100 Best DIY Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Wreaths have been around for a long time. They bring a sense of class to a home and are a must-have for your Valentine’s Day decor.

The first thing that a visitor sees is a wreath on the door. And the last thing that they see when they leave, so it’s important to choose a design that is absolutely excellent!

Best Diy Valentines Day Wreaths #valentine #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Some wreaths are bold and out there, while others are warm and fuzzy.

Wreaths come in all sizes and colors and can be used for all occasions. A wreath shows off the personality of the homeowner, also.

There are wreaths for all occasions! There isn’t a holiday out there that may not have a wreath to portray its meaning.

A wreath is also a great icebreaker. A good conversation can easily be started with an interesting wreath hanging on the door! A nice wreath sends the message of I am home.

1. Make an Elegant Inexpensive White Burlap Wreath

$5 Valentine’s Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

If you think making a burlap wreath is fun, you’re right, it is. It’s also inexpensive.

All you need is a burlap, felt, yarn, a pool noodle and a few more tidbits to make it happen!

via Fox Hollow Cottage

2. Create an Argyle Valentine Wreath with Aqua Accents

Argyle Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

This wreath is special because it’s made from typical Valentine colors, red and pink.

However, the beautiful aqua material used for the background is what makes it all come together.

via Eclectic Momsense

3. Craft a Modern Arrow Wreath with an Embroidery Hoop

Arrow Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

The main item needed for this unique wreath is an embroidery hoop, preferably 14″.

To make the arrow dowel pieces, metallic paint and glitter cardstock will also be needed.

via Polka Dot Poplars

4. Nature-Inspire Wreath with Boxwood and Checked Hearts

Boxwood Wreath With Checked Hearts #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

The perfect display of hanging checked hearts and greenery!

5. Create a Burlap Wreath with Embroidered Heart

Burlap Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Burlap, burlap and more burlap with a beautiful heart in the middle!

via JL Craftski

6. Feel the Pulse of Love with a Red-Colored Burlap

Burlap Valentine Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

A display full of red-colored burlap makes your heart pound with the spirit of Valentine’s Day!

via Burlap Blooms

7. DIY Burlap XO Wreath for Your Door

Burlap Valentine’s Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

An easy burlap wreath idea with XO letters is what you need for your door.

via Frugal Coupon Living

8. Enhance a Pink Heart Chevron-Patterned Wreath with Glitter

Chevron and Sparkles Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

A tribute to fun and romantic holidays. Filled with color and bubbling designs.

via Tatertots and Jello

9. Bring a Sublime Sensation with a Chevron Burlap Wreath

Chevron Burlap Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Like a delicate subtle breeze this artistic touch won’t slip quickly from your memory.

via Burlap Blooms

10. Celebrate Valentine’s with a Chocolate Box Wreath

Chocolates Box Valentine's Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

A box filled with chocolates should set the mood for love!

11. Make a Statement with a Coffee Filter Heart Wreath

Coffee Filter Heart Shaped Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Lovely gathering of coffee filters, dipped in coloring or dye sparks the imagination!

via Bye Bye Soccer Mom

12. Adorn Your Door with a Peach Coffee Filter Wreath

Coffee Filter Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Dressed all in peach to bring in the holiday of romance!

via The Bold Abode

13. Create a Colorful Wreath with Conversation Hearts

Conversation Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Adorned with all the delicate colors these conversation hearts fill this display with enthusiasm and excitement!

via Crafts by Amanda

14. Use Cupcake Liners for a Stylish Valentine’s Day Wreath

Cupcake Liner Valentine’s Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Can the most extravagant wreath be created from cupcake liners and dye, apparently so!

via Tatertots and Jello

15. Make a Rustic Valentine’s Wreath with a Red Love Arrow

Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Elegant and poised and ready for Valentine’s Day. Hanging from the door by an appealing vanilla ribbon this piece loveliest feature is the red love arrow lying in the middle.

via Create Craft Love

16. Create a Mesh Heart Wreath with Heart Accents

Deco Mesh Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

A splendidly cute wreath can easily be created with pennies and this display proves just that!

