24 Spring Door Wreaths That Will Instantly Brighten Your Home

Wreaths have been an essential part of people’s lives since ancient times. Back then, they were made from natural leaves, branches, and berries.

With spring’s arrival, people would make wreaths from wildflowers to celebrate nature’s revival.

Nowadays, wreaths are an important part of our home decor, especially as front decor decoration. Hanging a wreath on the front door instantly gives the entire home a more appealing look and welcoming vibe.

Instantly brighten your home this spring with these 24 captivating door wreaths. Explore a variety of creative and welcoming designs that add a touch of seasonal charm and beauty to your entrance.

Spring is soon to come, so let’s prepare for it with a lovely wreath from our collection of 24 Spring Door Wreaths That Will Instantly Brighten Your Home.

1. Country Chic Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 1


The design of this door requires two identical wreaths that beautify it during spring.

The bases are grapevine branches woven in a round shape and decorated with pink-colored leafy vines.

The wreath’s pastel color complements the wooden door’s whitewashed finish.

2. Tulip Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 2


Tulips stay for spring, and any wreath with tulips can make the door more festive for this season.

In this wreath idea, three colors of tulips are arranged densely on the round base to create a burst of spring beauty.

3. Round Wreath With Faux Flowers

24 spring door wreaths 3


If you are looking for a wreath design that can be used over and over again over the years, make it with faux flowers and greenery.

You can search in the Dollar Tree for realistic items and match them by color, size, and texture in your customized wreath idea.

4. Spring Harvest Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 4


The wreath design in this spring decor idea mixes spring harvest with Easter.

The wreath base is covered with bows, carrots, and eggs. In the center of the wreath, a cute bunny stays to unite the wreaths with the surrounding front door decoration.

The oversized garland with greenery, flowers, and different garden decorations creates a whimsical feeling about this front porch, turning it into a scene from Alice’s Wonderland.

5. Forsythia Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 5


The Forsythia plant sings spring. It is one of the first plants that bloom when spring approaches and is gorgeous for indoor and outdoor spring decor.

Twigs from Forsythia look fabulous in a porcelain or a glass vase on the dining table and as a wreath on the front door.

6. Wild Eucalyptus Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 6


This gorgeous wreath is filled with wild eucalyptus and olive branches, creating a dense and volumetric base for subtle spring flowers.

This wreath will send a warm welcome to your guests during spring.

7. Jasmine Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 7


This is another wreath idea for double doors featuring two identical wreaths. They are made from Jasmine branches, which stand out beautifully against the black door backdrop.

The leaves of the Jasmine are glossy and large, perfect to give a wreath volume, and its white blooms are magnificent.

8. White Tulips

24 spring door wreaths 8


This wreath gives so much character to the front door area. It features many white tulips arranged in rows on the round wreath base.

A pink bow at the bottom of the wreath delicately accentuates the white tulip galore.

9. Grapevine Wreath With White Blooms

24 spring door wreaths 9


Half this grapevine wreath is adorned with green fern leaves and white blooms.

Leaving half of it undecorated gives the wreath a rustic charm that will warm the front door.

10. Baby’s Breath Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 10


Baby’s breath is so versatile! It can be part of a table garland runner, decoration for arches or mantles, and also great for spring wreaths.

You can decorate a grapevine base with baby’s breath or cover a styrofoam base densely with branches of this plant to make an eye-catching white wreath.

Insert butterfly and bird decorations from the Dollar Store to enhance the spring spirit.

11. Heart-shaped Wreath With Gerbera

24 spring door wreaths 11


This heart-shaped wreath is entirely made from faux greenery and flowers.

The vines’ base is plastic, making it easy to twist in the desired shape.

The gerbera blooms look good as floral spring decoration, but you can also customize them with other flowers you like.

12. Tulip Strped Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 12


Another wonderful wreath with spring flowers features four colors of tulips arranged in stripes along the wreath base.

13. Peony Buds Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 13


This faux flower wreath is perfect as decoration of a white wooden door. The colors are pastel, making the wreath inviting and delicate.

14. Rustic Wreath With Eggs

24 spring door wreaths 14


To highlight Easter in your door wreath, tuck plastic or styrofoam eggs among the flowers.

Add a large burlap bow to the center or to the side of the wreath and short wooden branches that will complement the rustic flair of the wreath.

15. Dogwood Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 15


One of the most popular flowering trees in spring is the dogwood. The base of the wreath consists of many thin branches that allow twisting in a round shape.

The dogwood twigs are then woven around the base and decorated with pink and white patterned bows and butterflies to create a beautiful blend of white and pink.

16. Wreath With Faux Flowers

24 spring door wreaths 16


This is another excellent wreath made from faux greenery and flowers. The base is boxwood twisted in a heart shape.

The creator of this wreath has decided to decorate the green base with bold colors of flowers that can stand out against the blue door.

17. Willow Tree Branches Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 17


The willow tree branches are also prone to bending, making them great for a DIY wreath.

For a more rustic look, leave the buds in their natural look and decorate with burlap bows.

If you want a more vibrant color palette, you can paint each bud with water or acrylic paints and add a silk bow that matches.

18. Peanoies And Greeery Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 18


Nature is beautiful is the message of this gorgeous wreath.

This wreath makes the front door festive and welcoming and is made from green twigs and peonies in different colors.

19. Easter Wreath With Flowers

24 spring door wreaths 19


The bottom of this grapevine wreath is decorated with daffodils, forsythia, and cloves to create the perfect blend of vibrant spring colors.

The Easter theme is also present in this spring wreath, with the cute bunny in the center and the eggs tucked among the flowers.

20. Spring Wreath With Wildflowers

24 spring door wreaths 20


The colors of the blooms decorating this spring wreath are chosen to complement the pastel blue color of the door.

The pink and blue flowers are wildflowers blooming in the fields in spring. They are very delicate and give the wreath a rustic look that matches the design of the front door.

21. Heart Wreath With Flowers

24 spring door wreaths 21


For a more interesting design of the spring wreath, check out this fantastic wreath idea.

It features a heart base from grapevine painted white and flower decoration only at the sides of the heart.

The blossoms are bright and cheerful as spring is. You can use accurate flower cuts or faux ones that will resist longer.

22. Rose Buds Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 22


Rose is the queen of flowers; every decoration it is part of instantly gives the space elegance and class.

In this wreath idea, the roses are combined with wildflowers and spring garden flowers, adding a rustic flair to the stylish rose arrangement.

23. White And Pink Tulips Wreath

24 spring door wreaths 23


These vibrant tulips are artificial. However, their texture and size make them look like real flowers.

Arranging white and pink tulips densely over the round base of the wreath gives the door so much natural beauty, elegance, and charm.

24. Purple Wreath With Flowers

24 spring door wreaths 24


This wreath’s bright lilac color will look amazing on any dark front door.

A lush garden bouquet and wildflowers complement the lovely wreath base color. The finishing touch is a burlap bow that enhances its light and airy feel.

This wreath would look great in rustic farmhouse style and romantic cottage style.

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