28 Unforgettable Backyard Ideas To Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis

Transform your backyard into a place to escape from the chaos of the busy world.

Turn it into your own outdoor oasis where you can relax, entertain, read, eat, or talk with your soulmate.

Explore 28 backyard ideas to create your own outdoor oasis. From cozy seating areas to vibrant gardens, discover ways to enhance your outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

The next 28 Unforgettable Backyard Ideas To Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis are in one place for you to inspire you to start dreaming and designing your own paradise.

1. Over-the-ground Fireplace With a Bench

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This welcoming outdoor area was built in the corner of the backyard where greenery can surround it, and the existing fence can ensure privacy. The style is all-natural thanks to the natural materials used for the components.

Lumber, metal, and stone compile this seating nook with a fireplace where the whole family can gather at night.

2. Patio With A Fireplace

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This modern minimalist outdoor nook features a long wooden bench and two metal armchairs surrounding a large gas firepit.

The furniture is situated in a corner of the backyard over a zen-designed ground surface. The gravel and white stone tiles are arranged in a perfectly straight pattern.

The greenery, represented by a perfectly maintained lawn and bamboo, enhances the space’s relaxing flair.

3. Patio With A Fireplace And Adirondack Chairs

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Adirondack chairs have a very comfortable design that fits the concept of a relaxing oasis. Create an outdoor area with a number of Adirondack chairs around a fire pit.

Use flower pots to make the surroundings appealing and welcoming. If you want to extend the time spent outdoors, consider adding lighting.

4. Sitting Area Under A Natural Shade

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The best place for an outdoor sitting area is somewhere where there is plenty of shade. That can be a pergola with climbing vines or a tree with a large crown.

The natural shade will reward you with coolness during the hottest days and a landscape that relaxes the sights.

5. Extend The Living Area To The Outside Of The House

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An appealing outdoor area idea shows how an outdoor oasis can be created on the patio next to the house.

The furniture set is a mix of wood and woven rattan, a great combination for a casual yet elegant look.

The colors of the elements are neutral to embrace the modern accents represented by patterned pillowcases and copper cups.

6. Furnish The Patio Comfortably

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Nowadays there are many choices when it comes to outdoor furniture.

You can choose from traditional rattan furniture, wrought iron sets, or sets with fabric-covered cushions that provide ultimate comfort.

They offer the same style and comfort as the indoor furniture but in a weather-resistant version.

7. Create Coziness With A Fireplace

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This outdoor seating set is a modern take on the classic outdoor rattan furniture.

The cushions are thick and comfortable. In the design of extra large pillows, Ottomans stay on the patio next to fabric-coated tables.

If you pay attention to the details of this outdoor nook, you will notice how many interior elements have been involved.

The rug is important for anchoring the space and defining its coziness as if it is an indoor living space. Vases, pillows, a throw blanket, and candle lanterns enhance the homely feeling.

8. Ensure Privacy

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The outdoor space will feel more like an oasis if there are partition walls that ensure its privacy.

So, when you choose its location, consider fences, pergolas, and garden walls that will screen the views towards your oasis.

Another inexpensive way to make the space more private is to hang curtains on vertical supports.

9. Surround With Plants

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Enhance the feeling of an oasis of the outdoor space by adding lush greenery. The easiest way is to add flower pots near the sitting set.

If you have created it under a pergola, plant vines that will climb on it and create a beautiful landscape and natural shade to take advantage of.

Plants are also capable of creating a certain feeling about the space. If you choose palms and succulents, they will instantly add an exotic touch to the area as if you are on vacation.

10. Consider Outdoor Lighting

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If you will also use the outdoor oasis at night, don’t forget to provide outdoor lighting. You can choose from a wide variety of solar-powered strings of lights.

Another eco-friendly and safe outdoor light source is LED-light lanterns.

For a more intensive light, go for the standard electric lamps that are suitable for outdoor exposure.

11. Think Of Shading

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@Studio H Landscape Architecture

Even if you want to use the outdoor oasis for sunbathing, you will need a little shade occasionally.

That can be ensured by a natural source such as a tree crown.

If your setting is created on a patio or in the backyard without trees, consider getting an umbrella, retractable awnings, or even arbors.

12. Bring In Indoor Elements

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Decorate the outdoor oasis as if it is located inside your house. Use fabrics, all decorations, and plants to anchor the homely feeling.

Lamp shades are also a great way to create an indoor atmosphere.

13. Incorporate Colors And Patterns

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@June Scott Design

Give the outdoor oasis a unique character with textiles and patterns.

There are fabrics that are weather-resistant and, at the same time, soft and comfortable.

Use them to cover the cushions and the throw pillows. A stylish rug is also a good idea to anchor the seating area.

14. Add Color

Rockridge Developments architectural interior and exterior photography

@Revival Arts Architectural Photography

Another way to create interest in the outdoor space is to use bolder colors for the furniture. Check out these Adirondack chairs painted a lovely cherry red color!

Placed on a gravel patio with grey tiles and a firepit, they surely pop out!