via Dollar Tree

17. Place a Love Board at the Center of a Colorful Ribbon Wreath

Deco Mesh Love Valentine Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Finessed with loads of bright colors and tons of distinct style!

via Wild Wonderful Wreaths

18. Make a Vibrant Circular Mesh Wreath with Heart Decor

Deco Mesh Valentine Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

The decorations surrounding this circular art are both festive and vivacious.

via Crafty Morning

19. Create a Rustic Valentine’s Wreath with Duct Tape Decor

DIY Easy Valentine Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Nothing too fancy, just enough to catch the attention of passerby’s. A kind and polite display of affection.

via A Little Clairefication

20. Combine Peach and Pink Flowers for Your Heart Wreath

DIY Floral Hearts #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Resembling a circle of life and heartfelt thoughts, this piece of art, is remarkably delightful!

via Design Improvised

21. Adorn Doorway with a Beautiful Valentine Clothespin Wreath 

DIY Reversible Clothespin Valentine’s Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Yes, how creative! No one will walk by your door, without taking a second look at this clothespin wreath! What a magnificent display!

via Kitchen Cents

22. Rustic Elegance with Red Rose Wreath and Twigs Accents

DIY Valentine Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

A spectacular arrangement that will spark the fire of passion on any occasion not just Valentine’s Day.

via Blooming Homestead

23. Create a Beautiful Wreath Accent with Hearts and Bows

DIY Valentine Wreath With 2 Hearts #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Sweet harmony of love and kisses, surrounds this arrangement, easily made with a little just and few materials! Pick out a frame of your choice, two luscious red hearts and a big bow!

24. Make an XO Hoop Wreath with Pink Flowers for Valentines

DIY Valentine’s Day Hoop Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Lightly hanging on the door, this design doesn’t ask for much attention, but when it is noticed, it will take your breath away!

via Lydi Out Loud

25. Create a Stunning Wreath with Colored Pine Cones

DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Pine cones, pine cones and more pine cones! Can colored cones make an absolutely exquisite display? The answer is definitely yes! Shaped like a heart this design is superbly balanced with the diverse colors of the cones being dark red, light red, dark pink, light pink and more!

via Frugal Musings

26. Craft a Burlap Valentine’s Wreath with Cupid’s Arrow

Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

A symbol of light conversation and tender kisses, this wreath can be crafted perfectly with a little detail and skill. A circular frame covered with burlap, with a nice bouquet of flowers arranged at the very bottom. Cupid’s love arrow is gently placed in the middle.

via Worthing Court

27. Add Patterned Hearts to a Leafy Valentine Wreath

Double Pink Heart Swag Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Class, class, and more class, nothing too fancy, but superb in its own likeness!

via Designs Ashley Nichole

28. Brighten Your Outdoors with a Tinsel Heart Wreath

Easy Tinsel Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Pleasantly reflecting the very secret of art and romance, this ring of class is thoroughly enticing. Tinsels, tinsels and more tinsels, shaped like a heart, makes an awesome Valentine’s Day frame.

via Kathe with an E

29. Valentine’s Day Delight! with a Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Embroidery Hoop Valentine’s Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

So simple, but yet so very pretty. A timid splash of Valentine’s Day cheer!

via Real Coake

30. Make a Fabulous Fabric Flower Valentine Wreath

Fabric Flower Valentine Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Light touches of beauty and excellent craftsmanship combined all in one. Lots of red fabric will be needed to pull off the creation of this fabulous design!

via Sew Much ADO

31. Make a Statement with a Bold Wreath 

Fabric Punch Ruffle Wreath

A fearless wreath that’s ready to take the world by surprise!

via The Celebration Shoppe

32. Create a Farmhouse-Inspired Valentine’s Day Wreath

Farmhouse Valentine’s Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Exquisite loveliness in all spectacular form, this ring of art will cling tightly to the memory of all passersby.

via Cranberry Customs

33. Make a natural Valentines Wreath with Leaves and Hearts

Farmhouse Valentine’s Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Greenery, greenery and more greenery with a touch of colorful valentine’s here and there!

34. Decorate with a Rustic Faux Floral Wreath

Faux Floral and Greenery Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

One may think that Zeus himself laid this piece on the front door, put together with skill and tact.

