100 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Are you looking for some super fun and easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids?

Well, we have more than 100 ideas that will make you want Valentine’s day to happen more than once a year.

100 Fun and Easy Valentines Day Crafts For Kids. Super cute ideas to get crafty with your kids. #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Everyone is looking for a nice craft or snack to make for their loved ones. If you are in need of a do-it-yourself card, wreath or Valentine’s day decorations, check out these adorable crafted Valentines.

The best part is they are fun and easy to do so you can join forces with your kids and boost their creativity into creating something beautiful.

1. Craft a Heartfelt Valentine’s Card for Loved Ones Far Away

A Long Distance Hug #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

For Valentine’s card perfect for family far away, try this craft card that acts like a hug in a card. By tracing your child’s hand and gluing it to a string or ribbon you can make this meaningful hug card.

via The Party Event

2. Create a Cute Bee Mailbox for Valentines

Bee Valentine Mailbox #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

For a cute mailbox for all of your child’s Valentines make this cute bee box. It is simple to make, just glue yellow paper with black highlights on the box. Add adorable wings for the final touch.

via Mom Endeavors

3. Make a Decorative Heart with Tissue Paper

Bleeding Tissue Paper Heart #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Make this oversized Valentine by cutting a piece of cardstock to be heart-shaped. Then glue small pieces of tissue paper all over the heart to make it red and pink.

via Housing A Forest

4. Create Butterfly Valentines with Pencils and Pipe Cleaners

Butterfly Pencil Valentines #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Make these super endearing butterfly valentines by cutting cardstock in the shape of a butterfly. Then cut two holes to thread the pencil through. Use pipe cleaners to add the antennas of the butterfly.

via Buggy and Buddy

5. Create Airplane-Themed Valentines with Gum and Smarties

Candy Airplane Valentines #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

For delightful airplane-themed Valentines, use rubber bands to attach a piece of gum to the top of smarties. The smarties are the plane fuselage and the gum is the wings.

via Ampersand Design Studio

6. Make Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Decor from a Cardboard Tube

Cardboard Tube Heart Stamps #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Take a toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tube and bend it to the shape of a heart. This is simply done by pushing the middle of the tube downwards towards the middle of the tube. Then paint it red for a darling Valentine.

via Rust and Sunshine

7. Craft an Edible Valentine with Pink and Purple Celery Hearts

Celery Heart Stamped Valentines #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

The end of a piece of celery looks like a heart. Paint the celery ends pink and purple for an engaging and edible Valentine.

via How Wee Learn

8. Make a Rustic Valentine’s Card with Stencil and Chalk Hearts

Chalk Stencil Heart Collage #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

To make this loveable Valentine card, use a black piece of cardstock. Use a heart stencil and chalk to make the card Valentine theme.

via Buggy and Buddy

9. Create a Cheerio Heart Valentine Decoration

Cheerios DIY Bird Feeders simple crafts for kids #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Using wire and ribbon, you can make this cheerio Valentine decoration. Use wire to shape a heart and thread cheerios on it. Then thread the ribbon to hang the heart.

via Red Ted Art

10. Make a Valentine’s Day Love Bug Craft

Climbing Love Bug #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Everyone loves Valentine’s love bug. Make a black bug shape, use pipe cleaners to make the legs and antennas. Add a pink heart to add the finishing touch.

via All For The Boys

11. Create Colorful Candy Kabobs

Cnady Kabobs #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Try making these charming candy kabobs by using a kabob stick to skewer all different colored dots and other jelly candies.

via Mom Endeavors

12. Craft Cute Wine Cork Love Bugs

Cork Love Bugs #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Do you enjoy wine? Try these wine corks love bugs. They are simple to make by adding antennas and wiggly eyes to a wine cork.

via No Time For Flash Cards

13. Make a Cupid Arrow Valentine with Pencils and Paper

Cupid Arrow Valentines #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Use pencils as the main shaft and add frilled paper and red arrows to make a Cupid arrow Valentine. Add cute sayings and loveable words to finish the Valentine’s look.

