37 Amazing Entry Table Ideas To Make a Great First Impression

The entryway is a space with dimensions of a tiny room. Entering a home, it is the first thing we see and so that makes it the beginning of the first impressions gathered about the housekeepers and their taste.

One of the most common and yet interesting ways to decorate the entryway is to furnish it with a table. Its role in the interior is important as it declares the status of the entryway as being an irreplaceable part of the home entity and also becomes the focal point of the entryway décor.

Best Entryway Table Ideas. Entry tables make defining first impressions at the entrance of your home. Also known as a foyer table, determining how to decorate your entrance and entryway table should be a priority.  #decorhomeideas
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The importance of the entryway tables dates back to the times of Louis XIV or the Sun King. Such tables acted as luxury elements in that times and thus they have become a benchmark for the finest taste.

Today the variety of entryway tables let us find the best matching piece for our interior with regards to design and space limits.

Let’s see which are the best 37 entryway tables that will help you achieve a remarkable and appealing interior of that space.

1. Abstract Art Glass

Abstract Art Glass #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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This modern entryway table incorporates contours and materials that are not common.

The abstract design of the table complements the mirrored wall which creates an illusion for a wider space.

via Archilovers

2. Antiquated Italian Marble Top Entry Table

Antiquated Italian Marble Top Entry Table #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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An entryway table with such an antique look and complexity gives a first impression of the luxury and sophisticated taste of the housekeepers.

The feature that grabs the attention is the ornaments of wrought iron that suspend the countertop.

via Forbes

3. Some Things Are Black And White

Some Things Are Black And White #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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This entryway table is inspired by the farmhouse living but has a modern touch expressed with the balance between white and black.

Its open concept allows storage of items hidden in baskets and decor accents that create a more welcoming atmosphere.

via I Heart My Glue Gun

4. Charming Wooden Spool Table

Charming Wooden Spool Table #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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If your love the welcoming spirit of the farmhouse, then you will appreciate the creativeness and charm of an entryway table made of wire spool.

Cut into halves, one of them is fixed to the entryway wall just beneath a large mirror.

5. Chateau Balustrade Entry Table Décor

Chateau Balustrade Entry Table Decor #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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The impressiveness of this table is marked by the ornamented supporting legs.

Made entirely of wood and combined with two chairs at each side, it states that the entryway welcomes to a cozy home.

6. Cheerfully Distressed Chic Entry Table

Cheerfully Distressed Chic Entry Table #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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If you are looking for an affordable entryway table, upcycle an old console table. To give it a shabby chic look, paint in white and distress random areas.

Because of its vintage value, it must accommodate rustic or farmhouse decoration.

7. Classical Study Design

Classical Study Design #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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A console table in black will become a functional centerpiece of an entryway painted in white, grey or in combination between the two.

Its wide surface lets displaying of art or decor accents. The drawer will help with the storage of keys.

8. Deep & Rich Entry Table Decoration

Deep & Rich Entry Table Decoration #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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The decor arrangement of this entryway stakes on black.

The semi-oval table takes a small footprint that is just enough to hold decorative accents that increase the welcoming look of the space.

via Mathews Family Happenings

9. Delicate Eastern Inspired Table

Delicate Eastern Inspired Table #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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If you want to suggest the luxury of your home, start with the entryway. A small table in metallic gold will hint the fine taste and attention to the smallest details.

10. For a Distressed White Country House

For a Distressed White Country House #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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Welcome your guests with a countryside accent. This small and chic table will fit even in the tiniest entryway but will be able to give it a nice look especially in combination with a few more rustic accents like a basket and a tray.

12. DIY Farmhouse Console Table

DIY Farmhouse Console Table #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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The province style is known for its appealing welcoming capability and romantic vibes.

An entryway table in this design will beautify the space and will inspire with its darling nostalgia of the simpler life. Want to know how to make it yourself? Just follow the instructions on the link below.

via Home Decor Momma

13. Double X Farmhouse Console Table

Double X Farmhouse Console Table #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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This easy-to-make console table combines rustic beauty with tons of storage places.

Made entirely of wood, the white and dark brown color combination, attract the sight instantly. Use the levels for other rustic elements like jars, candles, some frames etc.

via Remodelaholic

14. Elegant Versailles Scrollwork Design

Elegant Versailles Scrollwork Design #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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The design value of this entryway is expressed with an artistic entryway table.

Its elegance through the fine ornaments and quality wood material will be appreciated at all times.

via Lehman Lane

15. Entry Table Made Of Pallets

Entry Table Made Of Pallets #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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If you want a more creative and unique entryway table, you can make one yourself from scrapped materials.

Made of weathered pallets, it can be customized according to your entryway space.

via Funky Junk Interior

16. Entry Table A’La Modern Art

Entry Table A’La Modern Art #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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The combination between two metal semi-circles and a marble countertop makes this small entryway table a modern interior accent.

It combines extremely well with a large mirror and a light feature of the same design. Because of the minimalist nature of the table, it shouldn’t be overcrowded with decoration elements.

17. Entryway Table with Glass Top Gala

Entryway Table with Glass Top Gala #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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If you already have a glass entryway table but you want to upgrade it, you will make an instant makeover with just a piece of cloth.

Whether white or in another color, the cloth should be spread evenly to the floor at all sides as to make it look elegant.

via Starfish Cottage

18. Farmhouse Console Design

Farmhouse Console Design #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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Farmhouse and modern meet in this DIY console table. Made entirely of wood, its X-brace support and height turn it into a focal point of the entryway.