35. Create a Heart-Shaped Grapevine Wreath on a Budget

Felt Heart Garland Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Just grab your best grapevine, cut-out felt hearts and have a ball! The most economical wreath you’ve ever made!

via Bless This Mess

36. Make a Red Felt Wreath a Regal Accent for Your Home 

Felt Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

As if it has fallen from the very throne of a Roman god, the regalness of this wreath will enthrall all who sees it. No one ever knew that red felt could create one of the most beautiful things in the neighborhood!

via The Idea Room

37. Create an Elegant Floral Grapevine Wreath

Floral Grapevine Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Mirthful and joyous are the tones displayed, yet gracious and calming!

via A Pumpkin and A Princess

38. Utilize Different Flowers for Your Grapevine Heart Wreath

Grapevine Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

A flowery hypnotizing wheel of artwork. Put together with splashes of paper, string and yarn, all in diverse colors.

via Celebrations Design

39. Give a Grapevine Wreath a Classy Look with Pearls

Grapevine Wreath With Pearls #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

A little class can never hurt, which is why this elegant work is so very appealing. The best feature about this dazzling piece is the dangling pearls!

40. Make a Festive Plaid Wreath with Red and Pink Felt Hearts

Heart Argyle Ribbon #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Plaid, plaid and more plaid! The perfect frame for a perfect holiday! Large pink and red felt hearts cover this frame, making a memorable presentation!

via Mine For The Making

41. Vibrant Red Wreath with Hearts on a String

Heart on a String #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Playfulness is never a bad thing. It brings out the child in us, with cheerfulness and happiness!

via Me and My Scraps

42. Hang Your Faux Heart Boxwood Wreath with Burlap

Heart Shaped Faux Boxwood Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Lots of green shaped in the form of a grand heart! And to top it off a super large burlap bow!

via Privileged Door

43. Make a Colorful Heart-Shaped Pom Pom Wreath

Heart Shaped Pom Pom Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Bright-eyed and fluffy-tailed this ring embraces all that is extraordinarily beautiful! Pom poms galore!

via Fynes Designs

44. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Pom Pom Heart Wreath

Heart Shaped Pom Pom Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Spring is in the air, along with love and togetherness, another year of tenderness and beauty portrayed nicely with this ring. Pom Poms everywhere, perfect to make a great Valentine’s Day display!

via Honeybear Lane

45. Create an Enchanting Display with a Rustic Willow Wreath

Heart Willow Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

What a fantastic mysterious display! Heads will turn!

via The Cards We Drew

46. Decorate Your Door with Red Yarn Wreaths

Heart Yarn Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

One, two, three large hearts will do! What a way to flatter a door on Valentine’s Day!

47. Decorative Red and Pink Berry Wreath for Valentine’s Day

Hugs and Kisses Berry Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

This berry wreath insists on being flattered, especially on Valentine’s Day! The large red berry vine, in the shape of an X, is on the top and the pink berry vine in the shape of an O is on the bottom.

via The Preppy Mag

48. Embody Gentle Love through a Love Birds Wreath

Love Birds Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

The most soft and delicate display of love and gentleness. This display has two small birds sitting on a tiny branch coming out of the center of the frame.

via Flamingo Toes

49. Celebrate Valentines with a Grapevine and Felt Wreath

Love Grapevine Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Who knew grapevine, and felt material could create such beauty!

via The Deco Shopper

50. Farmhouse Valentine’s Wreath with a Classic Bicycle Accent

Love Notes DIY Valentine’s Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Check out the tiny pink bicycle in the center bottom of the display!

via Tauni Everett

51. Upgrade Your Porch with a Valentines Monogram Wreath

Monogram Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Some works of art cascade in museums, while others hang nicely on our doors!

via Real Coake

52. Brighten Up Your Home with a Paper Heart Wreath

Paper Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

A wreath that screams hello! Designed with simple and economical materials to make the most tasteful display!

via Blooming Homestead

53. Make an Affordable Paper Straw Valentine’s Day Wreath

Paper Straw Valentine’s Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Made out of paper straws, no need to worry about going over your budget with this dazzling display!

via Two Twenty One

54. Welcome Guests with a Picture Frame Valentine’s Day Wreath

Picture Frame Valentine’s Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Welcome in your guests with a picture frame and a bow!