15. Oasis Next To The Deck

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@E2 Homes Ltd

This patio idea features a deck covered with artificial grass. Its level allows you to configure another relaxing zone, a level down, that you can access through concrete steps.

The outdoor oasis consists of a concrete bench support and an over-the-ground firepit. Wooden slats define the seating space around the modern firepit.

This functional idea defines the outdoor space and logically and conveniently locks the backyard.

16. Create A Zen Feeling

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@Studio H Landscape Architecture

The combination of grey river rocks and creamy tiles creates a relaxing backdrop inspired by Asian gardens. The center element of this zone is a gas-powered firepit made of concrete.

The design of the furniture is clean and modern to match the overall look of this backyard and accommodate color accents that reflect the personal touch.

17. Firepit Built In A Raised Garden Bed

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@Alex Crook Photography

Isn’t this idea amazing? Functional planters and pots compensate for the small backyard and lack of garden space.

The focal point is a long planter made from concrete combined with a built-in firepit.

The chairs next to it are made from metal to fit the modern minimalist concept.

18. Extend The Entertainment Season

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@Cooke Furniture

You can extend the time outdoors in your relaxing backyard oasis with outdoor heaters. You can find a number of models in the stores that will fit your space, budget, and patio design.

Combine them with a firepit in the center of the patio that will warm up all people sitting on the furniture.

19. Make It Nature-inspired

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@Kristin Riccio Interior Design

Incorporating elements from nature will give your modern patio a natural and harmonious look. The easiest way is to add many plants—potted flowers, shrubs, or large trees.

Keep the color palette in the natural palette- green, brown, and grey are calming shades that are perfect for an outdoor oasis.

20. Contemporary Outdoor Oasis

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@Boyce Design Build

The decking was chosen for this outdoor oasis. It creates a cozy feeling and anchors a traditional style to the space. A concrete firepit and an N-shaped bench welcome nice talks under the sky.

Another nook where the whole family can sit and eat in fresh air is situated on the patio but under a pergola that will keep away the hot sun.

The decorations are simple but appealing, consisting of flower pots with green plants and strings of lights.

21. Functional Minimalist Patio

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This patio is indeed very modern but ensures comfort and entertainment for everyone in the family. A cradle on the large tree branch and a hammock on a stand for the little ones.

The parents can sit on a wooden bench and drink while observing their children.

Colder weather is not a problem because the table is a gas firepit.

22. Bright and Airy

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In this backyard idea, we are convinced that outdoor oases are possible.

Ensured privacy by the tall fences, comfortable stay on the seating set, and warmth provided by the firepit are what you can enjoy at night.

During the hot days, the swimming pool will be used for cooling.

23. Traditional Over-the-ground Firepit

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This backyard is stunning! It features a gorgeous lawn interrupted by a stone firepit. The landscape continues with a raised garden bed, where a small pond takes center stage.

Rocks and different plants cover the mulch garden bed to add a pop of color.

24. Gravel Patio

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Gravel patios have become very trendy recently. There are many reasons for that but the number one is their low cost. Secondly, pea gravel is easy to install and feels comfortable under the feet.

This stunning patio idea combines pea gravel with concrete stepping stones to anchor a relaxing ambiance.

The furniture is modern and comfortable, and it surrounds a black over-the-ground firepit. Two hammock chairs hang down from a pergola to complete the picture for a relaxing oasis.

25. Keep It Neutral

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Keep the color scheme of the outdoor oasis neutral to create a cozy feeling. Neutral colors are also modern so you can choose suitable outdoor furniture easily.

The simpler the design of the seating set is, the cleaner the space will look.

26. Patio With Large Tiles

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@Ginkgo Leaf Studio

For a clean and modern patio that welcomes you to spend relaxing time outside, go for large tiles. It will be easy to clean them compared to the gravel layer, for example.

The color of the tiles in this outdoor oasis idea is neutral to blend easily with the natural landscape and the modern black Adirondack chairs.

Channels filled with black river stones are left at the sides of the patio to create a zen feeling and also facilitate drainage of water.

27. Easy Outdoor Oasis Idea

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As simple as it looks, the outdoor oasis can be easily made with your own efforts. Choose its place and start planning the seating set.

The quickest way to form the nook is to get ready-sold seating sets. If you have time and are keen to DIY, make the furniture from pallets.

Add a firepit in the center. A great DIY firepit idea is to make it from paver blocks. Add throw blankets and pillows for a comfortable stay outdoors and enjoy your oasis.

28. Stone Patio Idea

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Stone pavers are great for a patio ground surface. They are durable, in the first place, and also you can get them in different colors and sizes.

The stone pavers cover almost the entire backyard in this lovely large-scale patio idea. Zones are differentiated by steps and pergolas.

You can sit on a bench and admire the landscape or warm yourself next to the firepit, again made of stone pavers.

You can sit on one of the two rattan armchairs under the pergola if you need shade. The stone pavers have created a beautiful outdoor ambiance!

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