30 Creative Ideas To Decorate Above The Sofa With Style

We spent so much time choosing the best sofa for our living room. We search for a model that conforms with the interior of the room but at the same time doesn’t make any compromise with comfort.

Nevertheless, the sofa won’t stand out from the interior if the wall above it is not decorated properly.

If you think that hanging a canvas is the only way to decorate it, you are wrong. You can put an emphasis on the relaxing area in a different and eye-catching manner.

Best Ideas To Decorate Above The Sofa. The wall space above your sofa is brimming with design potential, from art arrangements to storage shelves, it just takes a little imagination. #decorhomeideas

The decorating options are wide and we are here to show you the most attractive ones that will put an accent to that part of the living room.

1. Complement Your Coastal Decor with Framed Beach Treasures

Beach House Memories Collage-Style Collection #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

A sofa in white or blue represents the coastal style in the living room. Make it pop out with a framed collection of beach treasures and symbols.

2. Add Visual Interest with an Industrial Background

Blue Background and Bicycle Mount #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

Bring the industrial roughness into the calming atmosphere of the living room.

The living room interior is based on the contrast between colors and between styles to achieve and suggest the constant balance between the inner and outer worlds.

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3. Add an Antique Touch with a Cathedral Mirror Above the Sofa

Cathedral Mirror and Floral Sconces #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

Hanging a mirror on the wall above the sofa will solve not only the decorative issues. It will visually enlarge the space and will increase the illumination amount.

A cathedral mirror like the one from the image will have an antique and farmhouse effect on the interior and will make the space more welcoming.

4. Create an Indoor Oasis with a Wooden Framed Mirror

Century Havana Mirror and Tropical Foliage #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

A large rectangular mirror with a beautiful wooden frame will outline the focal point of the room.

Combined with other decorative elements like plants and candles, it will recreate the perception of an indoor oasis.

via Erinn V

5. Decorate Your Sofa’s Wall with Shelves

Clean Cut Wooden Shelf Runner #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

The decoration of the wall above the sofa can be done with shelves.

They will serve as a display for decorative elements or books. The atmosphere will become cozier and some how more intelligent.

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6. Hang Artwork Above Your Sofa with a Driftwood Base

Driftwood Gallery Wall Mount #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

One of the common ways for decoration of any wall in the interior is framed art.

Hanging it onto a special background like a driftwood base is a warranty for instant attention.

7. Create a Focal Point with Mirrors and a Stag’s Head

Duo Mirror and Stag’s Head Wall Mount #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

Two large mirrors will cover a relatively wide space from the wall behind the sofa.

Combined with a centerpiece like a stag’s head, they will make an arrangement that will revive the ambiance.

8. Decorate with Paintings for a Refined Look

English Parlor Botanica Wall Prints #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

If you go for decorating with paintings, they can incorporate elements and colors similar to those of the furniture.

This will add a certain feeling of elegance and refined taste.

9. Wall Art Inspiration to Add Farmhouse Accents

Farmhouse Repurposed Window and Sign #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

In a living room where the farmhouse accents predominate, use wall art inspired by the same style.

A repurposed window with chicken wire, a wreath and a bold farmhouse sign will hint at your nostalgia for the simpler way of living in the countryside and that the living room is a contemporary reproduction of these memories.

10. Create Harmonious Aesthetic with a Sofa Wall Art

Free Form Picture Display #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

Although the wall art above the sofa covers almost the entire wall, it doesn’t create a chaotic look.

On the contrary, the various shapes and large amounts create harmony because they are from the same color and style scheme.

11. Enhance Your Living Room with Artistic Paintings

Life Scale Horse and Love Wall Art #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

The paintings can serve as an interesting finishing stroke of the living room transformation and a fun way to show the character of the homeowners.

Whether portraying animals, abstracts, inspirations, they will look most aesthetically if matched with the color of the furniture.

via Setting For Four

12. Create a Cohesive Look with Wall Art and Sofa Colors

Metro Studio Picture Frame Runner Shelf #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

This is another example of an elegant frame composition where the art matches the sofa colors.

The group of images must cover the same width of the wall as the width of the sofa to feel like an integral part of the decoration and ensure the finished look of the room.

via Najs Dizajn

13. Unique Framed Wall Art Arrangement Over the Sofa

Mountain Cabin Sofa Frames #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

The wall art above the sofa can picture favorite phrases, not only images. Most of the frames are of a simple design to let the phrases pop out.

The frame left empty is an interesting part of the arrangement. It has been left like that because of the ornaments on the wood and to create a connection between the textured wall and the art on it.

via Society Social

14. Put a Tiered Gallery of Personal Memories Above the Sofa

Multi-Tiered Wooden Gallery #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

The tiered gallery of personal memories and purposefully placed signs set a homely atmosphere of the living room.

Note that the color and style scheme of the art is identical and it also matches the colors of the sofa.

via The Crazy Craft Lady

15. Coastal-Style Living Room with a Sentimental Painting

Nantucket Style Seaside Backdrop and Canvas #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

The painting on the wall above the sofa can be large, sentimental and thematical. This Nantucket-style living room welcomes the coastal memories in a very gentle way.