via This Mama Loves

14. Pretzel Arrows Topped with Red Jelly Hearts

Cupid Arrows Treats #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Red jelly hearts make perfect arrow tips for a pretzel arrow. This is a cute Valentine snack for any gathering.

via Organize & Decorate Everything

15. Valentine’s Day Strawberry Floats with Red Straws

Cupid Strawberry Float #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Make delicious strawberry floats with red straws. These are perfect for a Valentine’s party or to make for you and your lover.

via Frugal Coupon Living

16. Make Valentine’s Day Pretzel Treats 

Decorated Pretzel Twists #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Adding white chocolate to pretzels and colored sprinkles makes a basic pretzel look Valentine related. This is a great snack to add a Valentine’s touch to your life.

via 5 Minutes for Mom

17. Create Festive Valentine Window Clings with Kids

DIY Window Clings #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

To make homemade Valentine window clings, use plastic wrap as the cling. Paint the plastic wrap with Valentine-themed pictures. Once dry, stick to the window for all to enjoy.

via The Connection We Share

18. Personalize Your Valentine’s Cards with a Red Ribbon

Easy Sewing Valentines Card #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

White cardstock is perfect for cutting heart shapes. Then you can cut holes around the edge and thread red ribbon through. Add a Valentine-themed saying to the center of the heart. Or just write a nice personal note. Then give it to your love.

via The Pleasantest Thing

19. Craft a Heart-Shaped Valentine Sun Catcher

Easy Valentines Day Craft For Kids #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Use white heart-shaped paper with red and pink paper glued on it, then frame it with cardboard. Hang it with a string to make this perfect heart-shaped Valentine sun catcher.

via Makobi Scribe

20. Create Magical Fairy Wands with Felt for Valentine’s Day

Felt Heart Fairy Wands #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Every little girl loves fairies and in turn loves Valentine’s day. Make these pretty fairy wands. Cut felt in heart shapes and cover sticks in felt. These make the perfect wands.

via Let’s Do Something Crafty

21. Make Heart Ornaments with Salt Dough and Fingerprints

Fingerprint Heart Ornaments Red #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Use salt dough to push your child’s fingerprints into heart-shaped Valentines’ ornaments. Fill the fingerprints with red paint to finish the look.

via Mum in the Madhouse

22. Build a Beautiful Valentine’s Tree with Construction Paper

Flowering Tree #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

To make a Valentine tree use brown construction paper to make a tree shape. Make it stand up by rolling it in a circle. Then glue heart shapes on it. On the heart shapes add a Valentine quote or cute note.

via Krokotak

23. Create a Heart-Shaped Button Art for Valentine’s Day

Framed Button Heart Wall Art #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

If you have any buttons sitting around try this delightful heart shaped button art. By gluing buttons in a heart shape and then framing it you can make an adorable Valentine decorations.

via Carrie Elle

24. Make Adorable Valentine Fortune Cookies with Fruit Roll-Ups

Fruit Roll Up Fortune Cookies #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

By using fruit roll ups you can make these adorable chinese fortune cookies. Put Valentine sayings in the middle for a cute red snack.

via She Knows

25. Make a Valentine’s Love Bug with Your Child’s Handprint

Handprint Love Bug #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Using your child’s handprint, you can paint wings around it and eyes. This makes a darling love bug with the touch of your child’s love. Make the wings heart shaped for an extra Valentines day touch.

via Crafty Morning

26. Create a Heart-Shaped Valentine Holder with Paper Plates

Heart Pocket Craft #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

For a heart shaped valentine holder, use two paper plates. Fold them in half and staple or glue them together in a funnel shape. Then add ribbon as a handle. This makes a perfect bag for your child to carry around Valentines.

via Meet Penny

27. Make Delicious Heart-Shaped Rice Krispie Treats

Heart Rice Krispie Treats #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

For a Valentine treat, try these heart shaped rice krispies. Then coat the rice krispies in white chocolate and top with red heart shaped sprinkles.

