30 Best Personalized Christmas Baubles Ideas To Make Someone Feel Loved

Christmas is soon to come and the list of things we need to prepare to enhance its festive meaning is very very long.

One of the points in it is the gifts for the beloved persons. In the years it becomes more and more difficult to find something that has a meaningful statement, a personalized touch and an attractive look.

Thinking about that we came to the conclusion that such a gift shouldn’t be big. On the contrary- it can be small but with high importance and individual appeal to the person.

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The Christmas gift that combines all of these is the personalized bauble. Do you want some inspiration? We have gathered the best bauble ideas that will surely leave a permanent mark!

1. Mark a Baby’s First Christmas with a Special Bauble

Baby’s First Christmas Customized Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

The thrill of having a baby doesn’t just stop with giving birth. It continues with the first Easter, first birthday and baby’s first Christmas.

And what could be more festive and meaningful than a bauble marking this special day?

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2. Personalized Heart-Shaped Penguin Ornament

Ceramic First Family Christmas Penguin Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

A heart-shaped bauble gives a wide and flat canvas for picturing fun images of a penguin family.

Make this ornament more special by marking your names and the family creation date.

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3. Create a Personalized Gift with a Wooden Star Bauble

Clear Bubble Filled Star Cut Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

Such a simple bubble with a wooden star cut is a suitable gift for anyone you plan to make something special for this Christmas.

Just give the name to the crafter to make the bauble more personalized.

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4. Personalize Your Family’s Christmas with Clear Baubles

Clear Customized Bauble Gift Box #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

Do you have a whole family on your gift list? Instead of buying each person a different gift, prepare a gift box with personalized Christmas clear baubles.

Each one will possess the name of its owner and will make the Christmas different.

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5. Customize Your Bauble with a Clear, Elegant Design

Clear Simple Hanging Personalised Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

If you want to emphasize the message rather than the look, a clear personalized bauble will be to your taste.

The background of the glass is left transparent on purpose to let the special name pop out easily.

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6. Show Your Love with a Special Engraved Photo Bauble

Custom Picture Engraved Personalised Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

Are you thinking of a romantic gesture towards your beloved for your first Christmas together?

This special photo bauble will display a favorite photo of you two and a special engraved message.

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7. Celebrate Your Dog on Christmas with a Customized Ornament

Dog Bone Customizable Pet Name Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

Make the Christmas special for your do by ordering a bone-shaped ornament for the Christmas tree.

The name of your pet can be engraved on the wood so that his special place in the family is marked.

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8. Hand-Painted Art Piece Makes Perfect Pet-Friendly Gift

Dog Painted Pet Portrait Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

This hand-painted image will be noted by everyone because of its fine and accurate lines.

Well, your dog may not appreciate the special value of the bauble but it will bring a lot of joy to all the rest. This type of art is very suitable for a gift to a family that also has a pet friend.

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9. A Charming Way to Show Love on the Holidays

Engraved Wooden Couple’s Celebration Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

This simple ornament impresses with the clean and charming design that lets the wording pop out.

All letters and numbers are well engraved on a wooden basis to state the love of two people on this magical holiday.

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10. Adorable Snow Globe Ornament with a Cute Penguin Inside

Filled Snowglobe Christmas Tree Hanging Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

This charming ornament is different than the typical shape of the baubles. Being in the design and shape of a snowglobe, it represents a winter picture with a cute penguin.

Such a cute gift will bring a lot of joy to children or grandchildren.

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11. Grandparents Showing Their Love Through a Wreath

Grandparents Bauble Wreath Gift Featuring Grandchildren’s’ Names #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

Grandparents have a special love for their grandchildren and they love showing their pride with the grandkids.

This wonderful Christmas wreath can be hung on the front door and give a straightforward message of their love.

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12. Heart-Shaped Metal Ornament with Snowflakes and Charm

Heart Shaped Glass Bauble With Charm #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

This gentle metal heart-shaped ornament has small snowflakes in it. The little charm on the top can be customized with the name of the person the gift is intended to.

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13. Contemporary, Stylish, Personalized Christmas Bauble

Leather Personalized Clear Globe Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

This is one of the most contemporary personalized Christmas baubles on the craft market.

A glass globe embraces rosemary and a leather charm. It can be inscribed according to the customer’s will but it seems a particularly suitable gift for couples.

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14. First Christmas Ornament: A Timeless Keepsake to Adore

Metal Customizable Rocking Horse Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

The first Christmas ornament can come in the shape of a nursery image like the rocking horse.

Made of metal, it can be laser engraved with the name of the kid and the year.

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15. Create a Cherished Memory with this Unique Ornament

Monogram Customizable Forest Themed Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

This customized Christmas ornament shows a large initial cut from wood and has a special place in a winter scene.

