Cozy and Warm: 19 Brown Bedroom Color Schemes for Ultimate Comfort

If you’re looking for a neutral color that’s cozy and comforting, try a brown hue.

While brown may seem like a bold color choice to decorate with, it’s definitely a hue you should consider more, especially in a bedroom.

There are numerous brown hues to choose from, making it easy to implement this unexpected color into your space.

Furthermore, a brown bedroom design doesn’t necessarily mean painting your walls brown; other creative ways exist to incorporate this earthy shade into your space.

Wrap yourself in comfort with these 19 cozy brown bedroom color schemes. Discover the perfect shades to create a warm and inviting haven for a truly restful night's sleep.

When it comes to brown bedroom ideas, think in the line of rugs, bedspreads, curtains, wallpaper, furniture, etc.

You only need to ensure that the bedroom is well-lit with natural or artificial lighting to prevent it from being overwhelmed by darkness. You can also lighten the room with fuzzy throw pillows and brighter shades of blue, cream, and beige.

With that in mind, take a look at these 19 brown bedroom color schemes, which we have compiled. They prove that a grounded color in your room can really level it up.

1. Utilize Your Bed


via Upscale Construction

A rich brown hue in a neutral-themed bedroom can create a cozy, warm escape. As long as there’s a lot of natural light, using this color on things such as furniture won’t make the room feel overly dim and dark.

This bedroom keeps things neutral with gray and white hues on the walls, ceiling, bedding, and window treatments, allowing the brown bed and rug to really take center stage. The wooden nightstands and rattan pillows add texture to the design.

2. Keep It Simple


via ColleenRoach

Pale brown shades pair well with light grays in bedrooms, and they are an excellent way of giving your bedroom some color without overwhelming the space.

The khaki brown blanket and pillows complement the rug and tan curtains while contrasting with the gray walls and white bedding, furniture, and trim.

3. Incorporate Some Blue Accents


via Unknown

Pairing a light shade of brown with blue accents in a bedroom will create a soft, stylish look and a relaxed atmosphere.

The navy blue blanket and throw pillows offset the light brown color scheme for a subtle contrast. The dark-stained nightstands and gray rug punctuate the neutral scheme.

4. Use Natural Materials


via Friedman & Shields

A brown palette works very well when paired with natural materials such as plants and wood. You can also layer your bedding with brown hues to give your bedroom depth with alternate shades.

The gray furniture in this bedroom maintains a neutral tone, while a potted plant adds a touch of color.

5. Go For Dark Brown


via JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

Dark brown and neutral hues work beautifully together, as proven by this bedroom design. Here, a deep shade of brown covers the bed, trim, floor, and along the ceiling, providing some high drama.

The neutral walls, bedding, and furniture allow the dark brown accents to stand out while providing additional contrast and texture.

6. Accent with Tan


via Dodson Interiors

A lighter shade of brown, such as tan, can make a bedroom feel earthy and grounded.

The tan window treatments complement the huge wall art, amping up the cozy factor of this space. A geometric mirror amplifies the natural light in the room, making it feel comfortable and airy.

7. Complement with Wood


via J. Hensley Services LLC

The natural wood tones on the bed frame and farmhouse-style dresser complement the cool brown walls and pair beautifully with the gray and cream decor. Complete this idyllic scene with some cool light fixtures.

8. Clad the Ceiling with Beams


via Michael Abraham Architecture

This modern farmhouse bedroom embraced a more natural take on a brown color scheme, opting to showcase dark wood on the ceiling beams, nightstands, and bed frame.

The gray accent wall pairs perfectly with the gray furniture, rug, and white bedding, allowing the unique architecture to take center stage. The simple brown ceiling fan is a lovely finishing touch. 

9. Textured Headboard


via Michael Abrams Interiors

Gray goes well with just about every shade of brown, as this modern bedroom proves.

The lumbar pillow and white hues on the trim and accessories help lighten things up without taking anything away from the moody scheme. The theme is continued in the office for a cohesive look.

10. Choose Chocolate for Drama


via Michael Abrams Interiors

A rich, dark chocolate can also work in a dimly lit room; you just need to pair it with a lighter shade and include some bright accents.

The chocolate brown headboard, pillow, and throw blanket make a colorful statement in this brown bedroom, while white on the bedding, nightstands, and trim keep the room airy and neutral. The patterned curtain adds more hints of brown and brings some interest to the design.

11. Keep it Luxe


via Interiors by Steven G

Create a sophisticated bedroom retreat with an off-white and cream color palette and brown accents. 

Shades of brown on the duvet, nightstands, and TV frame balance this neutral-inspired space with some rich color. The wall treatment behind the headboard adds interest, while potted plants bring natural texture and color.

12. Consider a Monochromatic Look


via Sims Luxury Builders

Designing your bedroom with a monochromatic color palette is an excellent way to keep the space simple and calm. You can use various shades of brown to add depth and dimension, but we recommend finding shades with warm undertones.

The wooden ceiling creates an instant statement and pairs with the wooden mantel to layer in some texture.

13. Utilize Color Blocking


via Amanda Neilson Interiors

If you have an odd-shaped room, consider using color blocking to emphasize its unique architectural features.

The brown walls in this small bedroom pair with the white ceiling, door, and accents to create a two-tone look that adds extra personality and visual interest to this space.

A light wood dresser and nightstand ground the room with natural color and texture.

14. Make Use of Textured Walls


via Essentia Environments

In this luxurious bedroom, the soft, light brown textured walls act as the perfect backdrop for other brown and neutral hues in the space.

The light tan accents don’t weigh the space down compared to rich brown hues, and the gray rug pulls the whole look together. A huge planter at the corner complements the regal scheme.

15. Prioritize Lighter Hues


via FT Architects Ltd

Light brown hues pair perfectly with natural linens. Dress your room with clean whites and grays, and use a softer brown on the walls to create a classy, sophisticated look that’s still warm and inviting.

Consider incorporating a quick dose of tan brown on your curtains and wall decor pieces to add pops of style to your space.

16. Hang Wallpaper


via 163 Interiors

Wallpaper is an excellent option for adding texture and visual interest to your space, so you don’t need to hang any art at all. It’s also a nice way to incorporate color into the bedroom while feeling peaceful and grounded.

Specks of light brown in this nature-inspired wallpaper complement the tan walls to create an earthy and welcoming bedroom. A wall clock and chic table lamps match the wallpaper’s hues, tying the space together.

17. Go for a Wooden Floor


via Haven Design and Construction

Even a pop of brown from your floors and furniture is enough to add warmth to your bedroom.

The light brown wooden floor and nightstands ground this space with their natural color, while neutrals and warm undertones keep the rest of the bedroom airy and light. The gray accent wall gives the space depth without feeling dark.

18. Make a Statement


via Taylor Howes Designs

This bedroom design has so many things to adore, from the vibrant matching accents to the warm color palette. However, what takes the spotlight is the oversized headboard that introduces a hint of pattern.

The soft gray headboard allows this brown bed to shine while providing subtle contrast. A white throw blanket and brightly-colored pillows and accessories add color to the neutral theme.

19. Make a Unique Accent Wall


via Helen Green Design

Pairing different shades of brown with neutrals and bold hues will create a calm, moody atmosphere in your bedroom. 

The white accent wall enables the dark brown tufted headboard to pop against it while acting as a statement feature itself.

Blue accents add a hint of bright contrast, while contemporary wall sconces on each side of the bed are the perfect finishing touches to the modern design.

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