via Skip to my Lou

28. Creative Heart-Shaped Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Heart Shaped Animals Valentine Craft Ideas #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Try all these different animals that you can use a basic heart shape for the body. You can make a fish, ladybug and even a dog out of heart shaped paints and papers. Add a personal note to the one you love.

via Housing A Forest

29. Make Heart-Shaped Binoculars with Toilet Paper Rolls

Heart Shaped Binoculars #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Using two toilet paper rolls pushed into a heart shape, you can paint them pink and add string to make them look like heart shaped goggles. It’s the perfect intro into asking your love to be your valentine.

via Happily Ever Mom

30. Heart-Shaped Pancakes for a Sweet Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Heart Shaped Pancakes #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

For a delightful Valentines breakfast, make your family heart shaped pancakes. Top with chocolate chips for a sweet touch. Or for a pink touch top with strawberries or raspberries.

via One Creative Mommy

31. Create a Raining Hearts Valentine Decor with Paper Mache

Hearts Valentine Day Decoration #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Use white paper to glue together a paper mache’ cloud. Then hang hearts from it and glue hearts on it for a classic raining hearts Valentine.

via I heart crafty things’ instructions

32. Make a Romantic Engagement Ring with Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey Kiss Rings #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Red pipe cleaners and an upside down Hershey’s kiss is the perfect ring theme. If you are looking to get engaged on Valentine’s day, try this ring hack.

via Mom On Timeout

33. Create a Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift with Fingerprints

How to make a family fingerprint relief heart art canvas #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

For a Valentines gift with a touch of home try this simple craft. Tape a heart shape on a canvas. Then using your families finger prints, fingerprints all around the heart. Then when you remove the tape, it is a heart shape. Easy and adorable.

via Mum in the Madhouse

34. Craft Cute Valentines Monsters with Pom Poms

How To Make Valentines Day Pom Pom Monsters #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Make Valentines monsters with pom poms. Then use pipe cleaners to make little heart ears. Top it off with heart shaped felt feet and googly eyes.

via Practically Functional

35. Craft Inchworms with Paperback and Googly Eyes

Inchworm Pencils #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Make an inchworm by bending paperback and forth. Add googly eyes on the front and pipe cleaner antennas.

via Alpha Mom

36. Create Adorable Love Bugs with Toilet Paper Rolls 

Love Bug Crafts #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Use toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaner antennae and legs to make love bugs. Add colored paper stripes and googly eyes to really complete the love bug look.

via Red Ted Art

37. Make a Unique Valentine’s Day Card with Fingerprint Art

LOVE Fingerprint Art #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Using the fingerprint art idea, make a fingerprint art that says LOVE. Or use it to make any Valentine themed saying.

via Momista Beginnings

38. Inflate Balloons with a DIY Valentine Trick

Magic Inflating Hearts #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Take balloons and draw Valentine themed hearts and sayings on it. Then using soda and tums you can make this inflating water bottle trick to inflate the balloon.

via Playdough to Plato

39. Create a Sparkling Heart-Shaped Valentine Borax Ornament

Making Borax Crystal Hearts #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

This makes for a great heart-shaped Valentine ornament. Especially if you use red and pink pipe cleaners. Did you know if you hang pipe cleaners in a water and borax solution, the borax will crystalize on the pipe cleaners?

via Club Chica Circle

40. Make Cute Valentine’s Cards with Melted Crayons

Melted Crayon Hearts #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Melt crayons into heart shapes and glue them on a card. Add a cute saying or personal note for the perfect Valentine.

via Mom Luck

41. Craft a Monster Valentine Box

Monster Box #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

To collect all of your Valentines in, make a monster box. By cutting a hole in the top of the box and covering in red paper, you make a great base for teeth and pipe cleaner antennas. The finished product looks like a monster!

via Giggles Galore’s website

42. Create a Cupcake Tin Floral Bouquet

Muffin Paper Flowers #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Cupcake tins make perfect flowers if you line them up and tie them together. Then frill out the sides for a great flower. Use a dum dum or small sucker for the center.

