When you bring home those luscious strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries–any type of berries you like–and simply wash them with a litlle bit of vinegar in some water.

Keeping Berries Fresh: The Vinegar Wash Method

Divide ground meat into portions easily by using a spoon handle in a freezer bag.

Beefed-up storage for ground meat!

Freeze herbs in olive oil to preserve their color and flavor. Use ice cube trays or plastic bags with a drizzle of olive oil, then freeze.

Preserving Fresh Herbs with Olive Oil Freezing Techniques

Preserve leftover cake by storing it at room temperature, in the fridge, or freezer. For added freshness, cover cut areas with bread slices before storing.

Keeping Leftover Cake Fresh: Room Temp to Freezer Tips

Keep unwashed leafy greens such as lettuce and kale wrapped in a paper towel in the fridge and you’ll have crunchy salads with no wilt.

Wrap it up

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