming

29. Pink Charming #decorhomeideas

This pink Begonia is also known as Rex Begonia. You can find the variegated plant with different leaf colors but the pink ones are our favorite!

The typical Begonia leaves are dyed dark pink in the center and at the edges.

Keep the soil moist and the pot under indirect bright light.

30. Pink Moonstone

30. Pink Moonstone #decorhomeideas

This succulent is very rare because of its variegation. The leaves of the Pink Moonstone are pebble-shaped growing in clusters.

Their faded pink color makes the pink plant an eye-catcher whether in the houseplant collection or in the rock garden outdoors.

via Dainty Rebel Garden

31. Artillery Plant

31. Artillery Plant #decorhomeideas

This pink plant reminds a bonsai tree because of its miniature size and tree shape. The variegated Artillery Plant offers glossy small green leaves which under strong light change into light pink color.

They resemble blossoms and that gives the plant the finishing stroke that makes it so unique and elegant.

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32. Anthurium Tickled Pink

32. Anthurium Tickled Pink #decorhomeideas

This is a great specimen in our collection of pink houseplants because in addition to being gorgeous, it is also helpful for the indoor environment.

The Tickled Pink Anthurium purifies the air and absorbs the pollutants which are toxic. When the plant matures you will enjoy delicate pale pink flowers with a yellow kernel.

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