55. Valentine’s Day Door Wreath with Whistling Flowers

Pink Roses Eucalyptus Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Beautiful decorative flowers whistling in the wind, while hanging on the door. Welcoming the Valentine’s Day holiday.

56. Be Creative with a Pipe Cleaners Valentine’s Wreath

Pipe Cleaner Rosettes Valentine’s Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Quietly displaying the holiday spirit of kindness.

via Shaken Together

57. Get a Rustic Display with a Playing Cards Love Wreath

Playing Cards Love Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

If you like playing cards you’ll adore this piece! Especially the two tiny hearts hanging from the ace of spades!

58. Embrace a Romantic Ambiance with a Puffy Yarn Wreath

Puffy Yarn Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Nothing too fancy, just a show of colorful holiday spirit.

via Design Improvised

59. Upcycle a Chocolate Box into a Stylish Heart Wreath

Recycled Chocolate Box Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Do you have an old chocolate box that you’re not using? It may be the perfect item to create a superb wreath for Valentine’s Day!

via Sadie Season Goods

60. Show Your Affection with a Plaid Valentine’s Day Wreath

Red Buffalo Plaid Valentine's Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Plaid, plaid and more plaid! The perfect frame for a perfect holiday!

via Rural FairyTale

61. Create a Gorgeous Red Felt Ruffle Wreath

Red Felt Ruffle Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

If you have loads and loads of red felt material, a little skill and time, you may be able to create the world’s most magnificent wreath!

via Life On Virginia Street

62. Simple and Elegant Circular Rose Wreath

Rose Wreath Tutorial #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

A delightful frame that will undoubtedly be a conversation starter for weeks to come!

via I’m a Yarner

63. Surprise Guests with a Rustic Country Burlap Wreath

Rustic Country Burlap Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Fantastic on so many levels!

via My Crafty Living

64. Repurpose an Old Picture Frame into a Rustic Wreath

Rustic Frame Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Got a picture frame lying around? Well, lets put it to use with a couple of well-designed hearts and burlap yarn!

via A Night Owl Blog

65. Make a Heart Wreath using Fabric Scraps

Scrap Fabric Heart #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

You’ve be surprised what bunches of scrap can create on the holiday of romance!

via Polka Dot Chair

66. Create a Scrapbook Paper Heart Wreath

Scrapbook Paper Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Paper, scissors and a little skill can do lots for a door!

via Typically Simple

67. Be Bold with Three Boxwood Wreaths

Small Preserved Boxwood Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Talent can be seen in many forms, especially in wreaths!

via Wreath and Vine

68. Craft a Spring-Inspired Valentine’s Wreath 

Spring Valentine Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Spring is here and so is love, so let’s decorate our doors with a fabulous piece!

via Positively Splendid

69. Brighten Your Burlap Wreath with a Dollie Art

Sweet Heart Valentine Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Not too fancy, just a simple hello and Happy Valentine’s Day!

via Flamingo Toes

70. Contemporary Heart Wreath Design for Valentine’s

Tiffany Blue Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Flamboyant colors, flamboyant colors, flamboyant colors! A display that calls out for attention to each person that passes the door!

via Lil Maddy Designs

71. Upcycle Tissue Paper into a Colorful Valentine’s Wreath

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

From looking at this design from afar, you would think it was made from the most expensive fabric, but no it’s made from tissue paper. How very lovely!

via Crafts by Courtney

72. Make an Elegant Red Rose Tissue Paper Wreath

Tissue Paper Rose Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

With a little tissue paper and time, create a nice subtle holiday thrill.

via It All Started With Paint

73. Create a Dashing Tulips Heart Wreath

Tulip Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

What a bouncing vibrant bouquet of holiday romance!

via Sand and Sisal

74. Make a Butterfly Wreath with Two Hearts

Two Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Standing out from among the rest!