The wooden wall is dark stained to give depth to space and let the painting and the sofa pop out.

via Sem Estalar

16. Upscale Your Home with Unique Wall Decorations

Old Shutters Wall Decoration #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

The wall above the sofa can recreate a scene from the outer world. Following the upcycling trend, old shutters, a window and two candleholders recreate a picture from the exterior of a house.

This setting has a tremendous impact on making the living room very calming.

17. Vintage Style Living Room with a Sofa Wall Clock Accent

Oversized Clock Display #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

A large wall clock is a suitable decoration for the wall above the sofa in a living room designed in the vintage style.

Such an eye-catching piece is appropriate when the rest of the decoration is only backing it up and not standing out with the same intensity.

18. Enhance Your Living Room with a Distinctive Mirror

Palatial Style Mounted Wall Mirror #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

A mirror with a distinguishable thick wood frame will add elegance and rustic beauty to the living room, especially when hung above the sofa.

Its beauty is additionally outlined by two symmetrically positioned lamps in creamy color.

via Crazy Chic Design

19. Decorate with Volumetric Figures and Letters

Prairie Home Lettering Sign #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

Using volumetric figures or letters in the vertical plane of the living room is an innovative and modern way of decoration.

They become an original substitute for classic paintings or pictures. The versatility of the metal grey color makes it suitable for matching any type of wall color and sofas.

20. Reclaimed Wooden Window Over a Sofa

Repurposed Wooden Mirror #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

The setting of this living room is clearly farmhouse-inspired. Therefore the decoration above the sofa must follow the same design concept.

Any upcycled items like an old shutter, a window, a ladder can successfully accentuate that special part of the room.

via Beckys Farmhouse

21. Decorate Your Sofa Wall with a Winter-Themed Art

Rustic Parlor Style Picture Frames #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

The wall decoration above the sofa can be thematical. In this case, it manifests winter with an interesting art grouped onto a large frame.

The color scheme of all framed pictures is the same which establishes the importance of every single piece.

via Itsy Bitsy and Pieces

22. Appreciate Nature with a Shabby Chic Forest Decor

Shabby Chic Hunting Lodge Wall Mount #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

The decoration can be a mix of various elements and not identical ones. This one is an example of a shabby chic arrangement in neutral colors.

The arrows, the wheat bouquet and the deer sculpture mark the forest’s presence in the living space and the connection and appreciation of nature.

via Homemade Lovely

23. Enhance Contemporary Aesthetic with a Geometric Mirror

Stylish Circular Mirror #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

The fine frame and the geometric shape of this large mirror enhance the clean and contemporary spirit of this living room.

It reflects paintings in the same color palette as the tones used for the smaller decor elements.

via Copycat Chic

24. Add Industrial Vibes with a Suspended Shelving Unit

Suspended Sofa Shelving Unit #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

A suspended shelving unit starting right above the sofa and finishing at the ceiling will add an industrial vibe to the space.

Use it to store favorite books and magazines but also for decorative elements that will make the space unique.

25. Framed Wall Arts and a Cross Wreath as the Focal Point

Symmetry Framing Display and Wild Wreath #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

The large framed arts serve as great wall decor. They can be arranged symmetrically, forming the shape of a rectangle, square or line.

In all cases, the center of the group is the one with the highest impact. In this case, the wreath is more than decoration. It frames the focal point of the wall art- a cross.

via Little Glass Jar

26. Cherish Memories with a Framed Gallery Above a Sofa

University Days Antiquated Wall Display #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

Let the wall above the sofa be the place for the most special memories- from university years to nowadays.

The pale blue background and the white frames create a wall that hints at the beach’s importance for the homeowners. This is additionally backed up with the oar.

27. Luxurious and Elegant Living Room Wall with Gold Accents

Uptown Girl Trendy Gallery Wall #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

The gold elements spread around the living room speak for luxury and elegance.

Indeed, this living room inspires with its airy and tidy look. Since there are two sofas, the wall above each has been decorated in the same style.

Antique mirrors cover the corner while other wall arts like pictures and signs fill the rest.

via Classy Clutter

28. Add Character to Your Sofa Wall with Rustic Chalkboard Art

Wall Mounted Chalkboard #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

A chalkboard in a rustic wood frame will become an appreciated and versatile piece of art for the wall above the sofa.

Write inspiring phrases or personal statements as you need and feel and enhance the individualism of the space. You can use its top as a display of favorite photos.

via Liz Marie Blog

29. Create a Calm Display with a DIY Wooden Ledge

White Sands Simple Wooden Shelf #wall #decor #sofa #decorhomeideas

A wooden ledge will suit your taste in case you don’t like the overwhelming decorations and simplicity calm you down.

It is DIY so you can easily make one for your living room. Display memories or inspiring images in frames in the same colors as those of the furniture.

via The Picket Fence Projects

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