10 Best Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

We bet your Pinterest boards are full of nicely polished and refined homes, but you have no idea how to duplicate the look.

Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Expensive
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The skilled interior designers have an inborn talent for mixing and matching patterns, epochs, and design styles in a way that looks simple, unpretentious, and timeless.

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But if we try to do the same, we may find ourselves thinking Are these patterns really going together? Is something missing? Do I need to add some texture or warmth?

In an effort to make this process a little more smooth for you, we selected and described 10 easy ways to make your home look more polished

Also, you won’t need professional help from an interior designer. Whether it’s adding a wall art here, or removing a potted plant there, these simple tricks will give each of your rooms a certain something that will make them more refined and sophisticated than ever.

1. Imitative Wainscoting

DIY wainscoting
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Emily of Decorchick! – blogger and a passionate DIYer – decided to use an old chair rail, caulking, vintage wooden photo frames, and lots of coats of white paint to build this judges paneling replica.

A great and easy way to polish any space at your house!

Get tutorial at: decorchick.com

2. Simple Crown Shaping

Crown Molding
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The long-time blogger Amanda of The Penny Parlor shows us how to give the living room space a chic vintage vibe by securely holding pre-made white blocks in the corners to join crown shaping.

Get tutorial at: thepennyparlor.com

3. Pseudo Ceiling Plate

Fake Ceiling Plate
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Photo: Credit

Can you imagine this glamorous ceiling plate is 100% fake?

It is made by the Pinterest user Teara Backens Rhode who made it by cutting a hole in the center of a 3$ plastic cheese tray. Easy and glam, eh?

4. Pretty Up the Windows

Window Trim
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I bet you’ll agree that every breathtaking view deserves an evenly stunning window frame.

The blogger Jenna Sue Design spends not more than $50 on materials to trim the window frames.

Get tutorial at: blog.jennasuedesign.com

5. Faux Wooden Ceiling Beams

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If you are a fan of the farmhouse interior, these faux ceiling beams may be the right answer for you.

This smart idea of refining the bathroom while hiding an unpleasing pipe comes from the blogger and skilled interior designer – Traci of Beneath My Heart.

Get tutorial at: beneathmyheart.net/

6. DIY Farmhouse Board and Batten Wall

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Do you find the design of the entryway a bit boring and dull?

Then, why don’t you re-create this all-white, rustically chic board-and-batten panel to bring a small dose of vintage glamour to the entrance hall?

Get tutorial at: homedepot.com

7. Wooden Paneled Wall for a Master Bedroom

Paneled Wall
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Here is another project from Jenna Sue Design – an unpretentious wooden paneled wall. It would be a great trimming idea for every master bedroom space.

All you need is a couple of thin hardwood sheets, half-inch-thick MDF panels, and a lot of enthusiam!

Get tutorial at: blog.jennasuedesign.com

8. DIY Window Drapery

Window Valance
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Jamielyn Nye, a well-known blogger from Arizona, made this exclusive window drapery/valance for less than $30. Can you believe it?

Everything that was used was some MDF wood and a crown molding left from a living room renovation.

Get tutorial at: iheartnaptime.net

9. Customized Kitchen Cabinets

Custom cabinets
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Cristina of Remodelando la Casa is a blogger who decided to give the kitchen space more polished look by lengthening the height of the kitchen cabinets to the ceiling.

She also painted them in white which gives the space a strong vintage vibe.

Get tutorial at: remodelandolacasa.com

10. Bathroom Mirror Improvement

Mirror Update
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John and Sherry of Young House Love transformed the plain, frameless mirror in their bathroom by adding a Nordic style, all-white frame.

This simple and easy trick gives the space a more stylish and expensive look, don’t you think?

Get tutorial at: younghouselove.com

So, did you find what you were looking for? These home decor hacks to give your home a more polished look are not just easy but they are also ideal if you’re working on a budget. 

Simplify, don’t stop experimenting, give your creativity full freedom and you’ll see – you’ll live in the home you have dreamt for.  😉

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