20 Enchanting Round Garden Ideas to Create a Serene Retreat

One of the best ways to add beauty and visual interest to your outdoor space is by adding a garden bed, and a round garden is sure to spruce up your yard. 

Round gardens are visually appealing and bring a great combination of function and aesthetics. They provide an excellent viewing from any side and are also versatile. 

Get inspired with 20 creative ideas to transform your garden into a round oasis. From adding a pond to creating a unique seating area, find the perfect design for your outdoor space.

You can use different materials to construct your perfect round garden, from grass, stones, bricks, or even cinder blocks. 

We’ve decided to bring you 20 round garden ideas for your next gardening project.

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1. Zen Round Rock Garden 

Boxwood Is Suitable For This Landscape


The beauty of round gardens is in the uniqueness of their design. In this beautiful round garden, the primary design element is the circular rock pattern, which features a log as a design centerpiece, surrounded by soft river stones and gravel on the outer layers. 

The design is complemented by some greenery on the outside with round manicured bushes that add to the circular flair of the design.

These designs work best in well-maintained lawns. 

2. Cottage Round Gardens 

 Full Of Flowers


Adding cottage garden plants is the perfect way to add some informal flair. The round design in this flower garden provides a break from the monotony of the greenery and the flowers. 

It also acts as a walkway and chill-out spot that allows people to enjoy the garden’s beauty.

You can try a variety of centerpieces in this design, like the simple stone centerpiece in this cottage design. A water feature will also make a great centerpiece addition. 

3. Simple Green Patches

Show Me Circular Grass Grounds


A round garden design could be as simple as a complementary feature. This lush green garden entails two round green patches with ornamental grasses, adding a contemporary look to the whole garden. 

The patches also open the garden without feeling too open or barren.

Creating such green zones could also be helpful during children’s playtime or social occasions when you need extra sitting space. 

4. Semi Circular Flair 

Semi- Circle With A Gravel Pathway


Limited or uneven spaces should not hinder you from trying round gardens.

This small garden includes a small semicircular patch and a small patio. 

The addition of several flowering plants complements the space. When choosing plants to complete such a design, go for plants that visually link different elements in the space. 

5. Round it Up with Stepping Stones

 Round The Corner


Adding pavers to your circular garden is the perfect way to create a well-rounded design. In this paved garden, stepping stones form the path leading to the round garden and form part of the garden’s border. 

The addition of white river stones to the circular garden adds visual interest to the entire design. Additionally, well-trimmed edges in the yard make the design stand out. 

6. Well Defined Edges 

2 Disk-Shaped Grounds Meet Each Other


When creating well-rounded functional spaces, defining the space will not only make it appealing but will also make it easy to maintain. This design uses bricks to determine the yard space. 

This creates a functional space that can be used in various outdoor events. The garden is highlighted by multiple plants that add to the general aesthetic of the space.

7. Embrace the Curves

Create A Stepping Stone In Between


An irregular space may seem challenging to design, but with the correct pattern, designing is a breeze. Circular patterns are used in this design to embrace the curves in this irregular yard. 

Two large green patches with ornamental grass blanch out the space. By employing curves, the space creates well-defined linear boundaries that make the garden feel more significant.

The space includes two patio spaces that wrap up the design and add to the symmetric balance,  while the plants on the outer side of the pattern improve the visual interest.

8. Round up the Patio 

 Create Different Pathways From The Centre


A patio is the perfect spot to chill out on a hot summer day, and a little greenery could make the space even more welcoming. The round design is used on the patio, with the garden embracing the space. 

The addition of potted plants in the patio area adds to the aesthetic.

Combining elements such as grass, bushes, flowers, and paving stones makes the garden attractive and creates a well-knit, rounded space. 

9. Simple Contemporary Style

Choose Fine Flooring Pattern


A garden doesn’t have to be sophisticated with complex patterns. Like in this contemporary-style home, a simple garden with a few plants can also do the trick. 