via Skip to my Lou

43. Delight Your Loved One with Decorated Matchbox

My Perfect Match Valentines #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Matches that are decorated in their box are super cute. Then add the saying ‘your are my perfect match’ on top for an absolutely adorable Valentine.

via The 36th Avenue

44. Festive Valentine’s Day Necklace with Decorated Noodles

Noodle Necklace #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Dried noodles are perfect for stringing on a string. Then paint the noodles all sorts of Valentines colors to finish the look. In the end you have a perfect Valentine necklace.

via The Alison Show

45. Create a Valentine Gift with Hand-Painted Hearts

Painted Heart Craft #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Have your child paint red and pink hearts. Frame the finished product for an adorable Valentine gift.

via Bless This Mess

46. Make a Festive Valentine Pizza with Paper Plates

Paper Plate Pizza Valentine #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Paper plates painted in red is the perfect base. Then add strips of yellow paper to look like ‘cheese.’ To complete the Valentine pizza, add red heart shapes to look like pepperoni.

via Crafty Morning

47. Create Adorable Love Goggles with Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaner Heart Shaped Glasses #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Make love goggles out of pipe cleaners. Make the eye part heart shaped and the pipe cleaners on the side look like glasses rims. I promise your love will think they are adorable.

via Make and Takes

48. Make a Tic Tac Toe Board with Potato Stamps

Potato Valentines Stamping #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Cut heart shaped and X shaped potato stamps. Then using paint, make a simple tic tac toe board. Paint the heart and X potato stamps to go on the paper.

via Crafty Morning

49. Create Plantable Valentines Seeds with Macrame Paper 

Recycled Seed Paper Hearts #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

You can make plantable Valentines by mixing seeds in with macrame paper. Then you can tell your Valentine that if she plants the card, she can grow a flower.

via JaMonkey

50. Creative Valentine Art with Salt 

Salt Art Project #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Salt art is a fun and new way to paint pretty Valentine pictures. Or paint paper to make a darling Valentine.

via Love Taza

51. Create Adorable Valentines with Paint and Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream Valentines #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Using paint and shaving cream you can make adorable red and pink Valentines. It is the perfect craft for a child to make because it is simple and fun.

via Mess for Less

52. Homemade Valentine Snow Globe Craft

Snow Globe Valentines #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Jars with heart shaped wire or pipe cleaners on the inside create a lovely Valentine scene. Add sugar or sparkles and water to make it a Valentine snow globe.

via Unknown

53. Craft a Heart-Shaped Stained Glass Card

Stained Glass Window Valentines #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Cut a heart shaped hole in a card then using tape, sparkles and red paper, tape over the hole. Then it gives the appearance of a heart shaped stain glass card.

via Creative Family Fun

54. Create a Valentine’s Day Garland with Heart Shapes

String of Hearts Garland #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Glue or tape strips of paper into heart shapes. Then cut holes in them. Then you can string them together for a Valentine’s day garland.

via Paging Supermom

55. Make a Valentine Snake with Popsicle Sticks

Sweet and Simple Love Bug #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

A popsicle stick is the perfect base for a row of pom poms. Then after adding pipe cleaner antennas and googly eyes you have the perfect Valentine snake.

via My Teen Guide

56. Heart-Shaped Paintable Art Projects for Valentine’s Day

Symmetry Hearts #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

For the perfect Valentine for a smaller child to make, try these heart shaped paintable art projects. They are super simple. You just cut cardstock into a large heart shape. Then paint it! Mom or other adults can help write cute sayings on the inside of the folded heart.

via Housing A Forest

57. Show Someone You Care with a Unique Handmade Card

This Much Card #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

You know the adorable saying ‘I love you this much’ and the sayers holds their hands apart. Make this saying a card by making two hands and adding folded paper in the middle. Then add the saying to one of the hands.