75. Utilize Colorful Ribbons for Your Valentine’s Wreath

Valentine Ribbon Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Get some ribbon in light pink, rose and red and start crafting this masterpiece.

via She’s Kinda Crafty

76. Celebrate Valentine’s with a Square Wreath

Valentine Rose Square Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Like a breathtaking portrait, demanding attention.

via Thrifty Decorating

77. Achieve a Ritzy Look with a Valentine Rosette Wreath

Valentine Rossette Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

The wonderful things a little felt can create.

via Our Best Bites

78. Make a Glimmering Valentine’s Wreath with Bulbs

Valentine's Day Bulb Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Have a box of bulbs, well let’s put them to use by putting together something special!

via Joy To The Dot World

79. Arrange Colorful Tulips for an Artistic Wreath

Valentine's Day Tulip Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Tulips everywhere, and what’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing! Such a superb appearance!

via Elegant Wreath

80. Create a Sweet Valentine’s Day Candy Wreath

Valentine’s Day Candy Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

It may be difficult to keep your visitors from eating this tasty wreath, but it’s worth a try!

via Crazy Little Projects

81. Bring Life to Your Door with a Vibrant Mesh Wreath

Valentine’s Day Deco Mesh Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

A spectacular arrangement, full, robust and filled with life!

via Twentycoats Wreath Creations

82. Make a Wrigly Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath

Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

What a bouncing, colorful, dazzling effect! Screaming happy holidays is what some wreaths are made to do!

via Nikki In Stitches

83. Complete Your Wreath with a Heart-Shaped Ornament

Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Placing a small valentine-shaped ornament in the middle of this wreath has really claimed victory!

via The Speckled Dog

84. Enjoy Valentines with an XO Tulle Wreath

Valentine’s Day Tulle Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Romance is in the air, with lots and lots of pink tulle!

via Craft Outlet

85. Use Red and White Ribbons for a Homely Wreath

Valentine’s Day Wrapped Ribbon Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Red and white with a touch of pink, cute is the word.

via The Ribbon Retreat

86. Rustic Twigs Valentines Wreath with XO Decor Art

Valentine’s Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Rustic wreaths with a natural appeal has never ceased to amaze the onlooker.

via Making Home Base

87. Make a Fluffy White Valentines Wreath with Felt Flowers

Valentine’s Day Wreath with Felt Roses #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Talk about turning heads, this piece of artwork will have your neighbors hypnotized!

via The Endearing Home

88. Craft Colorful Yarn Hearts for Your Wreath

Valentine’s Day Yarn Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Delicate, neat and dainty are the words that will come to mind while gazing at this piece of art!

via Fynes Designs

89. Show Love with a Valentine’s Hearts and Felt Flowers Wreath

Valentine’s Hearts and Flowers Felt Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

If you think you’re in felt heaven, you just may be! Pink felt can go a long way on Valentine’s Day!

via Little Red Window

90. Decorate Your Wreath with Yarn Hearts and Burlap Banner

Valentine’s Love Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

A little yarn can add a nice touch! 3 red harts on the side with the words LOVE cascading across the middle.

via Julie Measures

91. Accent Your Wreath with Elegant Spiral Flower Letters

Valentine’s Wreath with Spiral Rose Letters #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

You may find yourself dropping by, just to glimpse at this adoring thrill.

via Little Birdie Secrets

92. Make a Dainty Valentine’s Day Wreath with Cards

Vintage Valentine's Day Cards Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Do you have loads of old cards in your attic! Why not make a holiday wreath? Dainty and excellent!

93. Place a Rustic Chalkboard Art in Your Wreath

White, Pink and Gold Rose Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Beyond dazzling! Words can not describe this exquisite day of love day thrill!

via Up To Date Interiors

94. Adorn Your Wicker Wreath with a Shiny Heart Accent

Wicker Valentine's Day Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

With a little bit of wicker, anything can happen!

via Moore Decors

95. Utilize Wire and Ribbons for a Statement-Piece Wreath

Wired Ribbon Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Designed with style and allure just for the holidays!

via Fore Decor

96. Create a Festive and Unique Wreath with Wood Logs

Wood Heart Wreath #valentine #diy #wreaths #decorhomeideas

Piles of small wood logs can be used to create a wreath?! Absolutely! And it has a bright red bow and it’s breathtaking!

via Pretty Handy Girl

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