15 Eye Catching Modern Murals For Interior Home Decor

Wall murals are a trend for quite some time now. Whether you like them or not, there are some beautiful murals that we have collected here in a nice gallery. Enjoy!

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1. The Wallflower Mural

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Add a bit of color to a white wall with a flower mural. You can bring out the natural texture of colored items such as floorboards and staircases.

The flower mural is a great way to draw attention to an accent wall without being overbearing, and the design is enough to full a large area with a relatively simple design.

Place the flower mural in an open area to give the perception of added depth and freshen up the scenery in that room.

Flower murals also work well in rooms that do not have any live plants of their own – they bring a bit of nature in from the outside without the dirt and bug trails that sometimes accompany flowerpots!