via A Day In My Life’s blog

58. Hand-Traced Valentine Tree with Heart Leaves

Valentine Crafts Love Tree #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Make another tree themed Valentine by using a traced hand as the tree. Then add hearts on all of the fingers to look like leaves on a tree.

via One Creative Mommy

59. Create a Heart-Shaped Birdseed Valentine

Valentine Day Bird Feeders #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

By using birdseed and glue, you can glue together large heart shaped blocks of bird seed. Add a ribbon to make a cute bird seed Valentine for a bird lover in your life.

via Wine and Glue

60. Decorate Your Pencils for Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day Pencils #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

To add a Valentines day kick to your pencils, add heart shaped pipe cleaners on top. Make sure to use red pencils to add an extra Valentine kick.

via The Gunny Sack

61. Craft a Valentine’s Day Card Dog

Valentine Dog Card #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Upside down hearts with ears make a lovely dog. Add googly eyes and a tongue Then you can use your dog like a card. Write a love note or just Happy Valentines day inside.

via Crafty Morning’s instructions

62. Create a Unique Valentine’s Day Gift with Grandma in Mind

Valentine Fingerprint Photo Frame #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

For a grandmother themed Valentine’s Day gift, try this photo frame. Put an adorable photo of your child inside. Then using your families finger prints, make an adorable frame.

via One Artsy Mama

63. Construct a Cute Heart-Shaped Necklace

Valentine Heart Leis #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

To make an endearing necklace, cut hearts out of pink and red paper. Then lace together on a string. Use plastic beads in between each heart. That way they separate like a classic necklace.

via Makezine

64. Make a Valentines Day Ornament with Salt Dough Marbling

Valentine Marbled Salt Dough #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Salt dough is easy to marble with red, pink and purple paint. Then let it dry and string it so that it can be an easy Valentines day ornament.

via Twodaloo

65. Decadent Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Treats

Valentine Marshmallow Pops #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

To make an easy treat, skewer marshmallows then coat in white chocolate and sprinkles. Or if you want it to be a classic treat, just use regular chocolate and Valentines sprinkles.

via Glorious Treats

66. Create a Personalized Valentine Card for your Loved One

Valentine Name Puzzle #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Personalized Valentines are always the best. Make this one by writing your loves name on a heart shaped paper. Then glue it on the front of a white folded card.

via How Wee Learn

67. Make Valentine Robot Snacks for Kids

Valentine Robot Snacks for Kids #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Using pudding cups, hi – cup juices and smarties, you can make these awesome Valentines. The pudding cup is the robot head, the juice box is the robot body and the smarties are the robot arms.

via Crafty Morning

68. Valentine’s Day Slime with Red Food Coloring and Sparkles

Valentine Slime #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Make slime, but this time add red food coloring and red sparkles. It makes a classic fun toy Valentine themed.

via Little Bins for Little Hands

69. Craft a Valentine Man with a Red Solo Cup

Valentines Cup Craft Man #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

A red solo cup makes the perfect body for a Valentine man. Add paper for arms and legs and googly eyes for eyes.

via Crafty Morning

70. Store Your Chocolate with a Paper Heart Basket

Woven Heart Basket #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Using woven red and white paper, make a basket for your Valentines. Then use a long strip of paper for the handle.

via The Artisan Life

71. DIY Valentine Ornament with Strong Wire and Red String

Yarn Hearts #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Strong wire can be wrapped in a heart shape. Then red string can be laced around the heart shape. This creates a perfect Valentine ornament.

via Family Chic

72. Make Beautiful Heart-Shaped String Art

Yarn String Heart Card Kids #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Canvas is the perfect base. Then cut holes in a heart shape and string of many colors. The ending point will be a heart-shaped string art.

via Hello Wonderful

73. Express Love in a Special Way with Minions

Your One in a Minion #valentine #crafts #kids #decorhomeideas

Everyone loves minions. They are made easily by using twinkies as the minion base, then add googly eyes and blue paper overalls. Then add the cute saying ‘you are one in a minion!’

via Crafty Morning

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