15 Spring Door Decorations to Welcome the Season in Style

It is time to banish the winter blues and bring color to your front door to celebrate spring!

We have prepared 15 spring door decorations to welcome the season in style and improve your home’s curb appeal on a budget.

Welcome the season in style with these 15 spring door decorations. From vibrant wreaths to charming signs, explore creative and festive ideas to add a touch of springtime beauty to your entryway and greet guests with warmth and cheer.

1. A Cheerful Daisy

15 spring door decoration 1


This bright and cheery daisy flower is made from wood to adorn your door in spring and summer.

The polka dots on the daisy and the ribbons create a bright statement against the neutral black front door.

2. A Spring Wreath With Easter Ornaments

15 spring door decoration 2


The spring flowers in the wicker baskets and the small garden beds in pots at the sides of the front door create an elegant cottage decoration for spring.

Easter is also included in this front door decor with egg and rabbit statues made from different materials and in various colors that match the floral ornaments.

The spring and the Easter themes are united in the focal point of this decor, the wreath.

3. Floral Wreath

15 spring door decoration 3


The most straightforward and adorable spring front door decor is the wreath. It can be made from lush greenery, floral accents, spring flowers, or faux eggs.

The author has decided to welcome spring with nature in this front door decoration. The focal point is a wreath of green vines and purple common daisies that complement the pale blue door.

The lanterns are used as stands for vine pots that lead visually down to beautiful pots with antique designs that hold green vines and bouquets of spring flowers.

4. Lush Floral Decoration

15 spring door decoration 4


This front door decoration can cheer you up with its brightness, spring festiveness, and lovely nature-inspired details.

A lush garland of flowers and vines dangling down the front door shade to introduce a wreath in the same flower colors hung on the bright orange door.

Although the porch is small, it is covered with plenty of pots where seasonal flowers bloom.

The brick walls around the door are also used as a display for spring-themed decorations from wood and metal.

5. Farmhouse-inspired Front Door Decor

15 spring door decoration 5


If you have painted the front door color to draw inspiration, match the seasonal decoration.

The milky pink door looks even more stunning with the spring decor with sprinkles of the same hue to the wreath and the garland around the door.

The farmhouse charm is anchored with a buffalo plaid ribbon on the wreath, repeated as decorations of the galvanized bucket planters on the ground.

6. Asymmetrical Garland And A Matching Wreath

15 spring door decoration 6


A lush asymmetrical garland and a matching wreath complement the English cottage look of this house.

The dimensional texture of the decor pieces is created by mixing different green twigs, vines and leaves.

The color accents of the green bases represent beautiful flowers in white, pink, and red.

7. Pink Front Door Decoration

15 spring door decoration 7


Sometimes, you can use the front door decor to give this area character and an appealing look.

In this spring front door decor, the cottage door and siding embrace the contrasting color of the pink Hibiscus flowers that adorn the leafy wreath and garland.

8. A Wreath Between Topiaries

15 spring door decoration 8


This front door decoration is so appealing and harmonious. The balance is achieved by using three colors on all decor items and positioning them symmetrically.

A white and pink wreath with leaves and seasonal flowers decorates the front door and sets the spring theme. Two topiaries and two urns with flowers stay at the sides of the door to continue the anchored color combination.

Adding a boxwood dog statue adds a cute and homely touch to the porch and enhances the welcoming vibe.

9. Easter-inspired Front Door Decor

15 spring door decoration 9


Why not decorate for spring and Easter at the same time?

Check out this cute front door decoration featuring a lush flower garland with egg ornaments hanging at the top of the door. In the center of the door, cute bunny heads peak out a vertical wreath.

The festiveness is enhanced with two symmetrical flower pots filled with flowers and bunny hosts.

10. Romantic Front Door Decor

15 spring door decoration 10


The size of this front porch has been the decisive factor in the spring-themed front door decoration.

Instead of an arch or a garland from blossoms, the door is decorated with a half-floral arch at the wider side of the door.

11. Spring Flower Galore

15 spring door decoration 11


This small front porch has become a spring garden celebrating the revival of nature.

Farmhouse containers of different sizes and textures hold bouquets of seasonal flowers. Tulips, daffodils, daisies, and baby’s breath create a bright spring touch to the white house decor.

The front door is also decorated with a garland from leaves and daisies.

The same natural materials are used for the beautiful wreath on the door.

12. Rose Fairytale

15 spring door decoration 12


Roses are classy and elegant flowers often preferred for spring and summer indoor and outdoor decoration.

In this appealing front door decor, the approach of spring is celebrated with harmonious floral arrangements, including green leaves, pink and white roses, and baby’s breath.

The double door requires two identical wreaths complemented by a garland and two flower baskets. Including an Easter decoration to mix this holiday with spring is a great idea.

13. Bright Front Door Decor

15 spring door decoration 13


Use bright colors related to spring to give your front porch an inviting and spring-festive look. Start with a wreath with flowers, or why not with fruits?

Then, continue with the floor, introducing different scale pots with seasonal flowers.

14. Burst Of Spring Colors

15 spring door decoration 14


Bring the color and fragrance of spring with a front door wreath. Make it from flowers that symbolize the season.

You can add a cheerful finish touch to the wreath with a layered ribbon bow. Use rabbit statues and plastic eggs in the front porch decor arrangement to imply that your home is ready also for Easter.

15. Welcoming Daisies

15 spring door decoration 15


Daisies are typical springtime blooms that are related to a few positive meanings. People know the daisy flower symbolizes purity, innocence, joy, and new beginnings.

That makes it the perfect choice for a front door wreath that will also upgrade the overall exterior.

The delicacy of the daisy flower requires more superficial surrounding decoration, such as symmetrically placed boxwood topiaries and flower pots with daisies.

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