25 Fantastic Console Table Decor Ideas To Add More Style

Are you gathering ideas on how to style the decoration of your console table? There are a few things to consider first.

What would be the function of the console table- to add character or to reflect your family values? Will it be used for seasonal décor or will it be also a functional storage place?

Console Table Decor Ideas. Add a beautiful console table to your home and decorate it with centerpieces, flowers, or accessories to add more style and glam. #decorhomeideas

The console table can reflect your style and be also functional. The 25 Fantastic Console Table Décor Ideas here will offer you both function and display for customized décor pieces.

1. Add An Art Focus

Add An Art Focus

If you have one or more art paintings that are valuable and special, you may want to put them in a vivid place.

The entryway console table is a perfect spot to display one large painting.

Position it centered on the wall to act as a statement piece and be moderate with the decorations on the console table. Arrange them in groups on either side of the table so that they frame the painting and do not distract its central role.

via Amanda Strickland

2. Industrial Minimalist Console Table Arrangement

Industrial Minimalist Console Table Arrangement

An industrial and simple in shape console table requires the same style of décor pieces.

Use one larger statement piece like a mirror that matches the texture of the metal and a few smaller decorations on the console table top.

via Rachel Interior and Styling

3. Layered Light-colored Décor Pieces

Layered Light-colored Décor Pieces

If you want to include more décor pieces on the console table, group them by color. The light color palette gives you the freedom to add more decorative objects without overwhelming the space.

Opt for matching them also by style. As you can see from this appealing farmhouse console table décor, the largest piece is a window mirror placed in the center of the arrangement.

The rest of the decorations are symmetrically displayed next to them to create a beautiful overall look.

via The Blossoms House

4. Storage With Baskets

Storage With Baskets

If your console table is tiered, you may want to use it also functionally for storage. Use large baskets to do it hiddenly and cohere with the décor pieces on the console table top.

via Home By Hayley

5. Large Scale Decorations

Large Scale Decorations

This is an interesting idea of using only a few large-scale décor pieces. Most of them are of a natural origin which adds a bit of color and warmth.

For your representation of this console table décor, you can use fresh twigs from your garden or faux sprigs that have a realistic look.

The combination of burlap texture on the console table doors and the greenery creates an organic feel that will liven up your home décor.

via Z Design At Home

6. Large Mirror Focal Point

Large Mirror Focal Point

Large mirrors are great for creating the illusion of a brighter and bigger area.

If the entryway is of small space, you may use this décor hint to make the console table décor appealing and the space bigger.

Match the mirror style with the entry table like shown in this idea to create a united overall look.

7. Art Collage Decor Idea

Art Collage Decor Idea

Another artistic idea for decorating the console table area is to create a collage of identical art pieces on the wall.

The black frames of the prints collaborate with the black color of the wooden table.

Three large-scale decorations are placed on the top of the table to act as uniting elements between the black color and the earthy-colored elements in the room.

via The Wood Grain Cottage

8. Vintage Console Table Décor Arrangement

Vintage Console Table Décor Arrangement

Your upcycled console table made from curved wooden legs and pallet slats deserves a suitable décor arrangement. Go for a vintage set of antique or hand-made pieces in the pastel color palette.

The chicken wire backdrop sign greets every person entering the house while the rest of the pieces give the arrangement a stylish retro look.

9. Console Table With Family Memories

Console Table With Family Memories

Use the console table to create your memory nook. Unite the décor pieces in style and color. Use a large focal point that will be the center of the exposition and layer the smaller decorative items in front of it.

To highlight visually the memory nook, use pops of color and light fixtures.

via The Home That Made Me

10. Display A Rare Collection

Display A Rare Collection

What better place to display your collection of vintage pottery or glass bottles than the console table?

Group them all together in a tray or set them at different heights using pedestals or books.

11. Layered Farmhouse Console Table Arrangement

Layered Farmhouse Console Table Arrangement

This idea represents an easy and eco-friendly console table décor. You can use reclaimed window pieces with or without glass panels. They will serve as a backdrop for antique decorative objects like books and sculptures.

Add a working table lamp to highlight the console table at night and a bouquet of fresh flowers for an enhanced natural feel.

via The Farmhouse Porch

12. Nautical Arrangement

Nautical Arrangement

If you are in love with the ocean you can bring it closer to your home by decorating the console table in nautical style.

You can use a large painting with an ocean theme as a center point and add personalized beach-themed decorative items.

