30 Awesome Driveway Gate Ideas To Impress Your Guests

If your property is enclosed, consider the idea of installing a stylish driveway gate.

They usually come in a wide variety of styles and are a smart way to display your personal taste and style. Driveway gates are the introduction to your landscaping design.

Selection of the best driveway gate ideas and designs available. Metal, wrought iron, wooden driveway gates - designs and layouts.

We have prepared 28 Cool Driveway Gate Ideas for you. I hope you will find what you are looking for (fingers crossed).

1. Bring Timeless Elegance with a Classic Metal Gate

Awesome driveway gate ideas #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


I will start my collection of residential driveway gate ideas with this stylish mid-sized traditional metal driveway gate. I love the thickness and the edging of this door.

2. Adorn Your Driveway with a Farmhouse-Style Wooden Gate

Wooden driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


There are limitless wood driveway gate ideas on the internet.

I like this solid farmhouse style gate as it gives a really unique entrance to your home. However, keep in mind that you should take care of the wood regularly as it is exposed on constant sun and rain.

3. Enhance Your Curb Appeal with a Ranch-Style Driveway Gate

Arch driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


For those of you who are fans of the simple driveway gate ideas, here is another classic ranch style automatic driveway gate. Its main advantage is the matching pedestrian walk-through gate.

4. Ensure Your Safety with a Solid Metal Gate

Metal driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


This solid metal door is one of my favorite driveway entry security gate ideas. It is jazzy and very secure at the same time.

5. Add Splendour to a Driveway with a Wrought-iron Lattice Gate

Metal driveway gate ideas #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas

I think you must add this photo to your list of the coolest gate driveway ideas!

This substantial driveway gate with wrought-iron lattice will give your entrance a very luxurious look. The front lamps bring a strong hoary vibe.

6. Get Ultimate Convenience with a Country-Style Gate

Deer decorated driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


Still searching for some great country driveway gate ideas? Then, take a look at this personalized large automatic ranch/farmhouse door? It’s decorated with deer ornaments for a more countryside look.

7. Stand Out with an Affordable Lodge Driveway Gate

Farmhouse driveway gate idea #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


If you are on a budget, I suggest finding some wooden driveway gate ideas as they are usually a bit cheaper than the metal and ironed entrance doors.

The rustic one on the picture above is welcoming guests to a lodge in Texas. Very western style, I might say.

8. Get a Rustic Modern Look with Wrought Iron Wooden Gate

Cedar wood driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


There is a nice timber frame wood gate with wrought iron hardware. It is not one of the cheap driveway gate ideas, however, many people love to combine iron and wood material.

9. Make an Artistic Statement with Your Driveway Gate

Ornamental tractor driveway gate design #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


This piece of art is made by a company, called Ornamental Gate and Fence, which is turning various driveway gate ideas into beautiful reality.

If you have an idea about an ornament, call them and they will do their best to turn your idea into a beautiful driveway gate.

10. Upgrade Your Driveway with a Custom Red Cedar Gate

Custom made cedar wood driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


Thuja Wood Art is using reclaimed Red Cedar to build stunning custom driveway gates. Love the hardware details, they “smell” like a countryside house. Decoration possibilities are countless.

11. Make a Lasting Impression with a Classic Wrought Iron Gate

Amazing driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


Are you looking for some eccentric driveway gate design ideas? Take a look at this driveway gate with wrought-iron ornaments. The whole neighborhood will envy you!  😀

12. Impress Guests with an Electric Wrought Iron Gate

Metal ornaments driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


Following the iron driveway gate ideas, here is another whimsical wrought-iron electric gate. It’s like a decor from a Harry Potter movie, don’t you think? I suppose there is a castle nearby.

13. Bring a Mediterranean Vibe with an Exotic Wooden Gate

Dark wood driveway gate ideas #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


This mid-sized Mediterranean style wooden driveway gate will impress each of your guests.

It pairs well with the exotic greenery in the garden.

14. Embrace Minimalism with a Simple Driveway Door

Square driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


Many people know from the beginning that they want a wooden entrance door, however, they are struggling to find the best wooden driveway gate design ideas for their style and taste.

