17 Romantic Table Centerpieces to Charm Your Valentine

If you have bought a gift for your beloved for St. Valentine’s Day and chosen the dinner menu but have no idea how to set and decorate the table, this post is just for you.

Charm your Valentine with these 17 romantic table centerpieces. Explore captivating and elegant decor ideas that set the stage for a memorable and intimate dining experience.

We have prepared 17 Romantic Table Centerpieces to Charm Your Valentine that will set a unique mood for this holiday.

1. Pink Service Set And A Matching Floral Centerpiece

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You can never go wrong with the romance of the pink color, mainly when it is represented in a heart-shaped dish set.

This unique tablescape for St. Valentine’s Day also incorporates a silk table runner with heart ornaments and a floral centerpiece.

Matching the glasses with the plates and the other pink accents makes for an elegant table.

2. Red And Pink Centerpiece

17 valentines table centerpieces 2


Red is the color of love and passion, and pink stands for romance and elegance. Combine these two colors to impose all these feelings on your special St. Valentine’s table.

Get pink and red rose cuts and arrange them in a lush bouquet. Complement these colors with pink and red velvet heart ornaments on the table runner.

3. Candles And Roses

17 valentines table centerpieces 3


A few candles along the table runner and roses in vases are simple to do but significantly impacting on the St. Valentine’s Day tablescape.

The love theme is enhanced by a large wire heart with flowers hung on the wall next to the table and heart-shaped decorations on the table.

4. Heart Theme

17 valentines table centerpieces 4


The typical St. Valentine’s Day decoration is hearts. Include them in your tablescape to explicitly anchor the love theme on this special evening.

You can buy heart-shaped napkins and tablemats and match them with pink heart-shaped bowls and candle lanterns.

5. Candies and Hearts

17 valentines table centerpieces 5


This sweet tablescape for St. Valentine is so charming. The centerpiece is a porcelain pitcher with pink peonies, setting the romantic flair on the table.

Love should be sweet and different candies represent this served on the table. They act as part of the decoration being placed in serving dishes with various heights to create layers.

The decor arrangement is finished with two wooden hearts on stands on both sides of the vase.

6. Red And White Centerpiece Idea

17 valentines table centerpieces 6


The red and white color combination represents the St. Valentine’s theme. These two colors create a bold touch to the existing rustic interior, making it special for this holiday.

The red dish set is complemented by white napkins that balance the red and let it stand out.

The centerpiece also follows the color theme, featuring a bouquet of white peonies and red roses.

7. A Love Garland

17 valentines table centerpieces 7


Quickly upgrade the leafy garland on the table to make it festive for St. Valentine’s Day by adding red hearts. They can be created from paper, felt, plastic, or wood.

It is a good idea to include other decorations in red color, such as taper or votive candles, glasses, and plates.

8. Red Rose Galore

17 valentines table centerpieces 8


Red roses are a classic decoration for St.Valentine’s Day.

They are considered the most romantic flowers, and including them in your tablescape for this holiday will surely make the ambiance very special and intimate.

In this gorgeous table for two, the roses are the centerpiece in a copper ice bucket with red tulips.

The white fireplace is the perfect neutral backdrop to add a lush garland from roses and tulips.

9. Three Bouquets

17 valentines table centerpieces 9


If you prefer a centerpiece that is spread along the length of the table, you can go for a garland from greenery and roses or a few floral bouquets.

In this St. Valentine’s tablescape idea, the bouquets are arranged from pink and red roses, a classic combination for this holiday.

To create an appealing look, include these two colors in other table elements such as the plates, the glasses, and the napkins.

10. Love Is On The Table

17 valentines table centerpieces 10


Every part of this tablescape sets the love theme on. Creating an eye-catching table atmosphere involves layering of the details.

In this red and white tablescape, the lovely contrast of white lets every decoration stand out. The “love you” inscription on the plates and the glasses sends an intimate message to the beloved one.

11. Go For a Pink-Themed Tablescape

17 valentines table centerpieces 11


The neutral interior of this dining room welcomes the delicate pink color for Valentine’s Day. The tablescape features a pink silk table runner on top of which mirror pieces are placed.

The centerpiece is a minimalist glass vase filled with an orchid cut and a floating votive—the glitter of the mirror surface pairs with the charger and main course plates.

12. Love Is In The Air

17 valentines table centerpieces 12


Consider the ceiling and the walls as an extension of your special tablescape for Valentine’s Day.

Add float balloons, paper garlands, heart-shaped banners, and other themed decorations to enhance the love atmosphere.

13. Heart-shaped Candleholders

17 valentines table centerpieces 13


The heart-shaped decorations are the theme of this St. Valentine’s table. They are of different textures and are included in various patterns.

The colors are traditional for this holiday- red, pink, and white. And while some people may find this tablescape too overwhelming, others will appreciate the layers of hearts.

14. A Cozy Table For Two

17 valentines table centerpieces 14


If St. Valentine’s Day means a romantic dinner for two, transform the dining area into a love nest. Decorate the entire table with love ornaments, leaving space only for two plate sets.

Be honest and intimate with your beloved, and speak out loud about how much you love them with love signs.

The centerpiece in such an intimate atmosphere can be simple but thematic, such as a bouquet of red roses or a red-scented candle.

15. Roses On A Buffalo Plaid

17 valentines table centerpieces 15


It is easy to blend St.Valentine’s Day decoration with the existing farmhouse style of your dining room. Choose a white and red buffalo plaid tablecloth as the backdrop for your love-themed decor.

Keep the overall tablescape appealing and elegant by choosing decorations in white and red. Red roses in different containers are perfect to set the romantic mood on the table.

16. Red, White And Black Tablescape

17 valentines table centerpieces 16


The love theme on this table takes us to Paris- the love city. The colors of the Eiffel towers set also the color theme of the tablescape.

Of course, the black-and-white color combination is complemented by red accents in heart shapes that enhance the love theme.

17. Go For Soft And Romantic

17 valentines table centerpieces 17


Embrace the powder pink color for your special St. Valentine’s Day party. This color will give the table an incredibly romantic feel.

The decorations should be soft and flowing, such as a floral centerpiece, pink linen napkins, silver tableware, and a white and pink serving set.

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