If the console table is two-tiered, place a glass bowl or another decorative bowl with seashells or a candle inserted in a sand pile.

via Nourish and Nestle

13. Modern Farmhouse Decor

Modern Farmhouse Decor

This console table is precious with its design and size able to accommodate many décor pieces. The décor arrangement idea here is focused on the family.

Kind memories are displayed in photo frames in a white color contrasting with the grey tabletop.
A vase with beautiful flowers stands in the center of the table to add a lively and delicate pop of color.

via Lindsay Hill

14. Narrow Weathered Console Table

Narrow Weathered Console Table

The weathered texture of the wood makes this console table so unique and appealing. This finish doesn’t require much to stand out. In fact, the décor elements displayed on it should cohere with its style and highlight its beauty.

The woven baskets filled with cozy throws and pillows and logs make a hint about the warmth of this home. The top level is decorated with clean antique vases and the centerpiece is a family photo.

via Project Allen

15. Simple Industrial Console Table

Simple Industrial Console Table

If you prefer a cleaner design of a console table, this classic and minimalist design comes to fit your visual perception.

The table is tall but narrow allowing you to tuck two ottomans underneath. The simple color combination lets add any color elements that cohere with the style of the console table.

via 204 Park

16. Add Seasonal Decorations

Add Seasonal Decorations

Use the console table to transform your home into seasonal themes.

That can be easily achieved with pillowcases with inscriptions and vases with seasonal flowers.

via Judy Dill

17. Round Mirror As A Centerpiece

Round Mirror As A Centerpiece

The round mirror is great to give a simple console table a statement. It can reflect the natural light in case there is a window opposite.

If not, a table lamp can do the same effect and add also visual depth.

via Christina On The Daily

18. Vintage Iron Console Table Arrangement

Vintage Iron Console Table Arrangement

The dark wrought iron legs of this vintage console table are perfect to combine both light and dark décor pieces.

Candle holders can be used as a universal part of the décor arrangement and be backed up with seasonal decorations.

Add pumpkins instead of candles for the fall decor, blossoms for spring and summer themes and baubles for winter.  

via Antique Farmhouse

19. Metal Accents As Golden Console Table Décor Pieces

Metal Accents As Golden Console Table Décor Pieces

This glass console table is set next to the window where its gold metal frame can stand out. The best décor pieces for such materials are metal accents that will cohere with the table texture.

You should be careful with the number of decorations because too many of them may create an overwhelming feeling.

via Making It With Danielle

20. Layered Coastal Decoration

Layered Coastal Decoration

This is another idea for a coastal decoration on a console table. A large mirror is simply leaned against the wall instead of being hung on the wall.

This creates the first layer of a layered décor arrangement that highlights a beautiful ocean-themed painting.

via Pure Salt Interiors

21. Sconce Lights Above The Console Table

Sconce Lights Above The Console Table

Adding sconces above the console table is another great décor idea for giving the piece a framed and finished look.

You can combine them with a large piece in the center such as a mirror or a painting.

22. Match The Console Table With The Statement Wall

Match The Console Table With The Statement Wall

In case the console table stays next to a statement wall, opt for uniting the two elements together either in color or in texture or material.

Use the decoration on the console table to create a contrast. That can be a pile of antique books, greenery or vases with bouquets.

The decoration should add color or pattern that will delicately differentiate the piece of furniture from the statement wall.

via Blooms and Dots

23. Three-tiered Console Table Decoration

Three-tiered Console Table Decoration

The console tables can be very functional, not only decorative. This three-tiered table is located in the living room, next to the sofa. The first two levels are used as displays for decorations while the lower one presents extra storage space.

In order not to ruin the appealing home décor impact of the console table, use containers that will keep the items hiddenly stored.

via LD Shoppe

24. Slide A Small Coach Underneath The Entry Table

Slide A Small Coach Underneath The Entry Table

The open console tables can be used to ruck in ottomans, benches or small sofas.

This is a practical solution when the console table is placed in the entryway or in the living room.
Match the décor pieces on the tabletop with the belonging seating furniture.

via Catherine Kwong

25. Universal Decoration For A Console Table

Universal Decoration For A Console Table

You can never go wrong if you choose a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant for decoration of your console table.

Use the texture and color of the pot or the vase to add a pop of color. The natural look of the plants will fill the atmosphere with beauty, aesthetic and freshness.

via Heidi Caillier

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