Simple shapes and forms work great when it comes to gates.

15. Step into Paradise with a Glossy Wooden Gate

Wooden driveway gate ideas #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


This simple manual wooden entrance door is a great match for a seasonal house at the seaside.

16. Create a Contemporary Vibe with a Modern Wooden Gate

Wooden boards driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


The sliding driveway gate ideas are usually better for a frequent use. This wooden one, made by Gate Power, could fit well every residential home.

17. Enchant Your Driveway with a Compact Iron Gate

Rustic driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


One of my favorite iron driveway gate ideas! I like its thickness and the tree-lined road.

18. Enhance Your Seaside Home with a Rustic Modern Gate 

White wooden driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


Lovely wooden driveway gate painted in white that would fit your seaside bungalow. It combines the elegance of yesterday and the functionality for today.

19. Make a Statement with a Stylish Driveway Gate

Original metal driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


Contemporary driveway gate ideas are known for clean lines and simple design patterns.

While some current entry gates have curves, they more commonly feature straight lines or angular designs. A steel gate like the one shown could cost a lot as it is considered an ornamental iron gate.

20. Keep Your Home Secure with an Automatic Security Gate

Solid metal driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


Here is a nice way to have a solid automatic security entry gate that still looks friendly and welcoming.

If you would like to have more privacy, choose a driveway gate that hides the landscaping and property inside.

21. Bring Classic Charm with a Traditional Metal Driveway Door

Country house driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas

Here is a country house-inspired wooden driveway gate that is painted tan rather than white or wood stained. This gate also features stone pillars that match the stone walls. It also gives the driveway entrance enough width for bigger vehicles to pass through.

22. Elevate Your Driveway Gate with Rustic Lanterns

Wrought iron driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


This welcoming custom wooden entry gate with nice lighting details can fit any type of property. Adding some nice lanterns to the gate makes it more welcoming.

23. Get a Polished Look with an Automatic Wrought Iron Gate

Metal with gold driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas

This personalized wrought-iron automatic driveway gate gives your entrance a posh luxurious look thanks to the gold accents. The scrollwork on inlays and along the top of the gate.

24. Bring Farmhouse Charm with a Ranch-Style Entrance Gate

Charming driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


Looking for some cheap driveway gate ideas for your ranch entrance? This might be the answer!

This clean, transitional style wooden driveway entry gate with white posts contrasts the greenery around very nicely.

25. Add Texture and Character with a Detailed Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron driveway gate ideas #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


The wrought-iron details with initials and acanthus give the entry gate a classy finishing look.

26. Embellish Your Driveway with a Natural Wood Gate

Automated wood driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


I must say I am one of the big fans of the wood driveway gate ideas mainly because they are adding a solid dose of natural beauty to the whole property (the entry door on the picture above is a proof!)

27. Finesse Your Yard with a Timeless Wrought Iron Driveway Gate

Driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


I’d like to share the picture of this mid-sized vintage, streamlined metal driveway gate design with stone pillars and a unique lighting fixture. A wrought iron driveway gate could cost a lot if you need special elements or would like to blend it with an existing driveway fence.

28. Add a Refined Look with an Artistic Metal Gate

Horses decorated driveway gate #drivewaygate #driveway #gate #decorhomeideas


At the end of my collection of fantastic driveway gate ideas, I’m showing you this unique ranched-inspired artsy driveway door. It presents such a powerful and inspiring picture, don’t you think?

29. Bring Sophistication to Your Home with a Tree-Like Gate

Driveway Gate Tree Design

Image: Source

Here is another example of creating art with your driveway gate. You can consider it as the tree of life inviting all your guests to enter into an area full of life and where nature is the main accent.

30. Create a Lavish Look with Wood and Steel Swinging Gates

Double Wood And Steel Modern Driveway Gate Ideas

Swing gates are great if you can afford to reserve additional space for each wing to open. As with other types of automatic driveway gates a swing gate could be controlled via remote.

To conclude, it is important to choose a driveway gate that fits your personal style, the overall landscaping, and it is easy to maintain. Hopefully, I helped you a bit with your choice!  🙂

31. Don’t Feed the Bears

wood carved gate

credit: Claude Fortin

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