20 Easy DIY Gardening Ideas With Vegetables

Many people have started adopting the trend of growing vegetable gardens at home. Not only do you get healthy organic produce, but it’s also an easy way to save money on groceries. 

While there’s no perfect terrain when making a garden, there are different ways that you can plan your garden to make the most out of it while adding some aesthetic flair. 

In this article, we examine 20 easy gardening layouts you can apply in your vegetable garden. 

1. Try Companion Planting 

Divide Your Garden Into Many Cells


When cultivating a vegetable garden, variety is one of the first factors you should consider. This will expand your cuisine and improve your plants, especially when growing companion plants. 

Companion plants generally have the same light and other growing requirements that mutually benefit each other.

This sectioned vegetable garden contains companion plants that improve the gardeners’ variety and add beauty to an otherwise plain space.

2. Construct Some Raised Beds 

Raised Bed Gardening


Raised beds are one of my favorite gardens. They’re neat and easy to tend to, and making one is a great way to deal with poor soil.

Raised beds also warm up quickly and better when recovering from the cold than when growing the plants on the ground. 

This raised garden setup uses different beds, some with trellises to support the climbing plants.

When making raised garden beds from wood, ensure the material isn’t treated with chemicals that could leach into the garden and harm the plants.

3. Grow Vegetables on a Trellis

Easy Diy Pallet Trellis


When you have limited room, growing your plants on a trellis gives you more room to spread and adds a timeless, charming look to your garden. 

This vegetable garden uses trellises to save space and maximize the vertical area, thus increasing the garden area.

4. Repurpose Some Stock Tanks 

Raised Bed With Lights


Stock tanks have a variety of uses due to their indestructible nature, which is one of the reasons they make good raised garden beds.

They are just the right height and offer the proper access for tending to your garden if you have back issues. 

This trough tank takes the raised garden bed idea to the next level by incorporating decorative elements such as lights to accompany the trellis.

Ensure enough drainage holes to prevent waterlogging when building a stock tank.

5. Try Some Wire Mesh 

Charming Arched Idea


Trellises are great if you have vining or climbing vegetables in your garden. However, a wire mesh could be the ideal choice if you plan to grow many such plants. 

Here, the vegetable garden design uses a wire mesh as a solution to the vining plants. Since the mesh has a larger surface area, it can support several plants.

6. Try a Natural Look

Enchanting Arched Trellis Ideas


With sustainability becoming ever more important, going for an all-natural garden could be the best way to jump into this vital movement. 

The large trellis supporting the vine is also made from plants in this vegetable garden, evoking an all-natural look.

Use an edging tool to create a defined look, particularly in well-manicured lawns like in this design.

7. Try a Vertical Garden 

Modern Garden Patio Decor Ideas


If you’re having a pest problem, a vertical garden could clear half of your worries. Vertical gardens are very efficient in smaller spaces.

You can use different materials to create your perfect vertical garden, such as repurposed gutters or pipes. 

Ensure enough holes are at the bottom of each container or pipe for drainage.

Vertical gardens work best if you grow shallow-rooted plants such as thyme, kale, or leaf lettuce.

8. Hang Some Bottles 

Reuse Plastic Bottles For Gardening


Hanging bottles and baskets are mainly used for flowering plants, but they can also be used for growing vegetables, as in this design. 

The best thing about this design is that the bottles can be hung about anywhere, from the balcony to your backyard, since they don’t need a lot of room.

9. Adorn with Greenhouse Flair

Amazing Hanging Vegetable Garden


Looking for a supply of vegetables all year round? Try using a greenhouse to grow your vegetables. Greenhouses are the perfect habitat for your plants during the cold seasons, such as winter. 

This vegetable garden combines an outdoor garden and a greenhouse for the perfect balance of an all-weather garden.

10. Hanging Basket

Strawberry Hanging Planter On The Fence


A hanging basket can be your one-stop solution for a vegetable garden, especially if you’re a beginner.

With just one basket, you can grow your favorite vegetable or fruit as you get accustomed to the plant care needs. 

Here, the basket is used to grow a strawberry shrub. You can branch out to several plants and baskets or just continue with the one. 

11. Tiered Raised Vegetable Garden 

Raised Planter Trellis For Vegetables


While raised gardens may make the gardening process easy, they’re limited in terms of the space available.

However, creating a tiered raised vegetable garden can help maximize the space. 

Here, the tiered design increases the surface area while offering a unique design that improves the garden’s aesthetic appeal.

The uppermost tier includes a trellis for climbers to hold on to.

12. Light Up Your Potager Garden

Pallet Bed And Lights


Rather than going for simple landscaping, why not incorporate a garden in your landscape?

A potager garden will keep your space neat and also discourage the growth of weeds. 

In this design, the potager garden with raised beds has been brought to life with lights that spruce up the space.

This garden is functional and makes for an excellent outdoor sitting area.

13. A Pumpkin Haven 

Pyramid Of Pumpkins


When making a trellis for your plants, the structure must be strong enough to support the plants and the weight of the produce.

As previously stated, trellis also protects against the destruction of plants by pests and diseases. 

This strong trellis provides sufficient support to the pumpkin plant.

Since pumpkin fruits are raised from the ground, they’re less likely to get damaged due to attacks by pests or bad weather, such as heavy rains.

14. Landscaping with a Trellis 

Build A Garden Teepee Cucumber Trellis With Branches


Most people prefer to avoid having gardens with well-manicured lawns since gardens can sometimes appear untidy.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case since trellises can also be used for landscaping. 

This unique trellis design acts as the perfect climber solution for the plant.

During the climb, the plant follows the outline of the trellis, creating an exciting design that matches the lawn’s aesthetics.

15. One Pot Design 

Bucket Planters


Sometimes, you need a garden just to grow your favorite plant. In such cases, using a single pot may be easier and neater than growing an entire garden. 

This single-pot garden used to grow pickles is a good example.

The pot has been fixed with a support structure to ensure the health and improve the plant’s yield. 

16. Add Some Flowers

Tomatoes And Flower In Pot


Your garden doesn’t always have to be plain; incorporating some flowers is an excellent way to add visual interest. 

Some scented flowers can also deter pests from attacking your plants, thus improving the yield.

In this potted garden design, the flowers surrounding the plants add beauty to the space and act as a landscaping feature. 

17. Column Vertical Garden 

Indoor Gardening In A Manufactured Home


There are different ways to create a vertical garden; using bottles to create a column vertical garden is one unique method. 

This vertical garden design works well if you want to grow a hydroponic garden.

The main advantage of this vegetable garden design is that it uses fewer resources such as water and fertilizer than traditional vertical gardens. 

18. Go for Unconventional Planters

 Strawberry Tower


Vegetable gardens don’t always need to follow traditional designs; sometimes, taking the unconventional route will yield even better results. 

There are a variety of materials to choose from, from Tupperware containers to planting bags and raised gardens.

This creative vegetable garden uses hanging containers as the perfect habitat for the strawberries. Remember to include drainage holes when growing such a garden. 

19. Use a Garden Drum 

Upcycle Plastic Container


Drums can be repurposed into portable gardens and be highly effective planters. The drum’s cylindrical shape provides a large surface area for growing plants. 

Besides this, the design also makes it easier to water and administer fertilizer, making the care process for vegetables being grown easier.

20. Go for a Multipurpose Trellis 

 Easy Cucumber Trellis


The primary aim of a trellis is to act as a support structure for your plants but can also serve as a shade for your fragile plants. 

In this design, the trellis offers support to the climbers, and as the plants climb and cover the structure, they also serve as a shade for the plants below.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

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