We should also note that it is a very affordable and beautiful way to increase the decor value of your home.

via Rogue Engineer

19. For the Vintage Lovers

For the Vintage Lovers #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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An easy way to add more character and interest to your space is to lean on the vintage furniture and accents.

An old table like this one doesn’t require much work to be used in the entryway. It will look stunning if it is left in its original state.

20. Fun & Functional

Fun & Functional #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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Every inch of this entryway speaks for the artistic and adventurous nature of the housekeepers.

The non-traditional console table provides a storage place for two stools and displays for interesting elements.

21. Little Red Rooster

Little Red Rooster #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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Sometimes the key to showing good taste and decorating abilities is to make a dramatic contrast. Usually, this means is used on small pieces of furniture or on accents.

This entryway table is an example of how impressive and impacting the entryway can be.

22. Mediterranean Blue Entry Table Design

Mediterranean Blue Entry Table Design #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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Welcome the coast in your entryway with a rustic upcycled table.

The beach impact can be easily seen with the chosen color combo and the complementing mirror surrounded by a frame with shells.

via Lily Pad Cottage

23. Midtown Mod Wooden Entry Table

Midtown Mod Wooden Entry Table #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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If the entryway is too small but you don’t want to make a compromise with the furniture, there is a way to have your entryway table.

Instead of the standard design on legs, you can suspend it on brackets and thus don’t take any of the floor space.

24. Mirrored Art Deco Table for the Entryway

Mirrored Art Deco Table for the Entryway #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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In cases where the entryway is narrow, use the mirror surfaces to create depth and illusion for airier space.

In addition to that, it also reflects the light so it will help you make the space brighter.

25. Provincial Pantry Table

Provincial Pantry Table #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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This functional entryway table is entirely hand-made to answer the storage and style preferences of the creator.

There is a low level that allows the placing of larger items like a basket or trunk which increases the farmhouse impact. The top is left for smaller decorations like candle holders and vases.

via Country Girl Home

26. Robin’s Egg Blue Entry Table

Robin’s Egg Blue Entry Table #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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Give a touch of uniqueness and extravagance to your entryway with a table in contrasting colors.

If you choose the same egg blue color, stake on beach-affected decorations in white or made of glass.

via The House Of Smiths

27. Rustic Apothecary Style

Rustic Apothecary Style #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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If you have a very practical entryway table but its look is not to your taste, you can always do a renovation like a story with this Ikea sidebar.

With the help of stain, it has been turned into a breath-taking rustic beauty.

via Kindred Vintage

28. Rustic Wooden Tavern Décor

Rustic Wooden Tavern Decor
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Although the design of this small table isn’t that complicated, it has an attractive look because of the V-shaped base.

It will add just enough character and charm to the entryway when in arrangement with other rustic accents.

via Dana Wolter Interiors

29. Rustic X-Entryway Table

Rustic X-Entryway Table #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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Choosing a wooden entryway table has its advantages as wood matches almost all interior styles.

This one will add a countryside charm to the place because of the X-braced supports that remind of a sawhorse.

via Ana White

30. Shabby Chic Wooden Runner Entry Table Idea

Shabby Chic Wooden Runner Entry Table Idea #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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Entryway tables don’t have to be very complicated to make a good impression.

A simple beam suspended on brackets will have the same decoration impact and function as a large table does if placed at the right wall and if cohered with the rest of the interior design.

via Grandville Life

31. Simply Rustic Wooden Table Décor

Simply Rustic Wooden Table Decor
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An upcycled cabinet used as a table in the entryway will make the space look feel homely and integral with the rest of the rooms.

You can combine it with a chalkboard frame to write inspiring sentences or welcoming phrases.

via Confetti Style

32. Singer Sewing Machine Style

Singer Sewing Machine Style #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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The upcycling of furniture always ends in having a one-of-a-kind element.

The legs of an old sewing machine are a source of numerous DIY projects which also include making an impressive rustic entryway table.

via Rustic Craft

33. Sophisticated Metropolitan Design

Sophisticated Metropolitan Design #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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Glass is related to modern and contemporary design. If this is your taste for the interior, you can use it even for your entryway furniture.

A glass table will add a sleek and luxury accent to the space, especially when combined with other refined and glam accents.

via Dea Vita

34. Stunning Tree Piece

Stunning Tree Piece #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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This entryway table will be appreciated by all artistic souls.

It can be handcrafted by a large tree trunk with the help of special tools. Its function will be mostly decorative but it is certain that it will be the focal point of the entryway.

via Tabulous

35. Table with Refinished Wooden Folding

Table with Refinished Wooden Folding #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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This rustic table is beautiful and functional at the same time. Made of refinished wood, its design can be easily recreated.

The x-brace supports are quite high which allows storage of larger items beneath the table.

36. Timelessly Handsome Wooden Table

Timelessly Handsome Wooden Table #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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This wooden table will make any entryway feel more welcoming and appealing. It is relatively high and allows the hiding of two large baskets for cushions.

37. Victorian Slice Style

Victorian Slice Style #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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This small table could be your inspiration for an entryway upgrade. A wooden beam is attached to the wall to serve as a display of decorations to increase the welcoming character of the space.

The lyre-shaped legs are rather decorative than supporting but they give a finished rustic look to the piece.

38. Winter Palace Balustrade Style

Winter Palace Balustrade Style #entry #table #decorhomeideas
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Light grey walls embrace a creamy grey-colored wooden table. Its antique value is enhanced by the ornamented legs which connect two levels for storage.

The bottom board can easily accommodate two rustic wicker baskets while the top is left for decorative elements in the same style.

via Beautiful Chaos

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