3 Benefits of Adding Privacy Window Film to Your Home

Whether it’s the next-door neighbors or the traffic, there’s nothing worse than feeling like someone in your neighborhood is spying on you in your own house.

And while blinds can sometimes do the trick, they aren’t always the best choice for blocking the view, or the sun.

A nice frosted privacy window film can sometimes be just thing thing you need to add that layer of protection and style:

Kitchen Window Privacy Film

The benefits for window film over blinds or drapes are not all too surprising:

1. No More Prying Eyes

You can continue to let in the sunlight, while preventing full transparency to your neighbors: 

Frosted Window Film

If using window film on a door, you can select a film that allows for some visual pass-through so that you can easily identify who’s knocking at the door, without worrying that they can see into the home:

Allure Etched Glass on Slider

Or, if you just need some reduction in view, and still want the sun to shine bright, you may want a style that limits vision and is still aesthetically pleasing:

Tropical Oasis Window Film Kitchen

2. Cheaper Than Blinds or Curtains

Great curtains can make your home pop, but sometimes they aren’t practical – whether it’s the cost, or the door or window you’d be installing them on, maybe they just don’t work for you. 

Window film can be installed quickly, with no experience, has no maintenance costs, and, if you’ve purchased static cling window film, can be taken down in the event you sell or move.

Really quick, the difference between static cling and adhesive window films are:

  • Static cling window film sticks to the window without adhesive, and can be easily peeled off in case you need to adjust or remove the window film. Typically you only do this when you’re moving, but you may also change styles with the seasons, if you’re feeling ambitious.
  • Adhesive window film is a little bit more permanent, and is typically a little bit cheaper / more cost effective because adhesive solutions are easier to manufacture than the type of film required for static cling. Adhesive films can be removed with an adhesive remover and some light scrubbing with a sponge or damp paper towels.

Consider a mosaic style static cling window film that blocks the view and transforms your window into stain glass (without the cost of actually installing stain glass):

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