The stone patio is complemented by a simple oval garden with a well-manicured yard and plants incorporated between the wall and the patio to create a tranquil and relaxed outdoor spot. 

10. Incorporate Raised Gardens 

 Put The Relaxing Corner


Landscape and garden planning may be challenging on uneven terrain, but with a combination of round and raised gardens, you can create a great design. 

In this modern patio, the owners first use round gardens to embrace the yard’s shape and raised gardens for the terrain.

Using a lawn, outdoor plants, and floor bed creates a variety of visual interests for visitors to enjoy. 

11. Make a Statement with a Pool 

Sitting, Pond And Natural Stone


In modern urban areas with limited space, it may be challenging to create a garden, so you have to make the most of every available space. 

This space uses multi-level raised gardens to add greenery to a poolside patio area. The pool is also part of the garden, with several plants growing.

Different plants grown around the region improve their versatility. You can even add some aqua life for extra pizazz. 

12. Embrace the Slope

Build Another Layer


For a sloping terrain, most people prefer to go for raised gardens. This design takes the concept of round gardens to another level by using a spiral garden design to deal with the sloping terrain. 

The spiral slope creates a well-defined sitting area on the inside with a small flower garden and a lawn, while the outer area of the spiral also serves as a garden. 

13. Inside and Outside Flair 

 Gravel Round The Garden


You aren’t always limited by the circles when designing a circular garden. Here, the round garden design has plants both outside and inside the circular design. 

The gravel paving covers the tropical plants within the circular, while the outer layer has a couple of terrestrials.

Such a design allows you to experiment with different types of plants on the inside and outside layers. 

14. Circular Stone Paving 

Build Your Favourite Plants Around


Stone pavings are ideal for creating distinct curved edges and can also make a striking focal point. 

Large stone slabs are used to create the round paving for this circular garden.

The plants are used as accent pieces to define the borders, whereas the combination of stone paving and gravel makes up a large part of the yard. 

15. Contrasting Paving 

Brick Around And Gorgeous Stone


As previously stated, simplicity is essential when creating a round garden. However, using just one material can make the same uninspired and mundane. 

Contrasting materials will create the visual interest that your garden or patio needs to highlight the shapes and elevate the space. In this design, a combination of brick, stones, and gravel contrasts the space, while the plants in the raised garden create visual interest. 

16. Paved Clearing 

Every Entry Is Alluring


Lighter-toned quartz or granite stones give a space an instant feeling of luxury. 

The circular motif in this patio has been echoed by including a plant in the middle and plants all around the design, which makes for exciting detailing.

This design is ideal for an informal look and works best with surface levels that are already firm. 

17. Go for a Circular Deck 

Build A Round- Shaped Pergola


A garden is the perfect place to entertain your guests outdoors, and a circular deck may be the ideal venue. Not only does it make a great focal point for people to gather in, but it also makes your garden feel spacious. 

A raised deck provides a well-differentiated social space from the planting area. Lay the deck on a steady timber framework and create neat outer edges using a stainless-steel strip.

18. Sweeping Lines 

Design A Round Deck


A circular patio makes an ideal seating area and a great way to landscape a sloping garden. 

This patio design provides the owners with a flexible leisure area ideal for parties and entertainment, while the garden adds a wow factor to the design.

The raised wooden deck minimizes the risk of damage from pests such as termites. 

19. A Cascading Deck 

Curved Cellular PVC


Creativity has no limits with this circular cascading deck style. The design uses potted plants to add the greenery flair.

By using a multi-level deck, it allows for more room to place the potted plants. 

20. Create an Outdoor Chill-out Spot 

Both The Patio And The Pond Are Round


Circular gardens and chill-out spots don’t have to take up much space. Adding a circular to a hidden yard corner is a simple way of creating outdoor seating far from the house or the main patio. 

Here, the design features a circular patio with a fire pit and a water feature, adding beauty and dramatic flair to the space.

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