It is a fantastic idea to mark and visualize the first Christmas of the new family member.

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16. Make Your First Christmas Special with Custom Wood Baubles

Our First Home Wooden Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

Celebrating the first Christmas at a newly bought home is always a special moment for the family.

Make the first Christmas in the place you have dreamt of special by decorating it with a darling wooden bauble with engravings. It can come in the shape of a globe, a house or a key.

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17. Personalized Family Baubles with Customized Pajamas

Personalised Christmas Family Character Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

If you like the personalized baubles but those with images are not to your taste, you can choose another way to show your family on an ornament.

This type of ceramic bauble is customized for particular family members, each one dressed in special Christmas pajamas.

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18. Craft a Memory Bauble to Remember Loved Ones

Plaid Robin Remembrance Personalised Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

Make a special bauble for those that will never be forgotten.

The colorful robin image and the dear thought above will remind us of the ones that are no longer with us, making us remember them and be part of our present.

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19. Personalize a Cute White Mouse Gift for Loved Ones

Princess Mouse Sparkly Personalised Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

Such a cute white mouse will be an appreciated cute gift for a small girl. The small tag the mouse holds can be personalized for the loved person it is intended for.

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20. Symbolize Unprecedented Times and Family Bonding

Rose Gold Pandemic Metal Stamped Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

This personalized bauble is one of the most distinguishable ones because of its design and color.

The image engraved on the metal surface shows Santa with his reindeer and a cottage surrounded by trees.

The message on top marks the strange times of 2020, showing that no matter what family always stays together.

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21. Rustic Wooden Snowflake Bauble

Round Snowflake Detailed First Christmas Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

Snowflakes are one of the symbols of winter and Christmas so using them as a motif on a bauble will surely be adored.

This fine bauble is made of wood and has a vivid rustic touch. Although it is not decorated with any bright colors or glittering items, it will surely be notable because of the contrast against the green Christmas tree.

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22. A Special Occasion Celebrated with a Christmas Bauble

Sentimental First Christmas Together Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

Reflect on one of the most special occasions this year on a Christmas bauble.

This can be the wedding day of a couple expressed with a small hear-shaped photo from the occasion, the family name and the year of establishment.

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23. A Soft and Cuddly Stuffed Star To Treasure

Stuffed Felt Hanging Name Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

Such stuffed stars can become a loved gift for a very small kid because they all like cuddling soft things.

Make the star special with a personal inscription like the name of its owner.

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24. Personalized Clay Star Ornaments

White Clay Stamped Strung Star Baubles #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

These star ornaments are cut from clay and then each stamped with the name of a family member.

They can be hung separately or together in a garland pattern on the Christmas tree, on the front door or next to another holiday wall decoration.

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25. Add Character to Your Christmas Tree with Cute Pet Portraits

White Dog Portrait Personalised Bauble With Pet Name #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

This pet portrait is an alternative of the hand-painted image of your dog. It is a cartoon drawing that will instantly add charm to the remaining Christmas tree decoration.

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26. Creative Chalk-Painted Baubles for the Whole Family

White Frosted Personalised Baubles With Jute Cording #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

The set of baubles for a whole family can come in different designs. Instead of being transparent, the ornaments are painted with white chalk paint.

Its texture reminds me of a frost layer plus gives a good contrasting basis for the written names.

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27. The Perfect Way to Mark a Baby’s First Christmas

Wooden Christmas Tree First Christmas Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

This small Christmas tree bauble will add a gentle rustic touch to the decor.

It can be personalized with any message but it looks like the perfect background to mark the first Christmas of a baby.

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28. Celebrate Christmas with Cute Gingerbread Couple Ornament

Wooden Gingerbread People Cut Personalized Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

This ornament’s scene is very cute- two gingerbread people are holding hands together under a snowflake sky. They have red motifs that match the heart uniting them as a couple.

Such a wooden bauble is a fun and cute way to say I love you to your partner this Christmas.

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29. A Festive Gift for Pet Owners

Wooden Pet Name Cut Out Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

If you have friends with pets, then this ornament will be the best gift they will receive this year.

The cut images show Santa with his reindeer and a cute small puppy looking at them. The personalized possibility for this bauble comes with the cut name of the pet which is large enough to be seen from far away.

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30. Celebrate Your Success with a Custom Wooden Bauble

Wooden Round New Home Engraved Bauble #Christmas #personalizedbaubles #baubles #decorhomeideas

Have you accomplished one of your goals this year? Buying a home is a difficult process that deserves a special celebration.

You can do it even on Christmas by marking the importance of this moment with a customized wooden bauble.

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